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I‘m all signed up for #ReadingEurope2020! Hoping that I can use a lot of my tbr books and #1001books.

See posts by our lovely hosts, @Librarybelle and @BarbaraBB for more info and link to sign up! 😃

BarbaraBB I‘ve been thinking the same, this will be a good way to get rid of some #1001books! Thanks for joining 💕 18h
Librarybelle Yay! Thanks for joining us! And, definitely a perfect way to read some of the #1001books ! 12h
Liz_M I'm working on my spreadsheet so I can have ALL the 1001-possibilities listed. 😁🤗 8h
sprainedbrain @Liz_M Haha! I‘m working on my list right now, too... I‘m finding quite a few 1001 books to fit countries, but finding copies of a few is going to be difficult! 🤪 8h
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I‘ve really been enjoying #ReadingUSA2019 and have just signed up for #ReadingEurope2020, hosted by the fabulous @Librarybelle and @BarbaraBB ! Head on over the Librarybelle‘s post for the sign up link if you‘re interested in joining in. It‘s a fun, no-pressure challenge.

Librarybelle Thank you for sharing! 22h
ljuliel I wish you guys a lot of success and fun on your journey. It sounds like fun, but I think I‘m slowly learning in here what to sign up for. I only wish I had the fortitude to stick with a year long challenge like this. I got partway through last year‘s USA, then fizzled out. I‘ll be eagerly watching to see where all you go and what books you choose. I‘ll be the World‘s Oldest Cheerleader 📣 for you. 22h
Copwithabook I second @ljuliel can‘t wait to see where your reading takes you 21h
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Hooked_on_books @ljuliel I totally get it. There are things I definitely don‘t sign up for but I‘m glad there‘s a little something that works for everyone here. I have 5 states to go still but expect to finish the challenge. For Europe, I don‘t know that finishing will happen, but as long as I‘m having fun, that‘s the main thing. 21h
BarbaraBB I‘m happy we can share suggestions again next year. Reading the US has been such fun! 💕 18h
ljuliel @Hooked_on_books Right, I‘m glad there are different types of reading events that fit everyone‘s needs. I wish I could do these types and complete them, but I guess if we compared reading to track and field, I‘d be the short sprint sort of runner ( if I could RUN 🏃‍♀️). It‘s fun watching others do this to fill out your maps. Do you guys have a set number of countries you‘re aiming for, or just as many as you want ? 12h
Hooked_on_books @ljuliel I think it‘s like the States—you do what you want for the challenge. There are 46 countries, some of which I did not know are technically in Europe, like Kazakhstan. I‘ve learned something already! 4h
ljuliel It should be fun searching for books from so many places. Looking forward to seeing what all you guys find ! Should be a colorful year. Are you doing the maps ? 3h
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Europe | Mike Graf
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Inspired by @Kalalalatja's post about Danish authors, here's a list of German books translated into English.

@Librarybelle and @BarbaraBB


squirrelbrain Thank you! 😁👍❤️ 1d
julesG @squirrelbrain I've heard a lot of good about Stanisic 1d
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squirrelbrain That one does sound good! 1d
julesG @squirrelbrain I've had the pleasure of spending three weeks in a rehab facility with Ms Lewitscharoff. Sitting side by side three meals a day we talked books very often. Unfortunately she kept insisting I wasn't reading real novels (guess my tastes are too mass market), she gave me the following novel of hers. I still have to read it. 1d
BarbaraBB This is so useful, thank you so much! (edited) 1d
squirrelbrain I guess none of us read ‘real‘ novels then! 🤔 1d
LeeRHarry Thanks muchly 😊 1d
Kalalalatja Thanks! 1d
Librarybelle Thanks for sharing this! 23h
Freespirit Another great post. I just read an Stefan Zweig novel and loved it! 20h
CarolynM Thank you. Very helpful😘 17h
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We‘re taking a trip through Europe in 2020! Join @Librarybelle and me on a year long challenge to read books set in an European country or by an author from an European country. Track your reading by signing up for the challenge using the below link. Post throughout the year with #ReadingEurope2020 and remember to tag us!


