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One of my #ReadingResolutions for 2022 was to not acquire any more galleys until I had read all of my backlog.

Friends, it‘s January 5th and I have just been approved for two ARCs.

There‘s always next year. 😳

Chrissyreadit 🤣what are they 13mo
sprainedbrain @Chrissyreadit in my defense, they were both too good to pass up. One was Mecca by Susan Straight and the other is 13mo
Kappadeemom Mine too but I just need to give it up 13mo
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readordierachel Resolutions are made to be broken 😉 13mo
ravenlee Amendment - any galleys… 13mo
Billypar One does not simply stop ordering galleys until finishing the ones they have 😅 13mo
Reggie Lol, out of 6 resolutions I‘m down 3 so far, so no worries chica. 13mo
sprainedbrain @Kappadeemom the struggle is real! 😂 13mo
sprainedbrain @readordierachel @Billypar I appreciate your support in the face of my abject failure. 😅 13mo
sprainedbrain @ravenlee I hadn‘t thought to just amend!! 😂 13mo
sprainedbrain @Reggie but that means you still have 3 good goals! Go you! 😂 13mo
batsy To put it another way, resolutions flail in fear in the face of your commitment to reading 😁 13mo
sprainedbrain @batsy ooooh I like that! 😅 13mo
Kelly_the_Bookish_Sidekick Maybe you can reset & start again on the Chinese New Year. 🤣 13mo
sprainedbrain @Kelly_the_Bookish_Sidekick that‘s another excellent option! 😅 13mo
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The Tao of Pooh | Benjamin Hoff, Ernest Howard Shepard
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Wow, into stereotypes much?! This sounds like Sheldon Cooper, not the vast majority of real life academics. So being a jerk about mental illnesses and disparaging anyone who isn‘t just like you is Taoist now? Ugh. 😣 Is Benjamin Hoff a Republican? (Yes, I went there.)
#fail #disgusting #TaoOfPooh #BenjaminHoff #Philosophy #EasternPhilosophy #AdventuresInPhilosophy #DeadPhilosophersSociety

GingerAntics Now I‘m supposed to believe that Winnie the Pooh knows and uses the word “desiccated”? Seriously. Maybe Pooh Bear can tell this pompous, self righteous writer that paragraphs cannot start with BUT!!! 🙄 1y
Chrissyreadit Maybe this is not a good book ?😫 1y
GingerAntics @Chrissyreadit I heard such good things about it, but this entire week‘s chapters seem to be nothing but bigotry and stereotypes. I‘m with you on this. I don‘t think this book is as good as it was made out to be or we thought it was after last week. 1y
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The Tao of Pooh | Benjamin Hoff, Ernest Howard Shepard
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I love Eeyore. As I‘ve grown older, I love him more and more. I‘ve heard him described in many ways, some beautiful and wonderful, some horrible and judgemental. I‘ve certainly never heard him referred to as “abrasive.” I‘m absolutely disgusted with the way Eeyore is treated in this chapter. If it weren‘t for the group, I‘d be done with this book right now. I am NOT a Benjamin Hoff fan at all. I find some of his claims disgusting.

