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Plants: Life from the Earth | Julie Kerr Casper
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Plant life is crucial - life on Earth depends on plants in some way. This book focuses on the many aspects that make plants such a valuable resource. It examines the uses of plants and their importance as well as the goods and services they provide to communities and our high standard of living every day.
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Plants: Life from the Earth | Julie Kerr Casper
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#notbooks, but my succulents have a nice #windowseat to make sure they get enough sun!

KarenUK 💕🌱☀️😊 2w
gradcat Nice! 2w
Cinfhen 💚💚💚 2w
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wideeyedreader @gradcat Thank you! 2w
brit91 Beautiful!😍🌵🌿🌱 2w
wideeyedreader @brit91 Thank you! 2w
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Plants: Life from the Earth | Julie Kerr Casper
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TheSpineView Cute!🤩 4mo
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Plants: Life from the Earth | Julie Kerr Casper
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#nonbookishpost not sorry though as I had a great day (even without a book which is rare)
I picked up a hobby to volunteer at a nearby greenhouse. Working with soil and the process of planting is so therapeutic. It was a beautiful day too.

At some point I'll post the pic of all the doggies that roam! The company workers bring in their pups every day! 😍

GondorGirl Plants AND doggos?! Sounds like a perfect place to me! 6mo
akckitty @GondorGirl yes that's how I feel!! There's at least 6 dogs their every day and sometimes there'll be 8 cause of the part time workers too! One of them is named Tator Tot... Lol 6mo
GondorGirl @akckitty Tator Tot is the perfect dog name! I imagine some fat little terrier or something. Maybe a pug. 🐶 6mo
tracey38 Oh, that sounds wonderful! 6mo
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Plants: Life from the Earth | Julie Kerr Casper
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Favourite plant at the botanic garden yesterday: like a muppet and a bush had a baby. It feels like it belongs on the cover of a sci fi novel.

Booknerd2 Is it a caterpillar plant? 9mo
Tamra Awesome 9mo
Verity @Booknerd2 I don‘t remember what it‘s called - I didn‘t get the full label in any of the pix either annoyingly. 9mo
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Plants: Life from the Earth | Julie Kerr Casper
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All that planting to do and this is what I got done lol. Time for a dinner break!!

Kaye Cool flower pot. Was it made that way or did you just stack them ? Looks pretty. Like a waterfall of flowers. 1y
LaraReads Looks amazing so far! 💕🌷🌸🌻 1y
Jennick2004 @Kaye I stacked them :) 1y
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Kaye Looks good. I might need to copy that idea. 🌺🌸🌺🌸🌺 1y
LazyDays 🌼🌼🙌🙌💜💜 1y
GripLitGrl Beautiful!🌸🌹🌼🌷 1y
Jennick2004 @Kaye I put an upside down smaller (cheap) pot in each of the bottom tiers to set the next one on :) 1y
Kaye Oh. Good idea. Never thought if that. They might sink in just the fill dirt. 1y
Burghbookaddict Pretty! 1y
Bookladylinda Pretty! 1y
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Plants: Life from the Earth | Julie Kerr Casper
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Ned wrote a book today at school. It's called "The Plant that Died."
Because, you know, it's Christmas time. ??

RealLifeReading Love it!! 2y
saresmoore Hahaha! Perfect. 2y
MicheleinPhilly I‘d read it! 2y
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readinginthedark ❤️❤️❤️ 2y
Avanders 😆 2y
JacqMac 😂 It sounds great! 2y
Kappadeemom Awww, bless 🤩 2y
readinginthedark Oh my gosh...there‘s a wolf?! How long is this story? I‘d like to hear the whole thing! 2y
kylienoele For all of our sakes, please post more of this book!! 2y
Valeka A child after my heart! That‘s so adorable!!! 💚 2y
Lindy 🌿⚰️😥 2y
batsy Noooo... Not the plant! (Would definitely read, btw 😃) 2y
LeahBergen 😂😂 So cute! 2y
kspenmoll Love this!👏🏻❤️ 2y
Ms_T Oh dear! 😂 2y
readordierachel OMG this is the cutest! 2y
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