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My mom picked this for her family book club pick based on that she really liked the Fictional books the author wrote. I am having to bail about 14% in. It is so dry and not keeping my attention at all. I like non- fiction but I do not want to feel like I am reading a textbook.

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Thanks to these Litsy folks for today‘s prompt:


Today‘s Prompt: BOOTS

“I picked my way toward it across the uneven ground glad that I was in stout boots and trousers instead of my usual skirts."

POST/REVIEW: https://tinyurl.com/5n8z7264

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Finished listening to this on the car yesterday; I really enjoyed it. It‘s not as compelling as other recent non-fiction books I‘ve read recently but still a good read.

It skews a lot more towards the financial side of the Gucci business, rather than the more salacious murder (the subject of the recent Gaga film) but I don‘t mind that side of things so didn‘t find it boring.

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Hi all, I'm in need of some help!

For my MA this semester, I am discussing bierasure in YAL. I am trying to find YA books with openly bisexual characters and I'm drawing a blank. So far I have:
- Leah on the Offbeat
- Girl, Serpent, Thorn
- Heartstopper

Anyone have any other recs? xo

peanutnine The only YA books I can think of off the top of my head are now
AbigailJaneBlog @peanutnine thank you so much! now
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DaveGreen7777 Here are some more you might try: now
DaveGreen7777 Hope this helps! 😊 now
AbigailJaneBlog @DaveGreen7777 Aghhhh yesss thank you! now
Clare-Dragonfly The main character in this identifies as a lesbian and then falls for a boy, though (much to my frustration) the word “bisexual” never comes up. now
Clare-Dragonfly And Nina from the Grishaverse definitely likes boys and girls! now
Clare-Dragonfly I believe Adam from the Raven Cycle also identifies as bisexual. now
Clare-Dragonfly Also—literally the next post on my feed 😆 I bet @CaseyTheCanadianLesbrarian has more recs! now
AbigailJaneBlog @Clare-Dragonfly you're brilliant, thank you! now
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By the Shores of Silver Lake | Laura Ingalls Wilder


Journey Into Darkness | John E. Douglas, Mark Olshaker
This post contains spoilers
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An honest look at several cases that profiles were called in on. The author humanizes both the victim and the perpetrator in. Very real way.

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Today‘s #Bookmail is highly appropriate considering the weather Australia is having right now. We‘re in the grip of another La Niña & it‘s been constant rain for weeks with a lot more in sight. Normally it‘s thunderstorm season but this is just wet. At least there should be no major bushfires this summer?The tagged book is by an environmental journalist about the origins of rain, types of rain & it‘s significance to human cultures?⛈?

Cinfhen I love your wind-chime!!!! How are you, darlin??? 9h
Lizpixie @Cinfhen thank you love! I think I bought it at a craft market years ago, my house is covered with them, inside too. It soothes me. I‘m so-so, at least I‘m home which is infinitely better than hospital. Missing my love bug grandson, he‘s starting to smile & coo now😍How are you? I heard the new strain is in Israel already. You guys ok? 8h
Cinfhen Are you still in lockdown?? I didn‘t realize you have a new baby grandson/ congrats 🎉 💙We‘re well & we‘ve been enjoying a few “normal” months but yes, sadly the newest strain is now here in Israel. And there is talk of a fifth wave and another lockdown situation. 😭😭😭so frustrating. I‘m glad you‘re home and able to read because I remember your sight was affected at some point. 8h
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Lizpixie @Cinfhen no, just no visitors in the hospital, didn‘t want to risk him. Yes, he‘s gorgeous, almost 9 weeks old now and the light of my life. Him & his mum are doing it tough, he‘s refluxy plus in a cast for most of his life so far with a brace now till he‘s 6, talipes of the left foot. Lockdowns suck, I think it‘s our new normal though until vaccines become more efficient. Yes, my eyes are affected by my disease, some days more than others👇 8h
Lizpixie @Cinfhen that‘s when I thank god for audiobooks! I really hope this year hurries up and buggers off, but the way things are going it‘s not getting better anytime soon🤷🏻‍♀️ (edited) 8h
Cinfhen Prayers and strength to his mom / that‘s difficult to be in a cast. What‘s his name?? I‘m sure he‘s a beautiful boy. And yes, audiobooks are the BEST!! 8h
Lizpixie @Cinfhen his name is Jaxon Allan. I‘ll post a photo of him so you can see, Ciara sent me one yesterday of him laughing. I wish we could post videos, I have one from last week where I‘m talking to him & he‘s smiling & cooing at me for the 1st time, it‘s sooo cute! The cast annoys him coz it‘s so heavy to move & he‘s such a wrigglebutt. Congrats on becoming a MIL btw, are you a grandma yet? 8h
Cinfhen Oh, that‘s a beautiful name and congrats to Ciara 😘nope, only a fur baby for me! My daughter told me I could probably expect another puppy before a baby 🙄 8h
Lizpixie @Cinfhen fingers crossed you get to be a grandma soon! It‘s one of my main reasons for living now, to see their smiles & hear their laughter.There‘s nothing like holding your new grandbaby in your arms. I have 6 so far but just one granddaughter. I‘m hoping the next one is a little girl💕But a puppy would be awesome too, hubs and I are actually looking for one now, our last dog passed away last year. Trying to decide on a breed but I want a corgi! 6h
Hooked_on_books If you like this one even half as much as I did, you‘ll love it! It‘s fascinating! 6h
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What a haunting and profound book about the women who fought in ghettos during the Holocaust. Amazing feats of strength bravery and wit's allowed women to fight back against the Nazis. What an amazing story. Excellent. Loved the narrator for the audiobook. 5 ⭐

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I really enjoyed the illustrations in this one. I think it‘s ridiculous, what these people went through. I did not realize that the actual case title was Loving V. Virginia and it wasn‘t just a clever name for the book. 4⭐️

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The Last Green Valley | Mark Sullivan
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4.75⭐️ I really liked the book. Even though the characters were real people, the author did an excellent job of making Emil and Adelaide shine. The duel points of view were really well done. The one thing I didn‘t like was that he rushed the ending. Personally I wished he had ended the book at Chapter 40 and not added Chapter 41. #2021 #fiction #basedonatruestory #historicalfiction #bookreview #bookstagram #wwii #coldwar #ukraine🇺🇦

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