GingerAntics I firmly believe that the true colors of any belief system, group, or person come out when faced with mental illness and how those people are treated. This was an epic fail for Taoism and Benjamin Hoff for me. #NotAFan #Fail #TaoOfPooh #BenjaminHoff #Philosophy #EasternPhilosophy #AdventuresInPhilosophy #DeadPhilosophersSociety 1y
Chrissyreadit I have not had a chance to start it yet, and honestly am leaning towards not. 1y
GingerAntics @Chrissyreadit honestly, I don‘t blame you. I almost want to push through to next week‘s readings to see if he can pull things back together. I feel bad leading everyone into this book. I don‘t know what the rest of the group is thinking yet, but if this doesn‘t course correct, I may have to find someone else to lead this and Piglet. It‘s a slap in the face to A A Milne and everything he created. I thought everyone was loved in the 100 Acer Wood. 1y
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GingerAntics @Chrissyreadit from the way Hoff is making this sound, Taoists don‘t send their children to school and they don‘t believe in literacy or education because you can‘t breathe on an A (or any letter). 🤦🏼‍♀️ Isn‘t that sort of preaching against his own book… that this BS is found in?! Hoff is ridiculous. 😣 1y
Amandajoy I‘ve thought about checking this book out, but now I think I‘ll skip it. On a side note, my husband‘s call sign is Eeyore, so he has a special place in my heart. 1y
GingerAntics @Amandajoy then DEFINITELY pass on this book. It‘s not kind to Eeyore at all. What an awesome call sign. 1y
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11/22/63: A Novel | Stephen King
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SERIOUSLY?! Seriously?! Does Stephen King seriously not know the MOST FAMOUS INTERSECTION IN DALLAS?! He was 16 bloody years old when this happened in the present. Did he seriously FORGET THAT INTERSECTION?! HOW?! As a high school student (2001), I knew exactly where I was (it was a little spooky) when I was on the Elm St bus, crossing Houston St. FOR. THE. EVER. LOVING. LOVE!!! He‘s trying now.
#StephenKing #112263 #audiobook #fail #seriously

GingerAntics @julesG I‘m SO close to the end of this tomb, but oh my god he‘s making it harder and harder as we get there. Is he doing it on purpose? Is this supposed to be King trying to prevent readers from getting to the end like history is trying to prevent the MC from stopping Oswald?! I really want to know what happens to the MC, but King is making this as hard. as. possible. 🤬🤬🤬 1y
julesG One of the reasons I haven't read a lot of historical fiction this year - and "The Chronicles of St Mary's" doesn't count, that's (whispers) Time Travel - I get too annoyed with the authors and their MCs. Recently listened to a German historical fiction set at the time of the third crusade. I was astonished at some of the medical procedures and their modern accuracy. I didn't check, but those procedures felt too modern for late 12th century. 1y
GingerAntics @julesG it would depend, but some of the procedures they had are far more advanced than we give them credit for. They rarely knew why it worked, their series were sometimes amusing, but they did them. Of course, there‘s a limit of course. 1y
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julesG See that's what I didn't write in my last comment. I know they did some advanced surgery, but they didn't know WHY it worked. Yet this boisterous surgeon gives detailed explanations of what happened inside the body and why he did what he did; and THAT seems strange to me. (medieval and medical history were some of my research areas, can't remember a medieval surgeon describing a pneumonthorax and subsequent heart failure in details. 1y
GingerAntics @julesG no way. Absolutely not. Yeah, I don‘t buy that at all. Was he a time traveler that checked out MRIs and CT scans before heading back? 😂🤣😂 1y
julesG He would have had to either take the patient with him to the future, or have MRI and CT scanners in his Tardis. 😂😂😂 1y
julesG Or maybe he was an ancestor of Superman and had x-ray vision. 1y
julesG 😂😂😂 Wouldn't that make for an interesting short story? Time travels with Superman to the third crusade, not to damage the time line, just to work as a field medic. 🤣🤣🤣 1y
GingerAntics @julesG 🤣😂🤣 I think I would read that!!! Hadn‘t thought of the TARDIS. That‘s also a valid option. 😂🤣😂 1y
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11/22/63: A Novel | Stephen King
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Total BS. The Spurs originally were in Dallas under a different name, but not until 1967, 4 years after this story is happening. Never mind that big screens showing basketball (or any other sport - they started in baseball in the US actually) weren‘t even a thing until 1985. It seems like King isn‘t even trying now. For. The. Love.
#StephenKing #112263 #audiobook #fail #historyfail #HistoricalFictionInaccuracySupportGroup

julesG Oh recent history. Wouldn't have picked that up. BUT you're right, King should have done his homework. 1y
GingerAntics @julesG it‘s not even HARD to find. It took 2 google searches. Come on, man. I thought it would be interesting - it has time travel and I was a historical museum intern in Dallas - but little by little it‘s beginning to annoy the living daylights out of me. 1y
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Birdsong28 If it's recent history then he would know that people can easily check this kind of stuff out how did he think he would get away with this? 1y
GingerAntics @Birdsong28 I would LOVE to ask him that. Is it supposed to be that his MC going back in time changed history and gave them technology 22 years early. 🤷🏼‍♀️ It‘s a hot mess in Part V. 1y
dylanisreading I'm definitely skipping this book, especially after reading your review! 1y
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1. Sometimes
2. Tagged! Thanks to the By the Book podcast for bringing it to my attention.
3. Sometimes it‘s helpful to get a different perspective on a knotty problem.

