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Little Known Facts
Little Known Facts: A Novel | Christine Sneed
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The people who orbit around Renn Ivins, an actor of Harrison Ford-like stature--his girlfriends, his children, his ex-wives, those on the periphery--long to experience the glow of his flame. Anna and Will are Renn's grown children, struggling to be authentic versions of themselves in a world where they are seen as less important extensions of their father. They are both drawn to and repelled by the man who overshadows every part of them. Most of us can imagine the perks of celebrity, but Little Known Facts offers a clear-eyed story of its effects--the fallout of fame and fortune on family members and others who can neither fully embrace nor ignore the superstar in their midst. With Little Known Facts, Christine Sneed emerges as one of the most insightful chroniclers of our celebrity-obsessed age, telling a story of influence and affluence, of forging identity and happiness and a moral compass; the question being, if we could have anything on earth, would we choose correctly?
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Little Known Facts: A Novel | Christine Sneed
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Good Morning Everyone! Hope y'all having a good day. I saw this post on Facebook and through it will be cool to know some facts from are Listy friends. You can put has many you want.

Here mine:

1. I was born in California.
2. I love to read.
3. When I was 15 I was baptized.
4. My favorite color purple.

Little Known Facts: A Novel | Christine Sneed
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📖 Between 10-15, generally
📖 It depends on how much time I have. But around 300 pages is a good lenght.
📖 I don't know, I haven't really had a slump I can remember.
📖 100 books, which I have passed already
📖 Crime books
📖 Ehm, a paper bookmark
📖 According to Goodreads, 445, but it is probably a bit more, since I have multiple editions of some books
📖 I run and do yoga, so I can eat cake without feeling bad 🏃‍♀️🍰

Josie Yay cake!!!!!!!! Thanks for playing along!!! 2y
Kalalalatja @Josie all my random facts has something to do with cake 😂😂 2y
Josie @Kalalalatja Cake will NEVER do you wrong! 2y
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Little Known Facts: A Novel | Christine Sneed
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Lcsmcat Another leftie! 2y
Ms_T @Lcsmcat Leftie and proud! 👍🏻 2y
monkeygirlsmama Never heard of mottephobia, but it seems I kind of have it too. 2y
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Ms_T @monkeygirlsmama I shudder just thinking about moths *shudders* 2y
Smangela I sat here trying to figure out how you had an iPhone 11 for a lonnnnnng time. I think I Need more coffee 😳 2y
Ms_T @Smangela Oh! Hahaha! 😂 2y
MatchlessMarie It's so cool seeing so many southpaws in one place! 🙋🏻 2y
Ms_T @MatchlessMarie I've never heard left-handedness called that before but I'll definitely be using it in the future! 👏🏻 2y
Simona Number 5 - that is the dedication! (edited) 2y
2BR02B 7- same here! All lepidopterans creep me out, really. 2y
LauraBeth #19 am #20 here 2y
Ms_T @Simona I'm a slave to my feline overlords 😻😻😻 2y
Ms_T @2BR02B I can just about look at butterflies but I certainly wouldn't want one on me! 2y
Ms_T @LauraBeth 🙌🏻 2y
Cinfhen I can't do any math !!!! 2y
Ms_T @Cinfhen Oh well, that's what calculators were invented for 😉 2y
batsy Yay lefties! And 3, I feel ya 2y
Peterfox123 I bet you'd be good on Twitter. 2y
Ms_T @batsy 👍🏻 2y
Ms_T @Peterfox123 Twitter? Nah! 2y
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Little Known Facts: A Novel | Christine Sneed
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Took a while to think of 20!! The kids suggested some things I'm not sharing!

