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Lorna Doone A Romance of Exmoor
Lorna Doone A Romance of Exmoor | R. D. Blackmore
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This is an illustrious historical romance set in the backdrop of the Monmouth Rebellion in the 17th century during the reign of Charles II. John Ridd and his family are threatened by the Doones, the family of outlaws. The young boy explores a new world and meets a beautiful girl with whom he falls in love. The twists and turns of the plot and striking landscapes of Badgworthy valley are pleasant.
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Today I spent some time looking through my grandma‘s bookshelves, and I found a few of these small editions. This is the one that came home with me. The book doesn‘t have a publication date, but it was gifted to my great grandma for Christmas 1918. It appears it might be only volume one of a two volume set. Even so, I‘m happy to have a book from her collection.

Crazeedi What a beautiful treasure!💞 3w
Reviewsbylola Amazing 😍😍 3w
Lcsmcat So cool! 3w
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Tanisha_A 😍 3w
LauraBrook Beautiful, and what a treasure! 3w
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Lorna Doone | Richard D. Blackmore
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I have a story! ☺️ Last night, I came across this title. I immediately jumped online to try to find it - my library didn‘t have it (weird?) and amazon and abebooks didn‘t have any editions that ‘spoke to me‘. Well, this morning I got to work a little early so I stopped into a local charity shop. Just to find this BEAUTIFUL edition for 50p. Life can be funny sometimes! 💙

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The story of the good John Ridd and his lady love. A very wordy book, very glad I went with the #audio otherwise I may never have finished. I enjoyed John Ridd and his exploits. #LitsyClassics #L #2018christyread #solong

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Our tour in Exmoor hasn't allowed much reading time this week. I just wanted to pop in for #Litsypartyofone with a bookish picture from today's touring. We were in the Doone Valley today, and this is the church where Lorna Doone was supposedly shot on her wedding day. After this, I will have to read the book! Lots of posts and pictures when we return.

LeahBergen I've had this book on my TBR for years! Cool photo. ❤️ 2y
ValerieAndBooks Very cool! I read a children's condensed version way back when I was a girl and don't remember much. The full version has been in my TBR for a while! 2y
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At some point I will give this #onemoretry. But we don't have a great history together!

#junetunz @Cinfhen

Cinfhen 😂😂😂 3y
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I love coming back to my parents' and picking a read, so many classics to choose from!

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I guess the Doone family could be described as #renegades? Certainly outlaws.

This is a (another) book I've tried to read so many times. One day I'll get through it!

@Cinfhen #lyricalapril

Pic: Horner Valley by me'nthedogs. https://flic.kr/p/RxxnL9

Cinfhen Another book I'm not familiar with 🙈I'm loving all these new books that keep appearing in my feed ❤️ 3y
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This is my copy of Lorna Doone , which I've had for about 35 years. It is a 6th edition and was published in 1873. I bought this book for its cover, which is fabric. I'm not sure if it is silk or taffeta, but it is gorgeous. Unfortunately, the book itself isn't in very good condition, but I just can't part with it! I recently bought a paperback edition so that I can read it. #judgedbyitscover #marchintoreading

mcipher It's beautiful! 3y
SharonGoforth @mcipher Thank you! 3y
Dogearedcopy It's both! It's moire silk which is a kind of taffeta 🙂 (edited) 3y
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RachelO It's beautiful! It's also one of those books I *will* read one day... 3y
SharonGoforth @Dogearedcopy Thank you! I wasn't sure. 3y
SharonGoforth @RachelO Thanks! I know what you mean 😊 3y
DivineDiana Have you considered having it repaired! I have a few old books in bad condition and plan on attending a book binding workshop later this month. 3y
SharonGoforth @DivineDiana Hadn't thought of that! There's a book shop in Cincinnati that specializes in book repair - I should take it in and see if they can do anything with it. Thanks for the suggestion! (edited) 3y
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These #artdeco beauties were what I was trying to capture earlier when cat interfered 😉

Kalalalatja Great covers! 3y
Leftcoastzen Something special about the old bindings!🤗 3y
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Photographing my #artdeco covers for #feistyfeb and almost didn't notice the shadowy #catbomb by my friend Fritz.
(He wants me to clarify that his butt is not that mountainous. It's a trick of the angle. He claims...)
#littenkitten #catsoflitsy

Reviewsbylola Beautiful. 😍 3y
[DELETED] 1409720085 I thought his tail was a cactus for a moment.🌵 3y
SharonGoforth Oooo! 😍😍 3y
DGRachel 😹😹 3y
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A #classicIhavenotread and probably never will - I just thought it was too pretty to pass up.
Such lovely art deco flowers 😉💕

rubyslippersreads Lovely copy! 3y
LeahBergen That's beautiful! 3y
Abby-J I haven't read it, either. I like Lorna Doone cookies, though. 3y
elkeo_TheBookDragon @Abby-J 😂😂😂😂👍 3y
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Sooo many. I've been avoiding the big ones. But I think maybe a Tale of Two Cities might not be that big, if I remember right.

#aclassicyouhaventread #seasonsreadings2016

ErickaS_Flyleafunfurled I remember Tale being about 3 bazillion jiggity pages, but I liked it. 3y
Blueberry @ErickaS_Flyleafunfurled.com sigh, maybe I could choose one to read over Xmas break. 3y
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A classic I haven't read is Lorna Doone. It's been sitting on my shelf for years waiting for me. #seasonsreadings2016 @RealLifeReading

Betty The house where I babysat as a teen had this book on the shelves. Loved reading this. Odd as the decades go by one remembers exactly where a book came from or where it was read. 3y
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