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#Criminal #FeistyFeb current read and this month‘s #whodunnituk

batsy Cool! I recently learned that Alafair Burke is his daughter. Have you read/enjoyed any of her books as well? I want to read 6y
Cinfhen Intrigued 🙌🏻 6y
DeborahSmall @batsy I heard of Alafair before her dad. I‘ve read a couple of her books x 6y
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More Happy Than Not | Adam Silvera
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February Stats:

No non-fiction or audiobooks this month. Doesn't surprise me because I usually listen to non-fiction on audio. Overall, a slow month. Have a super ambitious March TBR to make up for it.

#BestOfFebruary- More Happy Than Not

#FeistyFeb #RiotGrams

RealLifeReading Here's to a great month ahead! 7y
WhatDeeReads Thanks! I hope so. @RealLifeReading 7y
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Obelisk Gate | N K Jemisin
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#bestoffebruary The Broken Earth series has consumed me and left me in a slump to wait for the final part.

Daisey I'm reading this now and loving it! 7y
Anitta Go slowly @Daisey the third part comes out in August this year. The series is amazing, that accusatory and finger-pointing 'you' really pulls you into the world Jemisin created. 7y
Daisey @Anitta I thought about waiting, but I started the series when the Litsy Feminist Bookclub was reading The Fifth Season, and now my library copy of The Obelisk Gate is due back in a week! 7y
Anitta @Daisey then we are both doomed to wait :) 7y
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Girl Waits with Gun | Amy Stewart
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February Reading stats! Not too shabby for a short busy month! 10 books read, 9 by women, 3 authors of color #diversebooks Pictured are my favorites! #feistyfeb #bestoffebruary @RealLifeReading

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Homegoing: A novel | Yaa Gyasi
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A day late for the last of #FeistyFeb. I read so many amazing books last month, all of these were 5 stars for me (and most last week!) so it's a long list for #BestofFebruary

RealLifeReading Great month! 7y
saresmoore If someone forced you to pick two favorites, what would they be? 😬 7y
Moray_Reads @saresmoore If you absolutely forced me I'd choose Homegoing and There But For The. But I feel bad for the others because I loved them too 💔 7y
saresmoore @Moray_Reads I promise not to discount the importance of the others! 7y
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I read some good stuff in February, but my last book was my favourite. I loved the 80s pop culture references and the dystopian world that Ernest Cline created was disturbing but amazing. Looking forward to seeing the movie! 4/5⭐️ #day28 #bestoffebruary #feistyfeb

Graciouswarriorprincess I am listening to this now and I agree with you.👍🏻💕 7y
melrailey This was an awesome audiobook! 7y
PurpleyPumpkin @Graciouswarriorprincess I hope you continue to enjoy it! The last 5 or so chapters are really suspenseful. 😲 7y
PurpleyPumpkin @melrailey I agree, it was very good. I'm planning to reread it closer to the movie release to compare the two. I'm looking forward to seeing how the book translates onto the big screen. 7y
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The Arrival | Shaun Tan
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It is kinda funny that my #bestoffebruary also were the only three books on my #februarytbr. I love all three of these very different books, and I could really use some more reads of their standard in March 📚


I-read-and-eat All Shaun Tan books look so great! I must get my hands on one 😍 7y
Kalalalatja @I-read-and-eat I am dying to get my hands on more myself. I would love to read this next 7y
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March: Book Three | Andrew Aydin, John Lewis
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Another month with so much read! Until you factor in three re-reads & five volumes of comics... 😏 My #bestoffebruary were the three I read for Black History month. (One not listed b/c it's still in progress!) March and Hidden Figures were excellent. I loved reading them in the same month--seeing the way the events converged & getting multiple perspectives on that period in American history. Re-reading Dorian Gray was wonderful as well! #feistyfeb

Strong Female Protagonist | Brennan Lee Mulligan, Molly Ostertag
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#feistyfeb day 28: #bestoffebruary
Scraping by just a few hours before the day ends! Here are the best things I read in Feb (at least those I took photos of!).

A good number of comics, a book in an Italian crime series, an American classic and an always fun supernatural series. Titles below. All except the Italian book are by women. Titles below 👇

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Sass84 Everyone in their place is gonna get that Radiohead song stuck in my brain :) 7y
FairytaleEngine Hello! You ever wondered why Cinderalla's dad would marry such a mean horrible person like Cinderella's stepmother? What every happened to her real mom? This book answers these types of questions!! 7y
GatheringBooks loving the look of everything in their place :) 7y
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