Velvetfur Well have to meet up for a coffee (in a bookshop obvs) next time I'm visiting my fam up in Lpool 😊 2y
merelybookish I love stationary too! 2y
TrishB @Velvetfur 👍 just let me know! 2y
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TrishB @merelybookish A good book and some stationery always helps 😀 2y
batsy Would love to know what the kids suggested 😁 And love hearing about others from big families! I'm the youngest of five. 2y
syasutake Fellow vegetarian here! 2y
ScorpioBookDreams I love stationery too! I'll have to send you some as I have loads 🙈 2y
CouronneDhiver Dr Martins ❤️❤️❤️ 2y
LeahBergen Richard III. Me, too. 2y
readordierachel Yay for socialism and Doc Martens! 2y
MicheleinPhilly Have you ever driven? 2y
I-read-and-eat ♥♥ wearing black 2y
Cathythoughts I don't drive either. Good to know there is someone else out there ☺️ 2y
TrishB @batsy that would have to be revealed via wine 😂 Being from a big family means I'm always looking for quiet! 2y
TrishB @ScorpioBookDreams I would never say no to stationery 💜 it would have a good home! 2y
TrishB @LeahBergen yay 💜 my daughter saw this and said mildly obsessive is misleading as we have a whooping big portrait of him on the wall in our dining room! 2y
TrishB @MicheleinPhilly no - never even had a lesson 😏 too old now! 2y
TrishB @Cathythoughts think there are a few of us! 2y
ScorpioBookDreams @TrishB I'll send some with the travelling book 💕 2y
TrishB @ScorpioBookDreams yay 😀 thank you 💜 2y
Purrfectpages Gary Numan, huh? Maybe he's just not as big in the US. 2y
TrishB @Purrfectpages as this has been an ongoing love for 38 years it doesn't really pay much attention to how big he is anywhere! Though he is on tour across the US in November/December 😀 2y
Gezemice Richard III interests me but I need to get to know him. Any recommendation? 2y
arlenefinnigan Are your Doc Martens vegetarian? 😉 2y
TrishB @Gezemice if you want to start with a fictional book The Sunne in Splendour by Sharon K Penman is the best! 2y
TrishB @arlenefinnigan recent ones - I collect vintage/ collectable ones too so they're not. I' m not obsessively strict about this. 2y
arlenefinnigan @TrishB Vegetarian Shoes do lovely Doc-style para boots. Love my purple ones 💜 2y
TrishB @arlenefinnigan I shall take a look 👍 2y
Purrfectpages @TrishB I had no idea he was still touring! 2y
Gezemice @TrishB Thanks! I actually was thinking of non-fiction. I want to kniw what happened... 2y
TrishB @Gezemice there is an absolutely huge collection on amazon - I would read the reviews and decide whether you wanted a dry, academic one or slightly more accessible!! There tends to be pro/anti Richard stances too! 2y
Gezemice @TrishB Thanks. I would want something more accessible but well-researched. 2y
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Little Known Facts: A Novel | Christine Sneed
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🌟Turned 43 last week
✨Sept is my 10th wedding anniversary
⭐️ Cat & dog person
🌟Just closed my business of 14 yrs
⭐️Starbucks addict
🌟Can walk to the beach in 5 mins
✨Grocery stores are therapeutic
⭐️Parents, grandmother & sister live within 2mi
🌟Nephew is awesome
#CrazyGeorge was a stray
⭐️Fave city SanFran
🌟Rarely wear makeup
⭐️Hate beets
🌟TV binger
⭐️No kids
✨❤️road trips


britt_brooke What kind of business did you have? 2y
Redy2trvl @britt_brooke I owned a brick and mortar stationery store. We specialized in custom, special event invitations (wedding, bar/bat, galas, etc). It was a wonderful career, but I am happy to move on to my next challenge. 2y
MicheleinPhilly You think grocery stores are therapeutic???? Can I pay you to buy my groceries? 2y
britt_brooke @Redy2trvl Sounds nice! Hope you enjoy the next chapter. ☺️ 2y
Redy2trvl @MicheleinPhilly I ❤️the grocery store!!!!!!! 2y
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Little Known Facts: A Novel | Christine Sneed
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🔮34 years 🔮only child 🔮no children 🔮bf 🔮live in Germany 🔮no pets 🔮love pasta 🔮love puzzles 🔮love my record player 🔮love my little library 🔮could read all day 🔮love the old Disney films 🔮Sherlockian 🔮love owls 🔮Agatha Christie fan 🔮neurodermatitis 🔮love book towns 🔮read Agatha Christie and Sherlock for the first time, when I was 10 🔮making lists 🔮I only speak two languages


