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4⭐️This series is similar to Percy Jackson aimed at the beginning chapter set. In book 3 Demon is being lent out to Poisoden to care for his racers who have started losing their scales. But the sun good, and the water god decide to have a race to determine who has the fastest stables. And it is up to Demon to satisfy both gods, and not get sent to Hades in the process. A fun series for those reading Magic Tree House and want sometime a better.

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All the Birds in the Sky | Charlie Jane Anders
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My #MountTBR2019 😬

I‘m trying for #MtEverest again this year. In 2018 I was able to read 92/100 completing #ElToro #MountTBR2018 ...maybe this year I‘ll be able to get 100/100 📖


#BookNerd 💙📚

squirrelbrain Wow, that‘s amazing! 13mo
DivaDiane Well done!! 13mo
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House of Mirth | Edith Wharton
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What a twisted web we weave...when first we practice to be independent young woman, make our own choices, control our own money, and future, and still live by the dictates of “society” and our own moral compass. Oh this is a good and twisty one, with lots to say about the class divide, the immorality of the moral and wealthy elite, and so much more. #Reading1001 #Discoveries1001 #MountTBR #MountTBR2018

Lily Bart will be with me for a long time!

Tamra So so good! 2y
Daisey I‘m so looking forward to this one! I just read my fist Edith Wharton in December and enjoyed it. 2y
HKGirl This wasn't on my to-read list before but your description sold me! 2y
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azulaco This book broke my heart a little. 💔 Edith Wharton is good at that. 2y
Riveted_Reader_Melissa @azulaco yes! A lot for me! 2y
Riveted_Reader_Melissa @Daisey I can‘t wait until a few more read it, so I can discuss it a bit more. 2y
batsy @azulaco @Riveted_Reader_Melissa Yes 💔 Lily is unforgettable. 2y
Gezemice I need to add this to my list! 2y
BarbaraTheBibliophage Wharton has such a unique writing style. I‘m glad to have read this, and also that I waited until I had some life experience. 2y
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Finished both today. Although I have the hard copy of Magpie Murders, I listened to the audio book. Enjoyed both for different reasons- Magpie a slow meandering build up to a murder/mystery within a mystery book- After the Eclipse, a difficult, heart wrenching, brave tale of a daughter‘s search for answers about her mother‘s murder in another room a few feet away from her bedroom, when she was 12. #ClimbingMtVancouver2018 #MountTBR2018 #BOTM

Suet624 I‘m slowly working on my TBR challenge too. You‘ve been reading like a fiend!!! 2y
kspenmoll @Suet624 Listening to an audio while cook, clean, walk has helped! Only listened to 2 in my entire life so far but am enjoying it; did not think I would maintain focus. So far my reading has been encouraged by a whole box of maple sugar candy ( gone)! 2y
Suet624 Might be time to send more. 😁 2y
Suet624 Also replied to your email. ❤️ 2y
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Astonish Me | Maggie Shipstead
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I am completely astonished here in #RaleighNC today. 5 inches of snow and it's still falling! #snowpocalypse2018☃❄
#bookandwinepairing 📚 🍷
2015 Marchesi Di Barolo 'Maraia' Barbera Del Monferrato
#MOUNTTBR2018 #MtKilimanjaro here I come

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Winter Garden | Kristin Hannah
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This got a bit maudlin at times, but overall I enjoyed the story and even teared up a bit at the end. Giving others the benefit of the doubt is one of the cornerstones of my social philosophy, so I appreciated the message of practicing empathy and reserving judgement until you know someone's story.

Photo is of Sitka, Alaska, one of the settings featured in the book. Looks beautiful, don't you think?

