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Hi friends- a few people asked me to post what dessert we made for my sons 17th bday- we ended up using forks over knives for dinner- Crunchy ThaiPeanut Quinoa and we kept dessert simple today- fruit. Now we are playing an Escape the room game. #veganlitsy

LeahBergen That looks delicious! 2y
Chelsea.Poole That looks amazing! I‘ve been vegetarian for years and have been trying to do vegan meals more often, so thanks for the inspiration 🥗🥦🍅 2y
Velvetfur Such beautiful colourful food! 💜 2y
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Tamra Love it! 2y
AmyG The Quinoa looks amazing. 2y
ElizaMarie all that looks so delicious!!! 2y
Cupcake12 Rainbow colours 😃 2y
Avanders Ooooh 😍😍 2y
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Cooking for #foodandlit Vegan Feijaoada will take a few hours to cook while I‘m working, then hopeful for amazing yumminess. #veganlitsy

Cinfhen Screenshot ♥️🙌🏻thanks 2y
Butterfinger Sounds delicious. 2y
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Chrissyreadit @Cinfhen there are two small errors in recipe- but easy to recognize and self correct. 2y
Powered_By_Plants Ooh yummy 🤩 2y
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I cannot find the post about Jane Austen‘s bday- I had planned to make a vegan carrot cake and did not get to- but here is info for #veganlitsy - the recipe is from the forks over knives APP, my cake is not pretty and I def used the wrong pan- but do not let appearances fool you- it is delicious!!!! The ingredients do not include flour or sugar- and I seriously was concerned- but again - amazing taste!!! #pemberlittens #janeaustenbday

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Non-Fiction | Chuck Palahniuk
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Finished The Game Changers documentary on Netflix. Lots to think about. It was definitely aimed at men. Anyone here plant-based? #TIL that cows are drinking the earth‘s water so we can eat them!
@Clwojick @rsteve388

Pic of smoke in the sky around town today. Prescribed burn FAR away.

Freespirit You're photo looks like you might live in northern NSW Aust. We have been in darkness from smoke all day here. Very bad fires. Embers falling on our roof. Lots of evacuations. 3y
BookwormDownUnder @Freespirit Oh no! We‘re in Western AU. We get a good view of big fires in the distance but I hate when they are close. Keeping a good thought for you!! Any rain due? 🤞 3y
Freespirit No rain predicted. We have had less than half our normal rainfall this year. It's dry dry dry. Thanks for the good thoughts! 3y
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Chrissyreadit There are a few #veganlitsy #plantbased members. Hope the air is not too bad? 3y
BookwormDownUnder @Chrissyreadit Maybe I‘ll be one of them someday! Smoke never got near us. Far away and the smoke stayed high. Yay! 3y
thegirlwiththelibrarybag Vegetarian here ☺️ #til what til stood for 😂 (edited) 3y
BethM Yikes! 3y
Moony Oh my god what a pic. Looks very creepy. 3y
Clwojick 9pts! Neat photo! 3y
Clwojick 9pts! Neat photo! 3y
LeeRHarry Stay safe both @freespirit These bushfires are terrible. My parents are experiencing floods in their area of the UK - they‘re ok- just wish they could send some water our way! (edited) 3y
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My #constantcraving for yummy vegan food is only surpassed by my craving for Books. #timbittunes
Taking a break from schoolwork to eat yummy vegan food... #veganlitsy

Cinfhen I‘m mad for cookbooks 😍🤩what‘s your go to cookbook?? 4y
dariazeoli I recognize a lot of these. I haven‘t cracked one in ages! 4y
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Freespirit That's a fabulous collection of cook books! 4y
Tamra Makes me hungry just glancing at cookbooks! 😆 4y
Weaponxgirl Helloooo, that is an amazing shelf of cookbooks! 4y
Chrissyreadit @Weaponxgirl @Freespirit thanks! @Tamra they are inspiring! 4y
Chrissyreadit @Cinfhen my favorites are Twelve Months of Monastery Soups and Winter Harvest- although I have to adjust some of the recipes. Then Oh She Glows that is always a win even with meat eaters, and 1,000 Vegan Recipes because it is so diverse. The soup book is highly recommended if you like soup. 4y
Crazeedi Never thought of taking a pic of my cookbook shelf! Great idea! 4y
Cinfhen Thanks!!!! I‘ve screenshot for further study!!! 4y
Chrissyreadit @Blaire some suggestions in comments and tagged book 3y
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Introductions | C L Stone
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Hi, there! I see a lot of new followers, so here are some quick things about me:

