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True History of the Kelly Gang
True History of the Kelly Gang | Peter Carey
'I lost my own father at 12 yr. of age and know what it is to be raised on lies and silence...' To the authorities in pursuit of him, outlaw Ned Kelly is a horse thief, bank robber and police-killer. But to his fellow ordinary Australians, Kelly is their own Robin Hood. In a dazzling act of ventriloquism, Peter Carey brings the famous bushranger wildly and passionately to life.
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When you decide what you‘ll be reading over the weekend on Wednesday, it takes a lot of pressure off of Thursday and Friday.

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Carey's energetic prose, lacking a single comma, is perfectly suited to the purported outlaw autobiography of the most famous bushranger. #IFoughtTheLaw indeed. The first feature length film in the world was The Story of the Kelly Gang, which used one of the original armour suits, & was released while Ned's mother & younger brother were still alive. #AnglophileApril
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BarbaraBB I tried this one a few times, but couldn‘t get into it. 5mo
Cinfhen Hmmm, I was gonna stack but if @BarbaraBB couldn‘t get into it, I‘m pretty sure I‘d have trouble too!! 5mo
Mdargusch I was going to stack until I read a Litsy review @Cinfhen @BarbaraBB - but I definitely now need to google the Kelly gang and go down another super massive black hole. 😁 5mo
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Cinfhen Yup....the Google time warp!!! Sucks me in EVERY TIME @Mdargusch 5mo
Reviewsbylola This sounds so interesting! 5mo
vivastory @Cinfhen @Mdargusch I think it's worth giving 20 pages & seeing if you like it. It's one of my favorite books of the year so far. But, yes the Kelly Gang is a definite rabbit hole. There have been several movies made about them, including a forthcoming one starring Russell Crowe, among others, based on Carey's book. 5mo
vivastory @Reviewsbylola I highly recommend. It's one of my favorites of the year. 5mo
Mdargusch Good to know. Stacking! 5mo
Cinfhen I‘ll leave it to the Dargusch Girls and see what they say 😉 5mo
readordierachel This is so high on my tbr. I loved Oscar and Lucinda. 5mo
vivastory @readordierachel Honestly I loved it as much as Oscar & Lucinda 5mo
emilyhaldi I will definitely give this one a try!! 5mo
vivastory @emilyhaldi Oh, good! I hope you love it. I thought it was amazing! 5mo
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True History of the Kelly Gang | Peter Stafford Carey
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“If you have felled a tree you know that sound it is the hinge of life before the door is slammed.” #aussielit

True History of the Kelly Gang | Peter Stafford Carey
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After opening with a climactic shootout between Australian gang icon Ned Kelly and police, there's a #ManDown (Under! 😆). But what follows was recovered from the scene- reams of pages scrawled in Kelly's own hand describing what's really behind his notoriety that the papers left out. Picked this for #JuneTunz @Cinfhen before I even saw the #junebookbugs one for today- #setinsouthernhemisphere @RealLifeReading ✌👆

LeahBergen Haha!! Great minds, indeed. 😏 2y
saresmoore Well played! 2y
Cinfhen Well done 👍🏻 #multiplayer 😂😜 2y
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True History of the Kelly Gang | Peter Stafford Carey
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#SetInSouthernHemisphere ... and still on my TBR. 😬 Have you read it?

Billypar @LeahBergen oh no wayyy... Right as I was preparing mine! Great minds... 🙌 2y
Melissa_J I've read it. It wasn't bad, although not a favourite. 2y
Billypar @LeahBergen @Melissa_J I agree- not bad but the whole time I felt like I should be enjoying it more. Maybe because it's such a cool premise- I was either expecting a faster pace or more narrative inventiveness. 2y
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Bloomingjen I read it a few years ago. I think I liked it. 2y
writerlibrarian Read it. Okay but not a writer I would read again. 2y
LeahBergen @Billypar @Melissa_J @writerlibrarian @Bloomingjen Well, you all aren't making me rush to pick it up. 😂 A friend of mine loved it which is why I bought it. I also really liked his novel, Jack Maggs. Have any of you read it? 2y
writerlibrarian I have Oscar and Lucinda which I know is more in my wheel house as far as literature goes. Also I read the Kelly book because of the movie 🎥. It was during my intense but brief Orlando Bloom phase. 😚 (edited) 2y
Billypar I haven't read anything else by him, but Jack Maggs sounds like a better pick for me than THKG. And @writerlibrarian I am curious about O&L based on all the attention it gets. 2y
writerlibrarian @Billypar Booker prize winners get more attention not that they are always good but they often are. 2y
LeahBergen @writerlibrarian @Billypar I've been wanting to read Oscar and Lucinda, too. 2y
Reviewsbylola This sounds great. Never read it. 2y
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True History of the Kelly Gang | Peter Stafford Carey
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Turns out my shelves are full of animals, so I narrowed the selection down to horses 😄 My mom would be proud.

#animaloncover #riotgrams

CrowCAH I ❤️ 🐴!!! 2y
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