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BarkingMadRead Y‘all. 50ish pages to go! #alightattheendofthetunnel 2d
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Bookwormjillk We‘re almost there! This chapter would have been interesting except it was Rosy so… 2d
TheBookHippie @BarkingMadRead YAY!!! WE CAN DO IT!!! also OMG ROSY. WHAT A __________.... 2d
ravenlee I feel like Dodo could have slapped the smirk off Rosy‘s face and nobody would blame her. #shehaditcoming #ifyoudabeenthereifyoudaseenit #howcouldyoutellmethatiwaswrong 2d
BarkingMadRead @ravenlee 🤣🤣🤣 2d
ravenlee @BarkingMadRead to be honest, I get it stuck in my head all the time. 2d
BarkingMadRead @ravenlee it‘s a fave, my daughter and her friends actually performed it at a fundraiser in high school. So much fun! 2d
ravenlee @BarkingMadRead it‘s actually the only reason I own the dvd of Chicago. I don‘t care about the rest of it. 1d
LitStephanie @ravenlee @Bookwormjillk @TheBookHippie yeah Rosy is just awful. I think Eliot did such a great job of describing her character. It isn't that she is evil. She just lacks the capacity to empathize and to imagine herself ever being wrong. 13h
TheBookHippie @LitStephanie I agree!!!!! Narcissist 😵‍💫 vapid comes to mind as well 😝 12h
LitStephanie @TheBookHippie vapid! Perfect! 12h
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Bookwormjillk Lydgate is losing it, but also is afraid of Rosamond. 6d
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BarkingMadRead @Bookwormjillk so scared of Rosy 🙄 6d
ravenlee @Bookwormjillk @BarkingMadRead he‘s afraid she‘s going to do her neck turn thing. It started as a cutesy thing, right, but the more it got mentioned the more it turned into a horror movie thing in my mind. 6d
ravenlee I have to say, I loved that Lydgate rode miles away from town just to be unreachable. Oh, for the days when you could actually “get away from it all,” if only for a minute. 6d
BarkingMadRead @ravenlee it showed great restraint. I almost wish he‘d gone home and screamed at Rosy though, it would have been good for both of them 🤣 6d
Bookwormjillk @ravenlee haha neck turn thing. But yes, very self aware on his part. 6d
TheBookHippie @ravenlee I now want a horse for this very reason. 6d
Bklover @TheBookHippie Yes! 🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎 6d
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