I‘m a nine-year vegan and an almost forty-year New Jerseyan.
My favorite author is Stephen King.
I cheered on the Hogwarts ride in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.
I cried at the end of Return of the King in the movie theater.
I met Tom Hanks while shopping at Walmart a few years ago.
I‘m an introvert, but you should say hi if you‘re new here!


GondorGirl Hello! Nice to meet you! (you have VERY pretty eyes) 4y
Freespirit Nice to know about you😊 4y
Chrissyreadit ❤️#veganlitsy❤️ 4y
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VeganCleopatra Wait I need more info on Tom Hanks. He was at a NJ Walmart? So random! 4y
LogiKitty Hi! 💕 4y
dariazeoli @GondorGirl Nice to meet you, too! (And thank you!) 4y
dariazeoli @Chrissyreadit 🌱 👍🏻 4y
dariazeoli @VeganCleopatra As he told me, “Everybody shops at Walmart!” I think it was a pit stop before catching a flight out of here 😉 I passed his wife before I saw him come through the doors! 4y
Lynnsoprano What a great idea! I have a lot of new followers, too. Mind if I copy your idea? 4y
dariazeoli @Lynnsoprano I can‘t take credit! I saw others doing similar on their feeds, I just added a hashtag to locate! Have at it 😉 4y
Doughtah Howdy! I‘m newish, i think its been two weeks since I joined up 😄 4y
dariazeoli @Doughtah hiya! A belated welcome to Litsy! 🙂 4y
Avanders 🥰🥰 4y
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If you love a #vegan or someone #dairyfree they NEED this #cookbook for #Christmas!

TheWintergarden Thank you I have been searching for just this book.🍉😊🍅🐂 4y
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Starting to prepare holiday menus and pulling out my favorite cookbooks.

Chrissyreadit Do you have any favorites? I love a pomegranate tofu recipe in another vegan cookbook- but get so overwhelmed! I also make vegan colchannon for holidays. #veganlitsy 4y
Christinak @Chrissyreadit In this book- for Christmas I am using:
Rosemary chocolate chip cookies
Orange chocolate chip bundt cake
Other go to favorites:
Cheddary broccoli soup
Dragon noodles
Roasted red pepper Mac & cheese
Spicy slurpy spaghetti sauce (thanks to this recipe I have not bought sauce in 6 years)
Everyday pad thai
Chrissyreadit @Christinak yum! I‘m going to look up a few of them! 4y
alanacristin This cookbook is my favorite 😍😍😍 4y
Chrissyreadit @Blaire this tagged book is also good! 3y
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1,000 Vegan Recipes | Robin Robertson
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@Bronte_Chintz I think the tagged book is great for multiple recipes and diversity- but my current favorites are more specific- especially the Asian Vegan Kitchen. I love soup Books too! @DebinHawaii often posts great vegan books and recipes too. I bought Love Soup based on her posts but sadly have not prepared any yet. I just bought The Veggie Queen and How Not To Die cookbooks and hope to explore some of those recipes. #veganlitsy #litsyvegans

Bronte_Chintz I shall have a nosey! The Asian vegan kitchen sounds great too! 4y
Chrissyreadit @Blaire I love this one too 3y
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Really glad to see Adams call Audible out on this. A 2012 New York Times piece references this: “On average, 24 horses die each week at racetracks across America. Many are inexpensive horses racing with little regulatory protection in pursuit of bigger and bigger prizes.”

Looking forward to a day when animals aren‘t bred for entertainment.

Chrissyreadit Wow! I‘m not sure of what is going on - is there a horse named audible? But am always glad to see people stand up for animals! #veganlitsy 5y
dariazeoli @Chrissyreadit There is, and they‘re using him to run a sweepstakes where the prize is headphones and a membership 😒 5y
GripLitGrl I agree it's cruel I refuse to watch or attend! 5y
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