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Spending my “appreciate you covering extra shifts” gift card on cat food for the domesticated mountain lion and a book for me.
#TPRC prompt 5 Deputy Hawk: book by #indigenousauthor (no matter which country)

Yuki_Onna Oohhh, keep seeing this one around. Can you recommend it? 3w
SconsinBookyBadger @Yuki_Onna I‘ve been seeing positive reviews by people. I personally don‘t know yet. My reading time has been non stop interrupted. Hopefully I‘ll get to read something this weekend. 3w
slategreyskies I just checked this out from the library. It looks good! 2w
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The Sentence | Louise Erdrich
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I loved this! Fabulous characters, booksellers at the center, an unwanted ghost…. plus Louise herself being a side character! I loved spending time with Tookie and her families, both work and home. In a lesser writer‘s hands, there could have been too much to juggle, but not here. My third Erdrich and possibly my favorite… 💕 #authoramonth @Soubhiville #readharder2023 #pastprompt #setinabookstore #bn2023challenge #indigenousauthor

Soubhiville I thought it was great how many books got name dropped! 1y
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Cinfhen This was good and definitely a lot going on‼️ 1y
squirrelbrain I‘m so glad you loved it! ❤️ 1y
Megabooks Yes, I still think about this a lot a year later! 👍🏻💜 1y
Megabooks Also, I‘m not doing 52 books, but I do love reading your reviews! 1y
KarenUK Oops! I thought you were! 🤦‍♀️But thank you! 💕 1y
BarbaraBB @Megabooks We‘re missing you ❤️ 1y
BarbaraBB I loved this book too. It‘s one that keeps lingering in my mind. 1y
Cortg Great job! I have never read this author and almost grabbed one of her books from a Little Free Library yesterday, but decided against it as I‘ve been trying to organize and get rid if stuff rather than bring it home right now 😩 1y
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The Seed Keeper | Diane Wilson
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I loved this novel about Rosalie Iron Wing and her journey to discover her past and the history of her Dakhóta tribe. As with much Indigenous writing, rediscovering our lost connection with the earth is central. A lovely, emotional book that manages to avoid being annoyingly sentimental. #indigenousauthor

BarbaraBB Sounds very good. And important 3y
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Robopocalypse | Daniel H. Wilson
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Eggs Great cover👏🏻📚❤️ 3y
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I‘m glad I borrowed a library copy to see if this was worth purchasing because it isn‘t. Sadly, it‘s a muddle of aspirational quotes, personal memoir, Instagram-worthy photos (not necessarily applicable) & herbal info that draws on various Indigenous, Ayurvedic and European traditions. One page extols the virtues of a pH diet, FFS. On the plus side: easy recipes for soap, salves, bath bombs and the like. #IndigenousAuthor

MayJasper I do that with poetry books, try them out from the library. 3y
Lindy @MayJasper Yes, borrowing is the only way right now to dip into a book, with libraries and bookstores restricted to curbside pickups. 3y
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The Removed: A Novel | Brandon Hobson
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Multiple narrators tell the story of a family still reeling from the shooting death of a teenage son/brother by a police officer ~10 yrs previously, interspersed with portions of Cherokee history from the Trail of Tears and supernatural elements from Cherokee tradition. Very moving if a bit scattered. #indigenousauthor

You'll note that my bingo card is filling up... But I've not been able to get myself to read my bookspin/doublespin picks 🤣 doh

Shadow Tag: A Novel | Louise Erdrich
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Read this in one sitting today.... I just couldn‘t put it down! Its an unsettling story of an artist, his muse and their unfortunate children that witness their calculated manipulations. This is an incredibly toxic marriage, full of violence and twisted, obsessive love. Beautiful writing, though this is a portrait of a truly ugly, noxious relationship.
#indigenousauthor #pop21

Cinfhen I KNEW you‘d love it 😍 I did too!! So difficult but like you, I couldn‘t stop once I started 3y
Cinfhen Fantastic review ❤️ 3y
BarbaraBB Great review. I loved this one too! 3y
Megabooks Great review! This is already on my TBR. I perhaps should move it up!! 3y
Cathythoughts Great review! Stacked 3y
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The Yield | Tara June Winch
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I picked an #indigenousauthor for the #booked2021 #Australia prompt. This novel, about a young Wiradjuri woman who returns whom after a 10 year absence was a fantastic read. Having to confront the past, and the problems of the present, this book attempts to cover a lot of ground. I loved the format, with Poppy‘s Wiradjuri dictionary chapters, and the historical letters from a missionary interspersed throughout.

Art explanation below. ⬇️⬇️

alisiakae This is a piece of art we purchased from an indigenous-owned art gallery when we lived in Australia. The Wiradjuri are from central NSW, this artist, Yulawirri, is Kamilaroi, and is from North West NSW. It‘s titled Ceremonies: “Groups of related women will sit together as dusk draws close ans sing cycle after cycle of sacred signs, each one drawing the ancestors closer as hey retell the ancient cycle of journeys and dancing.” 3y
MrsMalaprop I just reread this for book club. Wonderful #ozfiction and truth telling. 3y
BarbaraTheBibliophage Cool choice! 3y
CarolynM Beautiful artwork😍 I liked the dictionary and historical chapters of the book a lot but not the contemporary part. 3y
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The Blue Sky: A Novel | Galsan Tschinag
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This is the first instalment of Galsan Tschinag‘s memoirs and it shows a peek into the lives of the nomadic Tuvan people, living in the high Altai Mountains of #Mongolia. It is a hard and ancient way of life, determined by the seasons and the ubiquitous blue sky.
I learned a lot and was touched by the story.

#ReadingAsia2021 🇲🇳 #pop21 #IndigenousAuthor #Booked2021 #ColorInTitle

Cinfhen Lovely 💕 3y
Cinfhen Photo is 🙌🏻❣️ 3y
JenniferP Interesting, I‘ve never heard of it. And I love that blue cover! 3y
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BarbaraBB @JenniferP I just wrote you something on LT! What a coincidence! This one is really good because it is so authentic. 3y
Librarybelle That photo is absolutely gorgeous! 3y
Megabooks Gorgeous picture as always! 💕💕 3y
Redwritinghood Sounds interesting 3y
Kalalalatja Love the photo! 😍 3y
BarbaraBB @Cinfhen @Librarybelle @Megabooks @Kalalalatja Thanks! A bit of a fantasy landscape I came upon when walking yesterday 💛 3y
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