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The Duckling Gets a Cookie!?
The Duckling Gets a Cookie!? | Mo Willems
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This AF, RA book will be a hit in Pre-K through first grade classroom libraries! If familiar with Willems‘ previous Pigeon stories, the references made in this story will be sure to garner even more laughs. The theme of this book is asking nicely for things you‘d like to have. The pigeon is “the most asking-est in town,” but learns that asking politely can hep get what he wants.

Betrinag This book would be best used as a RA, with the help of strategies from scholastic https://www.scholastic.com/parents/books-and-reading/reading-resources/developin... UDL principle 3.1 regarding activating prior background knowledge, as well as EL 6 concerning continually monitoring students‘ comprehension, will help ensure all students are on the same page. 3y
DrSpalding Your summaries are engaging reads! I believe this book was on the New York Times bestseller‘s list for quite some time. Chase did a nice job sharing the wonderful titles related to this particular author. If you are teaching in a primary classroom these books should be in your classroom library. 3y
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#UCFLAE3414f19 The Duckling Gets a Cookie!? (F) by Mo Willems so funny and children truly love Mo Willems books and illustrations. I would RA this book. The UDL guideline I would use is 7.3 and 3.2 and the ESOL strategy I would use is number 26. http://pigeonpresents.com/get-busy/ has a lot of great activities for this book.

Erinehart Mo Williams is one of my favorite authors! 5y
DrSpalding You are missing some required elements in this post. 5y
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The pigeon always gets the short end of the stick. And now that duckling gets a cookie? What about the pigeon??

Another brilliantly simple and laugh out loud funny book from children‘s book master Mo Willems. Perfect for all ages!

Love those stuffies to add to story telling as well!

Herschelian I love Mo Williams books - one of the joys of becoming a grandparent is discovering new children‘s books. 5y
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Today my giveaway ends and I have successfully drawn winners with the Google random number generator :D
@Lizpixie @Sarah83 @RachelO @julesG will receive their chosen books! Please send me your mail addresses to untote.seifenblasen@gmail.com, but I think I will see some of you at the #litsymeetupgermany, so if it's okay for you, I could bring the books 😊
Thanks everyone else for the fantastic entries, you may receive something, too. See below!

DuckOfDoom A few honourable mentions: @VelvetSpade @Nerdfins @MelAnn I liked your posts so much that if you like you can give me your mail addresses, too, and receive a tiny goods package, too. @Mommamanzi @wonga @rubyslippersreads @BookishTrish @CSeydel @Areader2 @wanderinglynn @sudi @AmyG because you are all awesome, if you want to receive a letter with a bookmark or something, you may send you your address, too! 6y
DuckOfDoom It will probably take some time to get all the packages ready, I hope that's ok for everybody! I promise they will ship eventually 🦆🦆🦆 6y
MelAnn Woohoo! I will inbox you! Fun contest! 6y
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rubyslippersreads Congratulations to the winners! 🎉🦆🎉 I'll email you my address because it's fun to receive mail from a duck. 😄 6y
wanderinglynn Congrats winners! 🎉🦆❤️📚 and I too win email you my address because who doesn‘t love snail mail! 6y
Nerdfins Congrats to the winners! And omg thank you! I‘ll send an email right now! 6y
VelvetSpade Congratulations everyone!! @DuckOfDoom I‘ll email you right now & take your time!! You are awesome. Thank you for the giveaway & your generosity 😍🎉🎊🦆🦆 6y
Areader2 Oh wow ,thank you so much that would be awesome ! And congrats to the winners !🤓 6y
rockpools How exciting- thank you so much! This was such a fun giveaway! 6y
sudi Congratulations to all the winners and thanks @DuckOfDoom for the sweet gesture, i'll email you right away 6y
julesG Thank you! Yes, you can bring it next Saturday. I always think of you, when I see ducks anywhere. 😉 6y
julesG PS: your email address is cool! 6y
Lizpixie Awesome! Thank you so much. Keep your eyes peeled, I‘ll be doing something similar very soon, after my great #librarypurge of 2018✌️ 6y
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The Duckling Gets a Cookie!? By Mo Willems won the Bank Street College of Education Irma Black Award. This is a MF book that would be so fun as a readers theater! I can see a classroom doing an author study on Mo Willems, performing many RT scripts and talking about the lesson, in this case, Pigeon teaches. #ucflae3414sp18

