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One Hundred Summers | Vanessa Branson
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Vanessa is Richard Branson‘s sister so I picked this book in the hope that it would feature Necker Island, in the #britishvirginislands for #readingtheamericas23. It does, although barely, but I‘m still counting it! 🤣

I enjoyed the book as a whole; it was a fun romp through 100 years of their family history,but I would have preferred more depth in some places and there were a few too many names to remember.

Librarybelle Hooray! 2w
BarbaraBB You‘re right to do so 😀 2w
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#libraryhaul from the last 2 days and 2 libraries! 😁

Bandit Queens is of course for #camplitsy23, although I read it a few months ago.

The next two are also #blameitoncamplitsy. Biography of X started out quite strongly in the voting and then tailed off. The Nursery was nominated by @youneverarrived and sounds interesting.

The remaining books are for #readingtheamericas23. @BarbaraBB @Librarybelle

Librarybelle Excellent stack!! 2w
TrishB Brilliant 👍🏻 2w
youneverarrived The Book of Night Women is one of my favourite books! And looking forward to your review of The Nursery 🤍 2w
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BarbaraBB Such a good stack. I am curious how you will continue with X, f it picks up again for you! 2w
sarahbarnes Fantastic stack. I want to look into a few of these! 2w
Megabooks Very interested in what you think about X! 2w
kspenmoll Great haul! Aren‘t libraries the best?! 1w
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Retrospective | Juan Gabriel Vsquez
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Small #bookhaul this week! BQ and YF for #CampLitsy23 then some literature in translation (tagged) from my favorite publisher @RiverheadBooks 👍🏻🙌🏻

And Molly has been so naughty! She backed out of her harness and ran into some hostas earlier today and then chased a baby bunny and has been whining for an hour because I didn‘t let her grab it. When she whines too much, I sing Somebody I Used to know off key to add to her sorrow! 😂😂

Megabooks Also if you are also a fan of that song or cool mashups, check this out: https://youtu.be/mTXzFkYX7-g 3w
Susanita 🤣🤣🤣 3w
Ruthiella Poor Molly! Denied that bunny! 😂❤️🐶 PS that mash up is amazing! 🤩 (edited) 3w
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vivastory Speaking of mashups, check out this version of Beck's Loser as a square dance song (I laughed so hard at it):
Cinfhen Tagged book sounds AMAZING!!! I think I still need a book for #Colombia #ReadingTheAmericas23 3w
Cinfhen Now to check out the mashups 3w
Cinfhen Ha, that was 🍌👖 @vivastory and I really enjoyed the Gotye & Astely mashup 3w
BarbaraBB Fun story! I love the Gotye song! 3w
Hooked_on_books My dog Greta, who died last year, once killed a bunny in my backyard. I found out about it because my now husband had left the door open to let the dogs come and go and she was chewing on something in the dining room that she didn‘t want me to see. It was the bunny‘s head. The body was never found. Dogs keep you on your toes! 3w
LoveToReadLiveToRead Haha, that mash up is great! 3w
Tamra Beautiful clematis! We have too many hungry deer in this neighborhood to have any. But I really enjoyed them at our former house. Pretty care free too. 3w
Megabooks @Ruthiella right?! So surprised it works! 2w
Megabooks @vivastory I love There I Ruined It on Instagram! They just posted Snoop Dogg‘s reaction to the Gin and Juice/Jungle Book mashup, which was funny. I also like when they did the yeah compilation https://youtu.be/-qhEzxlBBMA 2w
Megabooks @Cinfhen I‘m excited to read it. I need something different. I used this for Columbia, but it was a bit disappointing for me, which means you‘ll love it!! (The way we‘ve been going…😂😂) 2w
Megabooks @BarbaraBB me too! The mashup was really interesting. You wouldn‘t think Gotye and Rick Astley would work… 2w
Megabooks @Hooked_on_books for sure! To find that in the house…. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ The next day I went out and found a disembodied rabbit leg in the hostas, so I had to glove up and get it out. 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ I didn‘t want her to have it. Unfortunately we have a number of feral and outdoor cats in the neighborhood, so it‘s not uncommon to find random things like that. (edited) 2w
Megabooks @LoveToReadLiveToRead it‘s just shocking it works! 2w
Megabooks @Tamra thank you!! We don‘t have deer in our neighborhood fortunately, but some years we‘ve had so many bunnies early that things don‘t even get a chance to really get started. There are several cats in the neighborhood now and I think some are truly feral while others are outdoor cats, but they‘ve kept the rabbits in check. 2w
Cinfhen I‘ll check out your Colombia choice because right now the print version of Retrospective is expensive and I didn‘t like the sample narration I listened too!! 2w
Megabooks @Cinfhen yes, looking more at my local library is really helping my wallet, especially since, after 2 years of dedicated service, my Beats earbuds broke. I can‘t do audiobooks without them, so I rush ordered a pair from Best Buy. Fortunately they‘re on sale but still expensive! 💸 2w
Cinfhen It‘s good to utilize the library but must haves are non negotiable 🎧 2w
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A Trip to the Beach | Melinda Blanchard, Robert Blanchard
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There‘s a shortage of books set on #anguilla but I found this used copy for only 75p and I‘m so glad I did.

It follows the authors as they set up a restaurant on the island and it‘s just my kind of ‘travelogue‘ - all about the lovely people that they meet. Hurricane Luis felt a bit tagged on at the end but still a really nice, easy, read.