I-read-and-eat Only two languages? Anything more than one is am achievement to be proud of! 2y
Sarah83 @I-read-and-eat That's nice. 😉 Many other Littens speak more than two. That's what I meant 😉 2y
Faibka I love making lists 😁 which is your favorite Agatha C. novel? 2y
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Sarah83 @Faibka Mh. That's pretty hard to say. But I still think this one is my favourite 2y
LeahBergen I need to visit more book towns! 2y
Sarah83 @LeahBergen Indeed. You should. 😎 2y
Faibka @Sarah83 I haven't read that one! My favorite so far is this one, blew me away 2y
Sarah83 @Faibka I've seen the TV adaption with Margaret Rutherford. So this is the one that I will always love 😉 2y
Faibka @Sarah83 oh I'll have to watch it 😃 2y
Sarah83 @Faibka You really have to. 😍😍😍 2y
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Little Known Facts: A Novel | Christine Sneed
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mom2bugnbee I'm a cusper as well! Gemini and Cancer, but there's no doubt that I fall into Gemini much more neatly. 2y
Lindy 13 is my favourite number too, probably because I was born on July 13. 😀 2y
Hollie #16 😂😂 2y
Hollie @mom2bugnbee me too! 2y
Jess_Read_This 🙌🏼🙌🏼#14 Yep, me too! 2y
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Little Known Facts: A Novel | Christine Sneed
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1. Collection Development Librarian
2. Currently in Beaufort, SC
3. From Tempe, AZ
4. Exchange student in Denmark when I was 17
5. College @ Arizona State
6. Humanities major
7. Grad school @ Indiana U
8. Been to Eurovision twice 😍
9. LDS
10. My family is all over the world
11. LOVE dogs, cats are meh
12. I make really good cake
13. Play piano and violin
14. Love indie bands
15. Love deserted buildings
16. ADORE Halloween

ferskner 17. Can barely ride a bike
18. Huge World Cup fan
19. INFJ
20. Interests of a Ravenclaw, personality of a Hufflepuff
Avanders No. 15: me too! 2y
saguarosally I also went to ASU, but quite a while back. Studied psych & poli sci back then. 2y
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Little Known Facts: A Novel | Christine Sneed
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17. Passed my driver's test on the 2nd try, while my twin brother passed his on his 5th attempt.
18. ❤️ Pizza.
19. Will probably never drink alcohol, even when I turn 21.
20. Have a mild-to-moderate hearing loss in both ears. Stopped wearing them a few years ago as I became self-consious, but I can hear pretty fine. Just loud environments that give me the most trouble.

Jess7 Aw I like your #SinglePringle slogan (edited) 2y
saguarosally I never drove in the snow until I was 28. If you ever want to live down here you'll never drive in the snow if you don't want to. 2y
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Little Known Facts: A Novel | Christine Sneed
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Kayla.Is.Reading Which grade did u skip?? 2y
dariazeoli @Kayla.Is.Reading I was reading before kindergarten, so when I moved during the school year they skipped me into first. 2y
Kayla.Is.Reading Woah!! Kudos to you👏👏👌 2y
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mcipher Me, too! But weirdly they had me to kindergarten and first grade at the same time - half the day in each. Same reason, too - book nerd for life! 😂 2y
CouronneDhiver INTJ! 🙌🏽🙌🏽 2y
saresmoore Hey! I also learned to ride a bike at ten! 2y
Jess7 That's cool about the Internet radio show. I've never had a broken bone either 2y
NovelGirl82 I had PCOS, as well, along with severe endometriosis. 2y
heikemarie Does the smell thing inhibit your sense of taste as well? And hey NJ neighbor 👋 2y
readordierachel Mmm potatoes. Also, what was Tom Thanks doing at Wal-Mart? 2y
Hooked_on_books Hallelujah to #13! 2y
dariazeoli @mcipher Yay, booknerds! 🤓 2y
dariazeoli @CouronneDhiver I saw a great, brief summary yesterday that made me more sure: creative perfectionist who wants to do it herself 😁 2y
dariazeoli @saresmoore BIKE RIDING TWIN! The worst part is we moved shortly after I learned and it's been 28 years since I've been on one! 2y
dariazeoli @Jess7 Congratulations on avoiding it! Really, I'm amazed seeing as I'm somewhat clumsy ☺️ 2y
dariazeoli @NovelGirl82 I wish PCOS wasn't this weird thing that manifests differently in every person! 2y
dariazeoli @inwhichHeikereadsharder Nope, I still taste sweet, salty, sour, hot, etc. no one believes me when I tell them that 🤷🏻‍♀️Yay, Jersey! 2y
dariazeoli @ReadOrDieRachel 🥔 ❤️Tom Hanks was probably picking up stuff for a flight home. Close to NYC and his wife was there, too! 2y
dariazeoli @Hooked_on_books Amen! (A lot of good It did, though) 2y
4thhouseontheleft We lived in NJ (north Brunswick) before moving to NC 6 years ago. 2y
NovelGirl82 @4thhouseontheleft Ugh! I feel for you! I had to have a hyst at 26 (it was my 5th surgery in 5 years). It was the best thing I could have done! 2y
MatchlessMarie I'm noticing a lot of fellow cysters on here! I was just diagnosed last year the day before my birthday 😒 but I'm learning to deal. 2y
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Little Known Facts: A Novel | Christine Sneed
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Couldn't resist!