KaitlynN RT compliments ESOL Strategy 16 because it incorporates listening, reading, speaking, and writing as a part of the lesson. UDL Strategy 9.1 also compliments RT because students are motivated to read and learn knowing they get to perform for their classmates. https://app.schooltube.com/video/38efc3e6853c4382818d/Walker-_Duckling_Gets_a_Co... here is an example of a RT being performed. Seriously watch! It is the cutest thing I have ever seen. 6y
Fiona_i I have not read this book yet but I will be. I love the book don't let the pigeon drive the bus. So I have to read this too 6y
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Hey @DuckOfDoom , glad your health's getting better. And thanks for the #ducksandbooks giveaway. Me & my friend here would like to go in the draw for the Hazel Wood.

This gorgeous creature's learnt her tricks from the best (dogs & seagulls) around. If you're having lunch outside at the uni, she'll sit at your feet and beg for food, doing her best puppy-dog impression. In the unlikely event that fails, she'll attempt to eat your shoelaces instead.

batsy Aaaaaah 🦆💚💚 6y
TrishB Awww 😁 6y
rockpools @TrishB @batsy That's what she wants you to think!!😏 6y
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DuckOfDoom Oh my, the puppy eye thing is totally working 😍 6y
rockpools Obviously I was attempting to read when I took this! 6y
rockpools @DuckOfDoom 😂😂 Oh yes! 6y
Christine11 She‘s beautiful! 🦆 6y
ReadingVampire She‘s so pretty!!! We have ugly ducks down here in South Florida! 🤭😍🦆🦆🦆 6y
Mdargusch Adorable! 6y
rockpools @Mdargusch @Christine11 And she knows it! (edited) 6y
rockpools @Puredragonstar I'm intrigued! I'm not sure I've ever met an ugly duck... 6y
LeahBergen So cute! 6y
rockpools @LeahBergen 🦆🐥🦆 6y
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Christmas cookie season is on! Fitting that my daughter was reading this at breakfast.

MarriedtoMrT Yum! 7y
Cinfhen Those look UH.MAY.ZING 💖💖💖 7y
BibliophileMomma Feel free to send them my way! 🤣 7y
SilversReviews Those look yummy!! 7y
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Another gift I can't wait to give my baby bookworm!

Tamra Must have!!! I don‘t care how old anyone is that uses this tote! 🤗🤗🤗 7y
jbhops I love that! 7y
Bookwormjillk @Tamra I know! I kind of want one too! 7y
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This is a cute F book that won the Caldecott as well as the IRA Children‘s Choice. I️ would use this as a DR because this book has sting emotions about the pigeon wanting a cookie. UDL- 1.3. EL- 11. http://lalymom.com/mo-willems-pigeon-book-extension-activity/ #UCFLAE3414F17

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This adorable F picture book is written and illustrated by Mo Willems. This is a suitable text for DR, due to the level of emotion that is between the two characters throughout the story. The pigeon can never seem to get what he wants in Mo Willems series of pigeon centered stories. As stated in the title, this story is focused on the pigeon becoming jealous of the duckling because he was given a cookie just by simply asking for it.

kkidwell The pigeon becomes confused and frustrated until the duckling explains that he got the cookie for the pigeon. There is a slight humorous twist to the end of the story between the pigeon and duckling. This text is excellent for teaching social skills such as patience and kindness. #UCFLAE3414F17 7y
kkidwell Link: http://pigeonpresents.com/content/uploads/2017/08/pigeon_duckling-cookie_event_k...
The link is filled with activities that go along with the text. Some of the activities cater to the lesson on politeness and others can be utilized for the DR.
UDL: 8.3 Foster collaboration and community
ESOL: 46 Use discovery learning activities (hands-on activities)
ESOL: 11 Place language in meaningful context
DrSpalding You had fun with your images! Extra effort. I‘m guessing you own these now… Love it. (edited) 7y
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This PB by Caldecott Honor winner Mo Willems is a cute book for RA that can also help teach students about manners. The Pigeon complains that he asks for things all the time, but he never gets them. But, the Duckling points out that he asked politely and that's how he got the cookie. This can help children learn about the importance of asking for things politely.