Librarybelle Hooray!! 2d
CarolynM I'm hopeless at challenges but I want to give this a go. It will take me a while to work out which book for which category though! 2d
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jenniferw88 Just signed up for this! 2d
BarbaraBB @CarolynM You are joining? Wow! It should be just fun, trying to read as many books set in different countries and/or by authors from different countries. We can give eachother recommendations. The hashtag turned out to be a good starting point for finding good books in this years #ReadingUSA2019! 2d
BarbaraBB @jenniferw88 Super nice! Let‘s do this! ❤️ 2d
Sace I just signed up. I couldn't resist. I haven't figured out what I'll read though. 2d
Cinfhen Thanks for tagging me!!! Going to sign up right now ❤️ 2d
Cathythoughts I‘m diving in ! Signed up 👍🏻❤️thanks for the tag !! (edited) 2d
LeeRHarry I‘m going to give this a go too - like @CarolynM I‘m not the best with challenges 😏 - sounds like fun! 😊 Still including the UK ? 🤪 (edited) 2d
Cinfhen It‘s Like Eurovision for books!!! Let‘s see how far I get xx can‘t wait to start seeing everyone‘s ideas 2d
BarbaraBB @Sace So happy to have you! This will be fun! ❤️ 2d
BarbaraBB @Cathythoughts So nice that you‘re joining! Thanks! 💕 2d
batsy Thanks for the tag! I'm going to peruse and have a think ❤️ and most likely will be persuaded 😁 2d
BarbaraBB @Cinfhen Yay! Let‘s do this! ReadingUSA has been so much fun! 2d
BarbaraBB @LeeRHarry Really great to have you joining! We‘ll share ideas and see how far we‘ll get! UK will always be Europe- with or without EU 😉❤️ 2d
BarbaraBB @batsy Give me an SO if you need any convincing 😂 2d
JennyM I‘ve enjoyed my first challenge this year so I‘ve just signed up! Let‘s see how I go...eek! Thanks for hosting guys 😘 @Librarybelle and @BarbaraBB 2d
Emilymdxn Yes so excited! Let‘s do this! Very excited to become even more European and until I‘m the ultimate Nigel Farage-angering machine 💙💛💙💛 2d
LittleBug Signed up! Let‘s see how far my TBR stack gets me☺️ 2d
CarolynM Yes, I've just signed up. I'll definitely need your recommendations for some of the countries. Don't let the Brexiteers hear you - they've never believed the UK is part of Europe. I plan to read the last of Ali Smith's quartet for that one - seems appropriate @LeeRHarry 2d
batsy Ok, I signed up! 😆🎉 2d
saresmoore Sara, a few days ago: “I‘m not going to do any reading challenges next year. I always fail at them.” Sara, this morning upon seeing this post: “Oh oh oh! I‘m definitely doing this reading challenge!” 😆🤷‍♀️🥳 1d
LeeRHarry @CarolynM Sounds like a good choice! 😊 1d
squirrelbrain @Emilymdxn 🤣🤣🤣 1d
mklong I‘m in! Sounds like fun!! 1d
andrew61 I've signed up, which now makes my second challenge for next year but as @CarolynM has alluded to the deaded B word this is my way of embracing the joy of Europe. Although i haven't got a clue how i do the Google list, is it as i go along, may just post here as go along. Thanks for organising ☺ 1d
BarbaraBB @JennyM @Emilymdxn @LittleBug @CarolynM @batsy @saresmoore @mklong @andrew61 Wow, coming out of a meeting and you all have signed up! This is going to be great! ❤️👍🏼 1d
BookNAround I‘m terrible at challenges and have a way of getting seriously distracted (plus once my reading for my job ramps up Feb-Aug, I don‘t have a ton of flexibility) but I think I‘m going to sign up and see where I get. 1d
BarbaraBB @BookNAround Please do! I think it will be very hard to actually finish it. Let‘s just see where it goes and discover some new writers! That‘s how I think of it as well! 1d
Liz_M I'm in! (Using all 1001 books, of course 😉) I won't get very far, but hope to read at least one per month. 1d
BarbaraBB @Liz_M Great! I have a lot of 1001 books on my shelves coming from various European countries too! 1d
Kalalalatja I‘m so excited! I‘ll have to start planning this and #Booked2020 soon 😄 1d
Simona I just signed up, and I think that I'm gonna enjoy in this challenge very much❣️ Thank you @BarbaraBB and @Librarybelle for your effort😘 1d
youneverarrived I‘ve just signed up. Thanks for putting it together ♥️ 1d
BarbaraBB @Kalalalatja @Simona Great! Are you going to share some great Danish and Slovenian books with us? 1d
BarbaraBB @youneverarrived I was hoping you would join too! (edited) 1d
Kalalalatja Good idea! But I‘ll have to brush up on my Danish lit, it isn‘t really what I read the most 😅 1d
Simona It‘s the same with me☺️ @Kalalalatja ...and there is also problem with the translations. Slovenian books translated into a English are rarity @BarbaraBB 1d
BarbaraBB @Kalalalatja @Simona The same goes for me. I don‘t read that many Dutch authors either. For Slovenia, I was thinking of 1d
Simona Yes, I would recommend it, but with the slightest reservation ... I would also recommend anything by Drago Jančar, my favorite by him is 1d
Simona and also translated in English is Brina Svit 1d
julesG I'm still on the fence re: signing up, but I'll put together a few German authors translated into English. 1d
BarbaraBB @julesG That would be so nice! Translated German authors as well as you signing up 😉. Thanks! 💕 1d
julesG I caved. But I'm not promising to do all the states. 1d
BarbaraBB @julesG I honestly doubt if it‘s possible to read them all. I‘m happy to try. Thanks for caving 😀 1d
AceOnRoam I'll join in thanks for all the effort you've put into this, it's much appreciated 💕 1d
BarbaraBB @AceOnRoam You‘re very welcome and most of the work has been done by @Librarybelle - she made the Google form! 1d
AceOnRoam Great, thanks, I have just thanked her on her own post too. 1d
AceOnRoam @AnneFindsJoy you maybe interested? 1d
AnneFindsJoy @AceOnRoam thanks for tagging me, interested for sure :) thanks to the organizers!!! 23h
Texreader Signed up! 22h
lele1432 I signed up! 😄 22h
arubabookwoman Great idea! I signed up, but not sure if I did it right because I didn't fill in the books yet. Was I supposed to? (edited) 18h
BarbaraBB @AnneFindsJoy Let‘s make this as inspiring as this year‘s #ReadingUSA2019! 18h
BarbaraBB @Texreader @lele1432 @arubabookwoman Thanks for signing up! This will be such fun! 💃 Deborah, you don‘t need to fill in your books yet, you can do that during the year, to keep track. 18h
Texreader @BarbaraBB Thanks for doing this! I think it will be lots of fun! 17h
JazzFeathers I'm a disaster with challenges, but this is too good to pass on. 6h
BarbaraBB @JazzFeathers I hope you‘ll sign up, there‘s no failing in this challenge! It‘ll be fun to discover some new authors. I don‘t think many will actually complete it 😉 5h
JazzFeathers @BarbaraBB Just signed up 😁 5h
BarbaraBB @JazzFeathers I saw! I‘m glad you did! 5h
Linsy Yay!!! 5h
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I hoped so much, but it wasn't the right book for me. The idea of reflecting the year before the war was great, but the book was more or less boring.

