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Carry Me Down | M.J. Hyland
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I got a #ConstantCraving for Fastalavnsboller in all shapes and sizes. And luckily, the Danish #WheatKings aka the Danish bakers have a supply big enough to try to satisfy my cravings 😋

So far, this book is giving me a sort of eerie feeling, and I can‘t really put my finger on why. 🤔


Cinfhen That looks delish!!! Is it like a filled doughnut?? 4y
Kalalalatja @Cinfhen kind of - this had some kind of raspberry cream/remonce, but it isn‘t fried like a doughnut but baked. But some have a whipped cream filling and with a more flaky pastry dough. It comes in so many varieties, and I love it! 4y
TrishB How did today go? 4y
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Kalalalatja @TrishB do you mean with the internship? I don‘t start till next Monday, so this week is dedicated to relaxation, self-care, naps, reading and cakes 😄🙌 4y
TrishB Whoops! Enjoy the week- I‘ll ask again later 😘 4y
Kalalalatja @BarbaraBB just finished this, and I really don‘t know what to think about it all! There‘s definitely some food for thought in this book 🤔 4y
BarbaraBB Yes, exactly. I was wondering if this book really is about mental illness? 4y
BarbaraBB Are you starting an internship next week? Such a great news, I missed that. Congratulations 🥂💜 4y
Kalalalatja @BarbaraBB I think it is, in some way, because John is definitely disturbed. But I kept getting the feeling some kind of trauma would be revealed, that would explain some of his behaviour, but it never did, and now I‘m left feeling something is missing 4y
Kalalalatja @BarbaraBB I am, and I‘m so excited! It is at a Center for rape victims, which is like my dream job, so I‘m really hopeful 🤞 4y
BarbaraBB That sounds great, right where you want to be. You‘ll make it happen, I‘m sure. How long will the internship be? 4y
Kalalalatja @BarbaraBB that is a good review, and it puts some of my thoughts into perspective 👍 it is 8 weeks, and then I hope for something more permanent. But even if it doesn‘t come to that, I still get experience, and something to do, so I‘m very happy! 4y
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Chocolat | Joanne Harris
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CarolynM Yum! 4y
catebutler These look delicious! 4y
Soozee 😋😋😋 4y
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Gwendy's Button Box | Stephen King
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Imagine getting a free chocolate anytime you wanted one! That would be great, right? Now imagine that this chocolate actually stopped your cravings and helped you lose weight - oh, and it makes you better at everything you do! That is just one of the many magical elements of this quick read by King....👇

#TimbitTunes | 3: #ConstantCraving


📷: Libby

LiterRohde But if you dig deeper, you will find so much more. It‘s about creativity, construction vs. destruction, secrets, fate vs. free will, and man‘s efficacy in his own life and the world. Some would say I‘m overthinking it, but that‘s what I just realized I love about these shorter stories....👇 (edited) 4y
LiterRohde As many have reviewed, with these shorter works, you don‘t get everything wrapped up nicely. This is to me, however, a positive. There are so many places for the mind to go; so many questions to ask. Not that longer works don‘t make you question, but it is more directed. I love the ambiguity in these small tales. I think my next King will be a short story collection. 4y
C.Perone I loved this book 4y
Cinfhen I‘m not a big King fan but your review really makes me want to explore this one. 4y
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The Chocolate War | Robert Cormier
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LiterRohde I love this book! 4y
Cinfhen Me too!!!! Constantly!!!!!!!! 4y
cristalito Hab ich auch gelesen! Geiles Buch 4y
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My desire to explore used bookstores will never be sated.
#constantcraving #timbittunes @Cinfhen @TheKidUpstairs

Cinfhen I hear you!!!! 4y
Cathythoughts 😳that‘s a lot of books ♥️ 4y
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I have a #ConstantCraving for Doctor Who novels. Goal: to fill this bookcase 😂

LiterRohde Allons-y! 4y
LiterRohde Books, fezzes, bow ties...are cool! 4y
LiterRohde Would you like a Jelly Baby? 4y
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LiterRohde Fill the bookcase. Unless it shares properties with the TARDIS, I think you are pretty much there! 4y
rabbitprincess @LiterRohde The next trick will be making my other bookcases adopt TARDIS-like properties so that they can hold the non-DW books! It's currently only about 1/3 DW. 4y
LiterRohde Ah, I see. It‘s hard to see the titles on my phone, so I thought they were all DW. But I think I can make out some Shakespeare now. I‘ve never read DW. I love the TV show, both classic and reboot. Any book recommendations? 4y
rabbitprincess @LiterRohde My favourite novelization is The Mind Robber, by Peter Ling. Close on its heels is the recent novelization of The Day of the Doctor by Steven Moffat. I also enjoyed Gareth Roberts' take on Shada, and Sands of Time by Justin Richards is delightfully timey-wimey. 4y
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Housekeeping: A Novel | Marilynne Robinson
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"To crave and to have are as like as a thing and its shadow. For when does a berry break upon the tongue as sweetly as when one longs to taste it..."

#constantcraving #TimbitTunes

Cinfhen That‘s beautiful! I‘ve heard her writing is gorgeous and now I see. 4y
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Gwendy's Button Box | Stephen King
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“She wants it at once, and not just because it‘s a beautiful thing. She wants it because it‘s hers. Like something really valuable, really loved, that was lost so long ago it was almost forgotten but is now found again. Like she owned it in another life where she was a princess, or something.”

#TimbitTunes | 3: #ConstantCraving

📷: Made with Typorama

Cinfhen Perfect 🏆 4y
TheKidUpstairs Perfect quote! 4y
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My #constantcraving for yummy vegan food is only surpassed by my craving for Books. #timbittunes
Taking a break from schoolwork to eat yummy vegan food... #veganlitsy

Cinfhen I‘m mad for cookbooks 😍🤩what‘s your go to cookbook?? 4y
dariazeoli I recognize a lot of these. I haven‘t cracked one in ages! 4y
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Freespirit That's a fabulous collection of cook books! 4y
Tamra Makes me hungry just glancing at cookbooks! 😆 4y
Weaponxgirl Helloooo, that is an amazing shelf of cookbooks! 4y
Chrissyreadit @Weaponxgirl @Freespirit thanks! @Tamra they are inspiring! 4y
Chrissyreadit @Cinfhen my favorites are Twelve Months of Monastery Soups and Winter Harvest- although I have to adjust some of the recipes. Then Oh She Glows that is always a win even with meat eaters, and 1,000 Vegan Recipes because it is so diverse. The soup book is highly recommended if you like soup. 4y
Crazeedi Never thought of taking a pic of my cookbook shelf! Great idea! 4y
Cinfhen Thanks!!!! I‘ve screenshot for further study!!! 4y
Chrissyreadit @Blaire some suggestions in comments and tagged book 3y
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I saw the author discuss this book, and I must confess that I too suffer from this condition. #constantcraving #timbittunes

TrishB Me too! And then add a bit of tiredness.... 4y
Stephaniereads1 I‘m a monster. My hubby knows. Poor guy. I get it from my dad. 4y
JenReadsAlot I'm terrible when hungry! 4y
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TheKidUpstairs I'm awful when I'm hungry! I belong in a Snickers commercial... 4y
Cinfhen Hahaha @TheKidUpstairs I love those commercials 😂😂my problem is that hangry quickly escalates to migraine territory 😢🤕 4y
DivineDiana @Cinfhen Please make sure you always pack some sort of energy bar in your bag! (edited) 4y
Cinfhen Thanks, Diana!! I try to remember but sometimes I forget☹️ 4y
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