EricaG http://m.pigeonpresents.com/pigeonpresents/video/5
This link takes you to a hilarious video of the book trailer.
This link takes you to an event kit made by Mo Willems with a variety of activities to use in the classroom after reading the book.
EricaG This book could also be used for PR, in pairs each student could read one of the characters dialogue. This would meet EL 2- promote cooperation and UDL 8.3- foster collaboration and community. #UCFLAE3414F17 7y
MakennaK These are some of my favorite children's books! So funny 7y
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ashley.v I love the pigeon books. I want to read some more! 7y
MorganH Mo Willams has such great books, and this one in particular looks like a perfect lesson to kids on teaching manners! 7y
DrSpalding Partner reading is perfect for these particular books. The dialogue is just straight to be shared with another student. 7y
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The Duckling Gets a Cookie?! by Mo Willems is the perfect RA F book to share with your students. Although Mo claims that his books are not meant to be instructive, there is a lesson to be learned from each book in this best-selling series. In this particular story, kids learn how asking for something nicely is the best way to get what they want (a skill the pigeon has yet to learn).


MadisonCarter Plan a 'Pigeon Celebration' based on the book with the author's Event Kit by following this link: www.pigeonpresents.com/teachersguides/pigeon_duckling-cookie_event_kit.pdf

The UDL strategy used is 3.2 'highlight patterns, critical features, big ideas, and relationships' and the EL strategy is 1 'simplify your speech by making it slower and redundant'.
(edited) 7y
DrSpalding You've got it Madison! His books are excellent books to discuss dialogue as well. The speech bubbles help students identify what character is speaking. On this fabulous resource you can print finger puppets to have them act out the dialogue in the story. That is a true interaction with the text. Well done.❤️📚 7y
DrSpalding PS. I am hoping that that is your pigeon!😀 7y
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MadisonCarter @DrSpalding yes, it's mine! Kinda regret not buying Piggie & Gerald too... 7y
DrSpalding Me too! I bought Piggie and the book for my niece! She's six and loves to read! 7y
AndreaC Love the concept of teaching good manners through this book! Also love the illustration style 7y
Teresaj Such a good book! Just won “ Let‘s go for a drive!” From Dr. Spalding in so excited to read it! 7y
EricaG I love this book, the pigeon is so funny! And I love the pigeon celebration from your link! 7y
Taylorhenderson3 Just won “don‘t let the pigeon drive the bus” and now I have another book to read from his series! I do agree that the EL strategy simplifies the speech concept as well as making it redundant while still being engaging🍎 7y
Aimeejett I really love this book! I have “Don‘t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus” and I absolutely love it. The kids think it is so funny. Your website ‘Pigeon Celebration‘ seems like a great activity for the students to do. 7y
DrSpalding This New York Times bestseller is worthy of your classroom library. Wonderful comments from your classmates. 7y
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This F story was a cute and entertaining book that teaches about politeness and sharing. It's a very easy read that younger kids will definitely enjoy. Mo Willems' illustrations are simple, yet very engaging. I would use it as a fun read in my future class! Visit Mo Willems website for more fun with the pigeon and links to his blog http://www.mowillems.com #UCFLAE3414SU17

SamanthaPuglisi My Kindergarten aftercare students love this book!! Some of them can recite it word for word without even looking at the pages. Such a great book!! :) 7y
DrSpalding These are now on sale at Kohl's! This is one of the titles. Wonderful books for most elementary grades. 7y
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Same. 😂

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This animal fantasy book is a must read! Very funny and super cute, Mo Willems does a great job depicting sibling rivalry. Here's the author's website: http://www.mowillems.com #UCFLAE3414sp17

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Anthropomorphic characters....as a former children's bookseller that is extremely common. There is even a theory that kids get unrealistic ideas about animals from them. Huh. I'd say it's just Fun! And this is one of my favorites. #anthropomorphiccharacters #feistyfeb

DuckOfDoom Duckling ❤❤❤ 7y
awishman Pigeon! 💗 7y
ABookishHart Mo Willems is a favorite in our house 💕 7y
saresmoore Yes! 7y
Lmstraubie Love the Pigeon!!! 💖 7y
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#FunFridayPhoto: Something that makes you happy
Ducklings!!!! So cute and fluffy and cute and adorable and cute 😍😍😍

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Get the Picture exhibit today. Preliminary Mo Willems' drawings. yay! What do you want, a cookie?

MrBook Welcome to @Litsy ! We hope you enjoy your stay, I think you'll like it here 😎👍🏻. 8y
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Mo Willem's books are funny and a tad sarcastic making his stories a big hit with preschoolers and big people alike. Of course, the key to maximum enjoyment is to develop your own unique Pigeon and Duckling voices to get the most giggles out of the little ones. "Please & Thanks" is important here.