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Summer Sons | Lee Mandelo
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I loved this book. Andrew whose best friend committed suicide and left him everything including his wraith and family curse. But Andrew doesn't believe Eddie killed himself so he goes to Vanderbilt to investigate 💚
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Our Love Could Light the World | Anne Leigh Parrish
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#FierceFeb #FamilyAffair This short story collection focuses on The Dugan family who are entertaining in the way that you know you shouldn't stare-but just can't look away. They are down on their luck-mother runs off with her wealthy boss, father can't hold a job & 5 kids. The stories give glimpses into their lives over a 10-year span, some change & grow, others have setbacks. Gritty, touching, occasionally (darkly) humorous & very readable. 📚👍

Cinfhen Sounds like reality TV...I like it ❤️ 5y
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The last movie I saw (where I ate #🍿). I'm not a circus fan, and I realize this glossed over a lot of things, but it's an upbeat film that will #chasethebluesaway (plus Hugh Jackman 😍😍😍). The tagged book is a #familyaffair, a mystery about P. T. Barnum' sister. And although the movie involves various love stories, I think Barnum's true #soulmate was show business. #thisremindsmeof #heartsandhardcovers #happinessisresistance #fiercefeb

KarouBlue Loved this movie!! 5y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Good job!!! ❤️🙌🏻❤️🙌🏻 5y
batsy Well done! 👏👏👌 5y
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Cinfhen Great post!!! Lots of #multitasking and I'm intrigued about the book #stacked 5y
Cinfhen Can't wait to see the movie...I heard it's phenomenal 5y
Centique @Cinfhen took my 13yo to see this and she cried on the way home because it was OVER! 😳 She bought the soundtrack and I hear it on endless repeat. It‘s great to be a part of her first #musicalobsession though! 😊 5y
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This is one #familyaffair where I‘m fine just being the fly on the wall. 😳😳


batsy Ooooh, I like your description! Sounds like my cup of tea 😆 5y
Cinfhen I liked the He said, She said dual storytelling! Our bookclub was divided on this one...but still a very memorable read👍🏻 5y
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The Address | Fiona Davis
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Dual timelines featuring a #familyaffair plus ‘80‘s #richpeopleproblems and even though I figured out where she was going I enjoyed getting there. #fiercefeb

batsy 👍👍 5y
Cinfhen I've been on the fence with this one...now I'm intrigued! #stacked💚 5y
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The Member of the Wedding | Carson McCullers
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Searching for the we of me in this #familyaffair
@Cinfhen @batsy

Cathythoughts ✨✨👍🏻 5y
readordierachel I love this cover! 5y
batsy Love your description and book cover 5y
Cinfhen This sounds like a lovely time period read 💚 5y
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Family Matters | Rohinton Mistry
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People who are family or form a family are a strong part of these fabulously written books #familyaffair
#fiercefeb photo challenge @Cinfhen @batsy

Jenna2 Oh how I love his books ! 5y
MayJasper @jenna2 me too 5y
Cinfhen Our book club read A Fine Balance many years ago...would love to read more from this author...thanks for the reminder ❣️❣️❣️ 5y
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Tamra I love Mistry! 5y
MayJasper @Cinfhen thanks for the challenge ❣ 5y
MayJasper @Tamra me too. Wonderful writing ❣ 5y
LeahBergen They are all great reads. 👏🏻👏🏻 5y
batsy Great choices! I loved A Fine Balance, should read more of his stuff 💙 5y
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Geek Love | Katherine Dunn
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I don't know what it says about be that someone says family and I immediately think of the Binewskis...

#familyaffair #fiercefeb
@batsy @Cinfhen

batsy Another one I haven't gotten around to 😊 Did you like it? 5y
readordierachel @batsy I did! It's quite strange and disturbing though. It stays with you. 5y
Cinfhen You‘re in good company...I‘m pretty sure @Liberty counts this book as a favorite 💕💕 5y
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AmyG It‘s a really good book. But...the oddest book I have ever read. 5y
readordierachel @Cinfhen Its pretty unforgettable! 5y
readordierachel @AmyG Agreed on both counts! 5y
ephemeralwaltz Disturbing but one of my favorites!! I should reread it - insanely good!!😍 5y
vivastory I nearly picked this one 😂 5y
readordierachel @vivastory Ha! We're on the same wavelength for these. 5y
vivastory Great minds & what not 😉 5y
LauraJ It says that you are my kinda reader! 5y
readordierachel @LauraJ 😂👍🏽 5y
batsy "Strange and disturbing" Want! 5y
readordierachel @ephemeralwaltz I bet a reread would interesting! Wouldn't be as shocked by the content, so other things could come into focus. 5y
monalyisha 😂😂😂 5y
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What Makes a Family | Colleen Faulkner
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Cinfhen Sounds like will need tissues...😥 5y
GripLitGrl @Cinfhen was a really good book one of those digital book deals that i was pleasantly surprised to enjoy. It's a very underated book. 5y
batsy What @Cinfhen said 😢 But it's always nice to be surprised by underrated books 💙 5y
GripLitGrl @batsy true👍 5y
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