As well as being for #readingtheamericas23 this is also my pick for #titlesandtunes #islandvibes

Read4life I met the Blanchards years ago when they were promoting a book. They gave people they spoke to polished, colored glass with smiley faces on them. They said to keep it in your pocket and hold it or feel it whenever you felt overwhelmed, unhappy, in need of a reminder of peace, happiness & your worth or pass it to someone with a kind word. 3w
BarbaraBB What a great catch! And I love your story @Read4life they seem very nice people 3w
Cathythoughts Lovely picture 💫 3w
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squirrelbrain That‘s so nice! @Read4life ❤️ They cam across as lovely people in the book, so it‘s good to hear that they‘re really like that in real life. 3w
Librarybelle This sounds so lovely 3w
Cinfhen This sounds great 2w
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Today‘s book mail. Hijab is of course for #camplitsy23 - I just need to be patient and not read it until Meg tells me to!

A Trip to the Beach is a pre-loved copy for #titlesandtunes #islandvibes and also #readingtheamericas23 #anguilla.

TrishB Cool 👍🏻 1mo
Cinfhen How fun!! I love #BookMail 1mo
Megabooks Fantastic!! I can‘t wait to see what you think! 1mo
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BarbaraBB I have my copy too and patiently wait for Meg‘s “go!” as well 😉 1mo
Hooked_on_books I may have to steal your Anguilla book idea! I don‘t think I have one for there on my list and my library has a copy. Thanks for the tip! 1mo
Librarybelle Hooray!! 1mo
squirrelbrain You‘re welcome @Hooked_on_books - just started it now and it seems like it will be a good read. 1mo
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Annie John: A Novel | Jamaica Kincaid
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#TitlesAndTunes #ReadingTheAmericas23 #Antigua This book was phenomenal 🙌🏻♥️My first time reading Jamaica Kincaid, I completely understand why she‘s an iconic Caribbean author. Her prose are lyrical and melodic, every word like an island breeze warm and rhythmic. A semi autobiographical coming of age story told in snapshots over the course of several years. The theme often repeated is the intense love/hate relationship between mother & daughter.

squirrelbrain Sounds wonderful! I‘m going to get a Kincaid book from the library for this prompt. 1mo
Cinfhen Is audio available on #Scribd @squirrelbrain ??? Because Robin Miles did an outstanding job of narrating 1mo
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squirrelbrain There‘s only one book on Scribd (audio or print) and it appears to be set in New England. 🤷‍♀️ Although I suppose I could go with ‘author from…‘ rather than ‘book set in…‘ 1mo
BarbaraBB What a fab review! It is one of the #1001books that I really want to read now! 1mo
Cinfhen It was super short @BarbaraBB but it left a HUGE impression- I will 💯 read more from Kincaid 1mo
Cinfhen Hmmmm , can‘t say I‘m at all familiar with that book @squirrelbrain 🤷🏼‍♀️ 1mo
Librarybelle Hooray!! 1mo
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A Trip to the Beach | Melinda Blanchard, Robert Blanchard
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#titlesandtunes #islandvibes

I was going to read another book for #readingtheamericas23 #anguilla that was available on Scribd, but on looking at it today it sounds like hard work…! I decided that the tagged sounds like fun and I just bought a used copy on Amazon for 75p, which will arrive within the week so plenty of time to read this month.

I hope no-one else picked Message in a Bottle yet - a great tune and appropriate for the theme, I think!

LeeRHarry Love the song choice - so clever! 😊 1mo
Cinfhen Fab choice!! Excellent song and book does sound fun 🤩 1mo
julesG Great song choice! 1mo
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BarbaraBB Yay! The Police! I didn‘t think of them but are so happy you did!! 1mo
batsy Ooh! Perfect song choice. 1mo
Centique I love that song! 1mo
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Salt Crystals | Cristina Bendek
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Love how the #IslandVibes goes so well with #ReadingTheAmericas2023! Oddly, I chose one of my few non-Caribbean books for this month, though -- a book set on a Colombian island.


@Cinfhen @BarbaraBB

Cinfhen The theme is perfect for #ReadingTheAmericas23 as is your song choice 💃🏾 1mo
BarbaraBB Cool choices! I chose my bij too with #ReadingTheAmericas23 in mind 1mo
batsy That looks like a great match of book and song! I'm always intrigued by Charco Press titles. 1mo
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A Small Place | Jamaica Kincaid
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While I‘m thinking about this week‘s #WeeklyForecast & May‘s #BookSpinBingo , I wanted to prepare my #IslandVibe for #TitlesAndTunes .

I plan to read the tagged for #BritishVirginIslands for #ReadingTheAmericas2023 , so perfect to read it now! The song, which does not feature BVI in the lyrics, brings back lots of fun memories of school bus rides home when I was in elementary school. Both came out in 1988, incidentally.

TEArificbooks I have a very embarrassing video of me, my sister, and cousins making a music video of us lip singing that song. We were all in the 80s clothes with neon shapes and side pony tails. 1mo
Librarybelle @TEArificbooks That‘s hilarious! My entire bus would sing along to the song when it came on the radio. Technically, our bus driver was forbidden to play the radio, but for a few months when the song was on top of the charts, we all busted out singing. 1mo
Cinfhen I‘m also going with a Jamaica Kincaid novel for #ReadingTheAmericas23 and #TitlesAndTunes 1mo
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Librarybelle @Cinfhen I think she‘ll be a popular choice for this month! 1mo
Cinfhen Hilarious @TEArificbooks and perfect song choice, Jess! I remember when John Stamos sang the song with The Beach Boys - {{swooning}} 1mo
Bookzombie This was one of the songs I immediately thought about! 1mo
Librarybelle @Bookzombie It‘s a classic, for sure!! 1mo
BarbaraBB A song that really belongs on our playlist! Well chosen 🩵 (edited) 1mo
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