Alfoster The circus?? How cool! What did you do? 2y
Librarianaut @Alfoster haha!! They dressed me (and the other nerdy kids who'd won tickets by writing poems about the circus) up like a clown and made us run around the center ring; it was terrifying! 2y
Alfoster Oh crap! I bet you hate clowns now! That sounds like punishment! I probably would have thrown up 😳! 2y
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HeatherBookNerd Love your cute list. Very fancy. 2y
jfalkens I'm 21 in Pokemon Go, I just picked it back up to play with my brother-in-law and sister-in-law after quitting(3 step bug 😡) 9 mths ago. My husband won't play again tho. 2y
Librarianaut @Alfoster you bet!!! Tho I am glad I won the tix and got to go- yep, clowns = trauma 😂 2y
Librarianaut @jfalkens I am surprised by how much I enjoy that silly little game!! It's really fun to connect with my students over it, too 2y
jfalkens @Librarianaut I can see that ☺ I enjoy catching Pokemon and the walking aspects,eggs and new to me buddy Pokemon. 2y
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Little Known Facts: A Novel | Christine Sneed
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1. BA in English Lit
2. Studied at Open Uni
3. I'm 28
4. Moved to York at 20
5. Backpacked around Europe
6. Still don't know what I want to do in life
7. Wuthering Heights is my favourite
8. Autumn ❤️
9. Won medals for dancing when I was younger
10. I'm a Gemini 👯‍♂️

youneverarrived 11. Obsessed with Paris and the early 1900s 12. Middle child 13. Never broken a bone 🤞14. Would love to visit America 15. Lost in Translation is my favourite film always 16. No pets 17. Like trying new beers 18. Would live in Germany if I could 19. Sept is my favourite month 20. Ryan Adams ❤️
L_auren Lost in Translation ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ I still need to see her newest!! 2y
ScorpioBookDreams I studied English Lit with the OU too. Doing my MA with them now. 2y
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youneverarrived @ScorpioBookDreams How's the MA going? Are you doing the English one? I'm tempted to do an MA but I don't know if I'd want to study with the Open Uni again or go to a brick uni. 2y
youneverarrived @L_auren I didn't know she had a new one out! 😲just had a quick google though and it looks good! Have to watch it! Can't beat Lost in Translation though ❤️❤️❤️ 2y
kathedron @youneverarrived @ScorpioBookDreams Hey, fellow OU alumni! I did a Diploma in Law with them a few years ago (was intending to do full degree but life had other plans). 2y
youneverarrived @River_Voice you studied at the OU too?! 🤗I bet that was interesting studying Law and ahh doesn't life always have other plans! I miss studying at the OU in a way I don't miss the TMA panic though I was always submitting at the last minute 😂 2y
kathedron @youneverarrived Oh my god, TMAs! Although, I found the really stressful bit was revising for the exams, and being convinced afterwards I'd made an almighty cat's breakfast of the whole thing. 2y
ScorpioBookDreams @youneverarrived it's awful! I really regret it. It's nothing like the degree. It's less about the text and more about historical context and intertexts. 2y
youneverarrived @River_Voice I did one module with an exam the rest I made sure were EMAs coz i hated the exam 😬I was convinced I'd failed it! 2y
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Little Known Facts: A Novel | Christine Sneed
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1)I'm #30 yrsold 2)I have two #schnauzers 3) #Nokidsyet 4)Met #husband in college 5)June #anniversary 6)honeymooned in #Jamaica 7)I want to visit #Europe 8)I'm from a small town 9)I'm a #Sagittarius 10)I love #WINE 11)Fav movie is #DirtyDancing 12)Fav color is #mintgreen 13)Fav music is #rock 14)I'm #liberal 15)I'm an #attorney 16)I'm an #AlphaGam alum 17)I love #AManCalledOve 18)I love #GilmoreGirls 19)I'm #shy 20)I'm #opinionated #20FactsAboutMe