2BR02B This was book 4 of #PopSugarReadingChallenge2018 and book 6 of #MountTBR2018 2y
Samplergal My book club added this for March 2y
AmyG Sitka was beautiful. I was lucky enough to visit Alaska...all of it is magnificent. 2y
amvs1111 You sold me by connecting it to nonjudgement. Love your philosophy! 2y
2BR02B @amvs1111 thank you! 😊 2y
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Empire Falls | Richard Russo
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This book has been on my bookshelf for ten years and was one of the first books I added to my #goodreadstbr list. Can't believe I waited so long to read this. Loved it! Great character studies. Gave us lots to discuss in #bookclub. #bookclubaddict #mounttbr2018

RebelReader My book group read this years ago and introduced me to Russo. Good story! 2y
DrexEdit Richard Russo is one of my read-everything-he-writes authors. 2y
TheAnitaAlvarez This one has been in my TBR forever! 2y
Morr_Books @RebelReader @DrexEdit - I may be reading more Russo soon ❤️ @TheAnitaAlvarez - Bite the bullet and finally pick it up....so worth it! 2y
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Received my last book order of 2017 today. Since I bought them on December 31st, I‘m counting them as candidates for the #MountTBRchallenge. 👍🏽 #MountTBR2018 #MountTBR

vivastory I found a copy of Footnotes From the World's Greatest Bookstores at Half Price Books signed by the illustrator. I love it! 2y
Melissa_J I really enjoyed the Croy Barker book. Have been waiting for a sequel, but I‘m not sure that one is forthcoming. 2y
PurpleyPumpkin @vivastory Oh wow, that‘s amazing! I love signed books! I‘ve been eyeing this book for a while and finally got around to buying it. Seems like the perfect book for all Littens. 👍🏽 2y
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PurpleyPumpkin @Melissa_J Glad to hear you enjoyed it! It‘s been on my wish list for a while. I‘m sure I‘ll enjoy it too. Seems like the author intends to write a sequel, but nothing announced yet. It seems that some authors really have trouble with sequels. I don‘t blame them! It must be a daunting task. 😳 (edited) 2y
DivaDiane Perfectly legit! 2y
PurpleyPumpkin @DivaDiane 🙌🏽😉 2y
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Untitled | Unknown
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I ambitiously joined a bunch of challenges for this year including the Goodreads challenge which I pledged 50 books. My #MountTBR is through the Goodreads group Horror Aficionados. I'm tracking everything in a spreadsheet! (Thanks @BarbaraTheBibliophage )

Happy Reading!

#pop2018 #popsugar2018 #booked2018 #readingresolutions #goodreads #litsychallenges #HAMountTBR #MountTBR #MountTBR2018 #IdRatherBeReading #MMDchallenge #MMDreading @annebogel

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Three books are missing (a GR win in the post, and two still in the few boxes I have yet to unpack), and At Swim, Two Boys is an optional for my #PassportLitsy.

Looking at it this way, I'm thinking a bit ambitious for 2018. Although, there's enough of a mix of genres that I may be okay. #MountTBR #MountTBR2018

Oh, this also does not include any of my #LitsyAtoZ. Those I'm allowing for mood reads - will select as appropriate from my shelves.

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IamIamIam I put myself on a book buying ban except for #LitsyPassport! Lol, so far, I've got 5 out of 10 prepped. Good luck with your TBR! 2y
IamIamIam Strike that, reverse it... I'm doing #PassportLitsy... lol 2y
drokka @IamIamIam I'm on a book buying ban as well. I have an anemic budget for all of 2018 and there are a couple books that I will be getting. Other than those planned books there's no money. 😂 The goal is to shop at home. 2y
drokka @IamIamIam I can never remember the tag for it. Lol 2y
IamIamIam Hahaha, I love it!!! Shop at home! I recently catalogued a few of our bookshelves and when I realized that halfway through all my books, I had over 150 unread, I freaked out a little!!! #BookwormsAnonymous 2y
IamIamIam There are 2 challenges, though! I keep getting confused... not like that's difficult! 2y
Natasha.C.Barnes Haha, yeah I never remember the hashtags....so let me help out--I think you also want #MountTBRchallenge and #TBRList for this post. 😘 2y
DivaDiane That‘s how I like to think of it: shopping at home! I‘ve found some really great books on my shelves these past couple of years since I started doing it in earnest. 2y
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