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Wild Place | Christian White
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Friday‘s op shop scores for $10. I went down the street to buy something at a normal shop but I couldn‘t resist visiting the op shop while there. #noselfcontrol #ozzieauthors

This Is My America | Kim Johnson
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Oh my goodness, I would give anything to be a high school teacher to plan lessons. This book would create the best conversations among young people: Black history, community prejudice and passivity, corrupt prosecution, and so much more. I would love to encourage/mentor a teenager to be a leader in the community by giving workshops to save lives. Workshops shouldn't be needed, but they are in this world. #TeachersofLitsy #YABuddyRead @megnews

FashionableObserver So crazy: I just came across that book while looking for a new one for my son. I think it is a bit advanced for him, but I‘m going to buy it for myself! 1y
Butterfinger @FashionableObserver minimal foul language unlike Angie Thomas (I still love her though), but it does go over cruel things that humans should not do to one another. I understand what you are saying. That is the main reason why I am waiting a few more years to take my 10 year old to the Civil Rights museum or the Holocaust Museum. I'm not ready for her to know about inhuman acts. I teach her, but not showed her the ugliness. Am I making sense? 1y
Scochrane26 @Butterfinger I went to the Civil Rights museum with a group of middle schoolers. I think they learned a lot but not sure they took enough time with it. Totally understand wanting to keep a child‘s innocence. 1y
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Butterfinger @Scochrane26 yeah I will take her in a few more years. I think we had this discussion already or I just experienced deja vu. 🙂 1y
FashionableObserver @Butterfinger, I feel the same way about the museums! 2020 was enough of a lesson in how inhumane we can be. He needs to know—for survival‘s sake—but...baby steps. He turns 10 next month. Maybe we‘ll start with the museums next year... 1y
Butterfinger @FashionableObserver you are absolutely right. I am so sorry that survival has to be your priority; I wasn't thinking. Our children are the same age. Your need to protect is much stronger than mine and I am so sorry for that. Please remember to tag me when you finish this book. I want to know your opinion. 1y
FashionableObserver @Butterfinger You are so sweet! I appreciate that. But no apologies needed! I will definitely tag you when I finish it. My TBR stack is shameful right now. And I just keep adding to it! 🤦🏾‍♀️😂 #NoSelfControl 1y
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So I go to the bookstore to get the book I ordered. Just the one. But there's someone being waited on. So like the good customer I am, I distance myself....to the $20 wall...of new releases. At this price I get one. Just one. Get to the cash and find out I have Plum Points to redeem. Which makes my book cheaper. Which justifies a second book.

It would be a crime against myself if I didn't, right?

#NewBookDay #NoSelfControl #ItCouldBeDrugs

Hooked_on_books It would be a total crime! Why would you want to hurt yourself that way? You did the right thing. 😉 1y
MsMelissa I mean, I would totally have done the same thing 😉. I can‘t wait to go to the bookstore again! Our stay at home order lifts on Tues and non-essential stores will be able to open once again. Indigo here I come! 1y
Tera66 I mean...you couldn't afford not to! 1y
angel1 Great choices!! The Burning Girls is so good!!!😱 1y
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Saving Ruby King: A Novel | Catherine Adel West
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I went for my one book that I had on hold. 🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

#libraryhaul #noselfcontrol

Telling Tales | Ann Cleeves
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After spending 4-5 hours redoing my bookcases last weekend, I had a few books to take to the used bookstore for credit. Naturally, I used all of my credit in one trip, even though I have NO space on my shelves for new books. #bookhaul #sorrynotsorry #noselfcontrol #ilovevera

ValerieAndBooks That Vidocq book looks interesting! 3y
Tove_Reads Ann Cleeves and Peter May 👍🏽 Would have been against the law to leave them there! 3y
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The Testaments | Margaret Atwood
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I re-read The Handmaid‘s Tale this month to prepare for this highly anticipated sequel. I should turn the light off to sleep, but I‘m going to read a few pages first.

Lcsmcat I did that last night. For about 120 pages . . . #noselfcontrol 3y
krismlars @Lcsmcat I was good and only read 14 pages😄 3y
MeatPiie I‘m currently REALLY tempted to buy the book, but I will wait for a while before attacking it! 😱 3y
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Seafire | Natalie C. Parker
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This was a very fun if somewhat predictable YA novel about seafaring girls seeking revenge. I have obviously already put the sequel on pre-order


Ponti | Sharlene Teo
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I went to the library only to get a replacement card but came away with this #bookhaul #noSelfControl #unplannedreads

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Educated: A Memoir | Tara Westover
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Yesterday‘s #bookhaul. My bookgroup met yesterday to plan the rest of the year as well as. It‘s on changing the day and then of course, I needed to shop. educated and Becoming are for upcoming group reads (May and November I think). I “needed” a new copy of Tree, and I know I just checked the 2 Christine Feehan‘s our from the library but I‘m pretty sure I‘m going to need them. The other 2 were impulse buys. 🤣🤣📚❤️

Daughter-of-words I really enjoyed those Feehan books!🖤 3y
CocoReads I‘ve read a few of hers before and I enjoy her writing. Since these are MC books and that‘s my current jam, I decided I should probably own them. #noselfcontrol 3y
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Calling all #Pittsburgh littens! This is not a drill🚨🚨🚨 Sewickley library is having their big book sale this weekend. I'm heading there right now! $5 a bag! #hopeforgoodfinds #soexcited #canyoutell

paulfrankspencer How big can a bag be? Is this going on all weekend? 3y
kricheal @paulfrankspencer update on that: Sunday they are $5 a bag. I must have read something wrong on their fb or just got too excited. 😂😂😂 Anyways right now it's $1 paperbacks and $2 hardbacks...but I called before I went and you can bring your own bag. 3y
kricheal Either way #worthit ps parking sucks 3y
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paulfrankspencer Thanks. I drive across the bridge after work and might stop by. Thanks for the heads up. 3y
kricheal @paulfrankspencer small world. Good luck with that traffic. I live right over in Ambridge in Old Economy pretty much. 3y
paulfrankspencer I'm up the river in Avalon. Not far at all. 3y
kricheal @paulfrankspencer basically rt 65 Ohio River neighbors. I can see both from my bedroom window. I recently discovered not in Avalon but near there off of Camp Horne, the Good Loven Bakery. Omg. You been there? 3y
paulfrankspencer I have not. But you make a strong case for it. Anchor and Anvil in Ben Avon is my haunt. Just ok coffee, but good neighborly vibes. 3y
kricheal @paulfrankspencer I'll have to look into that. My favorite local coffee place is called Old Crow Coffeehouse. If you're ever down this way check them out. 3y
paulfrankspencer Is 20 too many? 3y
emtobiasz I work all day Saturday, but I may have to check out this $5 bag day Sunday... #noselfcontrol 3y
kricheal @paulfrankspencer 20? Are you sure that's enough?😂😂 I'm thinking about going back Sunday when they are $5 a bag. I bought 11, but I could have have easily bought so much more. 3y
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