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Fairy Stitch approves! I actually won a Goodreads Giveaway, and just started reading this new ARC by NdGT, due out Sept 20th. #ARC #starrymessenger #HenryHoltBooks #GoodreadsGiveaway

How do we request they fix the typo in the title of the tagged book, though? #facepalm

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Totally forgot to share this and do it! #facepalm 🙄

Cortg I remembered! Most likely because I didn't have to be at work today until 1. If I was getting out the door first thing in the morning I definitely would have forgotten! 3y
rather_be_reading @Cortg haha!! yep that is me in the morning. 3y
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Feel sorry for cooped up rabbit. Let rabbit out for hoppity exercise in bedroom. Rabbit makes beeline for the library sale book haul to munch on #facepalm #bunnystruggles

Crazeedi Awww!😍 5y
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Readathon: Occasional List : Geleentheidslys | Gauteng (South Africa). Education Media Service
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That moment when you realize you'd marked the wrong weekend in your calendar as #24in48 and you were really looking forward to it 😭 #facepalm

Haha - oh well! I'll still get a lot of reading done and thankfully I don't have any plans next week either 😂

Zelma Look at this as your trial run. 😆 5y
tpixie Lol!!! At least you weren‘t a week late!! @Zelma good idea!! 5y
hermyknee 🤣 I love it! Two reading weekends sounds good to me 😊 5y
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Mollyanna Exactly... this is a practice weekend. 5y
emilyhaldi Why not do both!!! 5y
kidamy Just chiming in as another voice to say "do both!" 5y
cathysaid It's the prequel 😁 5y
swishandflick Haha! Ya, I'm definitely going to get a lot of reading done but don't know that I'll go the full 24 two weekends in a row. I might squeeze in a movie or two this weekend 😄 @Zelma @tpixie @hermyknee @Mollyanna @emilyhaldi @kidamy @cathysaid 5y
tpixie @swishandflick ♥️🎥📚♥️ 5y
SilversReviews Love your Bitmoji!! 5y
swishandflick @SilversReviews Thank you! 🤗 5y
kamoorephoto I was thinking/hoping it was this weekend too!!! 😹 5y
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Going Postal | Terry Pratchett
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Two books were delayed getting to me, so I have only now mailed these for the #wintersolsticebookexchange
I paid through the nose to get guaranteed delivery Wednesday, so while my match won't get to open it at midnight, it will be there on the day (if someone's at home to receive it). In the stress of the moment I forgot to put #SecretSantaGoesPostal etc on the super sized envelope. #SecretSantaFail #INeedADrinkNow #Facepalm

Avanders Aww that's so sweet and thoughtful of you!! I've been there and I know the PO is not similarly generous with its resources!! Sorry about your frustrations 😒 But thanks for your Holiday spirit!! 🎄♥️🎄♥️🎄 5y
Leniverse @Avanders It's all part of the secret Santa job. 😉 But I got to say, I thought I'd use multiple envelopes to make sure it would go as letters (=faster) but they told me if it's over 25mm (1 inch) thick, it goes as a parcel even if it's an envelope! So I just put everything together. Then it was 149g too heavy to be a regular parcel (2kg limit). At that point, if I had a car I'd have done the real stalker thing and delivered on the door myself! 😅 5y
Avanders Oh man!! They're so tricky! I thought I'd put it in a non-flat rate box in a past swap bc it was lighter. Nope. The 13" side spiked the price up. ? lol!! Hand-delivering would have been amazing! We actually had another litten do that recently! Well despite all the crap, thank you thank you! You're a wonderful Santa! ♥️? (edited) 5y
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Leniverse @Avanders Wait, Wednesday is the 20th, not the 21st so I'm totally on time. W00t! 😂 My match can open it at midnight after all. Yeah! 💪 5y
Avanders @Leniverse yes!! Yay! 🎉🎉🎉 5y
Natasha.C.Barnes Don't worry, it looks like this happened to a few different people! (And it almost always happens to me). I've been combing the hashtag to see if people sent packages recently bc mine hasn't arrived yet and a few totally have. Sorry you had to pay so much! 5y
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Leniverse Just rushing through is tempting, but I can't do more than 10 minutes a day of this. 😣 5y
BookishTrish @DarcysMom it really is atrocious! I hold my ten minutes a day until the end of the day and then usually fall asleep midway through. I'm slightly embarrassed to have chosen it as my first #buddyread #facepalm 5y
BookishTrish @leniverse Shall we quit? 5y
Leniverse @BookishTrish I've suffered this long, I might as well finish the book. It's one more for the stats, you know! 😆 5y
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How Bridges Are Made | Jeremy Kingston
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Waco Suspension Bridge #texas #history

KarmonR I lived in Waco for a few years and it never occurred to me to explore the bridge. #facepalm 5y
Christy2318 @KarmonR My friend who has lived in Waco most of her life was just saying this yesterday about some other places in town. 5y
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And now with social media you still don't need it! #onionsdonotkillviruses #facepalm

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I enjoyed the kick-butt approach and all the writing prompts similar to Tony Robbin's goal-setting workshops. And don't you love his fashion? 😁

I bailed halfway through this book 3 years ago because life kept happening, and unfortunately I can't pick up where I left off because my situation has changed.

I've held onto this book knowing I'll finish it someday. The cover is pretty motivating to have around also 🤓

#facepalm #selfhelp #nonfiction

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