monkeygirlsmama Dang you fit it all in one post. Nice work! LoL 2y
Jess7 @monkeygirlsmama Haha it's all about the short hand/broken English and abbreviations! I was determined 🤓😂 2y
Linear An attorney? Wow, that was unexpected. I guess its because ive never met anyone who was one. Thats cool 2y
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Jess7 Yes @Linear I am - I guess it makes me a little bit of an outsider on litsy as many people on here are librarians, authors, teachers, or have some connection to the publishing world. I know @britt_brooke IRL (her husband's parents are friends with my parents), and she introduced me to the wonderful world of Litsy. 🤗 2y
Linear @Jess7 lol thats cool about britt. Im not related to the publishing world if that lets you know your not alone lol 2y
Jess7 Thanks @Linear I'm an avid reader so this community of readers makes me extremely happy. I'm a little jealous of those who can get access to net galley ARCs, but I've been informed I may be able to find a way "in" if I want to create and manage a reading blog. If I can find the time for it, I am probably going to b/c who wouldn't want early access to books! 2y
Jess7 @Linear you should participate in the #20FactsAboutMe so I can get to know you too! 2y
britt_brooke @Jess7 💚💚💚 2y
Linear @Jess7 im working on getting my 20 facts about me lol. I have a ARC but i got it from someone as a giveaway on owlcrate society lol. Good luck getting on the "in" lol 2y
[DELETED] 3803335244 Love these! Oh & mint green is so beautiful! I love mint green sea glass! 2y
Linear done 2y
eli620 I love Gilmore Girls too!! 2y
Jess7 Did you know there are Gilmore Girls themed bookmarks? I didn't but if you search the "book" Gilmore Girls on here someone posted about it (and no, there isn't really a book - the fact that the title is on litsy as book already got my hopes up, but I checked). @eli620 2y
PleasantPhantasm Dirty Dancing will forever be my favorite 📽 2y
Jess7 I like Harry Potter, but I am not a diehard fan. In general I'm not a big lover of fantasy type books, but I did take the #Buzzfeed quiz (not sure if it's as accurate as the one on the #HarryPotter website but didn't want to sign up and give my email to take that one). My #Buzzfeed quiz results were: 35% #Ravenclaw | 29% #Gryffindor | 25% #Hufflepuff | and 11% #Slytherin 2y
Avanders Hey I'm an attorney too! There don't seem to be that many of us here in the Litsyverse 😜 2y
Jess7 @Avanders good to know! I definitely think we're in the litsy minority! 🤗 2y
Avanders 🤗👩🏽‍⚖️👩🏽‍💻💖 2y
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Little Known Facts: A Novel | Christine Sneed
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"Another effect of her beautiful, clean place was that I no longer felt guilty about being alone with her. I felt unencumbered and relaxed. 'This looks like one of the apartments you see in those Scandinavian design catalogs,' I said."

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