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1. I'm back at A Distant Mirror. Approaching the halfway point. It's a long, dense book. Also Sakhalin Island, but it's longer, denser, and boring. I finished This Is How You Lose the Time War yesterday.
2. "When the château passed passed into the possession or Philip of Burgundy, the devices were kept in working order by a resident artist."
3. Oat caramel latte.
#weekendreads @rachelsbrittain

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"Evidence /... / indicates that women‘s death rate was higher than men‘s between the ages of twenty and forty, presumably from childbearing and greater vulnerability to disease. After forty the death rate was reversed, and women, once widowed, were allowed to choose for themselves whether to remarry or not." this is true for most of post-antiquity European history; the best position a woman can find herself is as a window.

rwmg Transparency has always been a virtue 6d
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After frequent Trips to Eastern Europe and the former Soviet empire, journalist Rosenberg wrote this book on the moral political and legal dilemmas of countries with a communist past. This is a nonfiction book that could be used with high school students. #ucflae3414f19

ChrisC This book was awarded a Pulitzer Prize. This book could be used in the classroom for independent reading and to help students build stamina. The UDL strategy to focus on this book would be to provide option for self regulation (9.1). This would optimize motivation. A good ELL strategy would be to offer students a variety of reference materials at there level for independent use. (edited) 6d
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#BookNLunch! (The tagged audiobook—10 hours in, 30+ to go! 😁) #LittleCaesars Edition! Accompaniment this cold, sunny afternoon: thin crust pepperoni pizza, pepperoni bread, garlic paremsan wings, and Vanilla Coke. MMMmmm 😋! This has been another presentation of: #MrBookKitchen! Happy reads & happy eats! 😎👌🏻

#MrBook1inaMillion #LitsyPartyOfOne #24B4Monday

Leftcoastzen Yum , Yum 😋 1w
Alora Mmmm you‘re making me hungry! 😍 6d
MrBook @Alora Told you I do pizza. 😎🍻 (edited) 6d
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#BookNDinner! Accompaniment this chilly and dark evening: broccoli florets, green beans, bella mushrooms, and carrots sautéed in extra virgin olive oil; cucumbers, grape tomatoes, walnuts, rotisserie chicken, black olives, and mozzarella slices; parmesan cheese and garlic parmesan dressing; and white peach ginger sparkling water. MMMmmm ?! This has been another presentation of: #MrBookKitchen. Happy reads & happy eats! ???

WorldsOkayestStepMom Mushrooms are one of the ingredients I need to be more comfortable cooking with! 1w
Leftcoastzen That looks very tasty! 1w
Jee_HookedOnBookz Omg that looks so darn good! 1w
4thhouseontheleft Where are the tots? 😂😂 1w
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