MatchlessMarie Read this one recently. I also really like Dana K White‘s decluttering books but this one is especially helpful if you struggle with executive function 1y
TiredLibrarian @MatchlessMarie Would you believe I had that checked out from the library and lost it? #fail 😕 1y
ozma.of.oz Love the title for 2! Thanks for sharing! 1y
MatchlessMarie @TiredLibrarian I originally checked it out 4 years ago and kept rechecking it out periodically but I finally ended up reading it this year. 1y
TiredLibrarian @MatchlessMarie I'm glad I'm not the only one! 1y
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That went well.

Loring Danforth is an American anthropologist, specialising in Greece and Greek culture, who got the chance to spend a month on a field-trip in Saudi Arabia with 16 students. Then wrote a book about his experiences and what he‘d learned.

Not what I‘m looking for right now- it falls between travel & academic writing and it‘s a bit dry. There are more absorbing books I can read for #SaudiArabia. So i will!

#ReadingAsia2021 #fail!

DivineDiana Too bad. I like the premise! 2y
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Letters from Skye | Jessica Brockmole
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I finally deemed it safe to visit The Post Office...& the workers weren‘t wearing masks. 😣 #fail

BUT — some lucky Litten I‘ve long owed mail to has a package arriving soon! I‘ll tag you when Tracking says it‘s near.

TrishB I haven‘t been yet, and I owe a lot of lovely people letters! It always looks packed ☹️ 2y
monalyisha @TrishB It‘s tough right now — & Litsy is a kind place! I‘m sure people understand. 💕 2y
TrishB Very true ❤️ 2y
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marleed I‘m so surprised the workers aren‘t wearing masks. Around here the mail carriers have been wearing masks and gloves- even outside, for months. I guess I just assumed that was true everywhere. 2y
monalyisha @marleed I was surprised, too. Also, a woman (a sales clerk) in another store today took something I was carrying out of my arms and touched me with pretty much the entire length of her bare arms against my bare arms. I was caught totally unawares. Didn‘t expect that in the slightest. I did not feel good about my public interactions today. 2y
ravenlee My last visit to the post office was before the state-wide mask mandate, but we wore masks. Clerks didn‘t, but they had the plexiglas barriers up. But then the clerk (think he‘s a manager) picked up and moved his barrier to point out something to me on the form I was filling out. It didn‘t make me feel very safe. 2y
monalyisha @ravenlee Yes. The barrier didn‘t seem big or solid or foolproof enough to warrant the absence of masks. 2y
Laughterhp Really? I‘m surprised they wouldn‘t be wearing one in RI (I‘m assuming). Though I did go to a gas station in Warwick and the cashier wasn‘t wearing one but there was a clear barrier in between us (but they were walking around the store 😕) 2y
monalyisha @Laughterhp I was surprised, too! We‘re in Warren now. 2y
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Inlands | Elin Willows
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Forgot to read the book for #BorderlessBookclub

rockpools Oh no! I really liked this one - but think I may run away before the group discussion 😬 3y
charl08 @RachelO Time just completely got away from me! I like what I have read so far... 3y
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This Side of Home | Rene Watson
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I hopped on this bandwagon without a tag but I'm all in to amplify #BlackVoices. This Side of Home finds twins Nikki and Maya growing up and growing apart. About to start their senior year in a rapidly gentrifying neighborhood, Nikki is thrilled with the changes while Maya feels like home is slipping away- along with old friendships and long-held plans for her future. I love this beautiful book and the passionate, strong young women at its center.

ShyBookOwl This sounds great! Glad you jumped in 😊 3y
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