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Forking Good: A Cookbook Inspired by the Good Place | Stephen H. Segal, Valya Dudycz Lupescu
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“Food, as it turns out, is fundamentally a philosophical subject.” #cookbooks #booksaboutcooking #cooksoflitsy #procrasticooking

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Making my meal plan. Top cookbooks of the week. #cooksoflitsy #dinner#cooking #cookbooks yes Abrams is well represented. Cooking Light & Skinnytaste are big favs.

Booktastic Skinnytaste has some great recipes! I also like the Emily Bites blog. 4mo
BethFishReads @Booktastic oh thanks for the tip. A new to me blog. Love Skinnytaste 4mo
MedaReadsAlot Do you like all of these or some better than others! 4mo
BethFishReads @MedaReadsAlot I like them all but The Dinner Plan is one of my all-time favs and I‘m a big fan of both Cooking Light & Skinnytaste 4mo
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Finally tried this cod recipe from Chrissy Teigen's cookbook; it was delicious! I was going to make this for Valentine's day two years ago but my husband ended up in the hospital the night before, so obviously I didn't end up cooking. I'd bought everything but the fish, and I realized tonight that the bottle of Mirin was still unopened, I would've thought I'd have used it for something else by now. #cookbook #cooksoflitsy

Leftcoastzen Looks yummy! 7mo
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Going with one of my other half's favorite quotes tonight. Maybe one of these days he'll finally let me borrow the book instead of just reading me favored bits as he rereads it yet again. 🤷‍♀️


Girl of Nightmares | Kendare Blake
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Did some audio cooking today. Haven't listened to an audiobook in a long time so this took me a little bit to get used to. I don't particularly love the narrator but I like the story and luckily I read the first book and enjoyed it. #CooksOfLitsy #AudioCooking #Audiobook
@That-Bookish-Hiker #BuddyRead

Can a narrator make or break a book for you?

LouBeth I just listened to that last month. I hated the way he read the female characters. I did finish both of these books but I have stopped audio books if I didn't like the narrator. 13mo
MinDea @LouBeth Yes his voices are not very good. 😆😆 13mo
MinDea How far did you get @That-Bookish-Hiker? I am on chapter 8. Listened to it on my drive in this morning! 🙌 13mo
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That-Bookish-Hiker I am in the middle of chapter 11. Are you annoyed as I am with his lack of communication? Like I just want to yell “spit it out already!” But I guess that‘s boys for you. @MinDea 13mo
gibblr I want to read these since I'm obsessed with her Three Dark Crowns series, but I'm afraid I won't like them 😬 12mo
MinDea @That-Bookish-Hiker have you read that series? 12mo
That-Bookish-Hiker @MinDea I read the first one and really liked it but haven‘t gotten the other two books in the series. 12mo
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“How can you read this? There‘s no pictures!” - Gaston

That‘s how I‘m feeling about these two cookbooks I put on hold at the library. The covers are gorgeous but there aren‘t any pictures to go with the recipes! My family is going to starve because I have no inspiration.

Do you prefer your cookbooks to have photos?

Bookzombie I do! I have tried a couple in the one you have on top that were pretty good. 1y
Izai.Amorim Unless I know the dish very well, pictures are essential, especially when I‘m looking for inspiration. 1y
AmandaL Yes! Cookbooks always need photos. 1y
RavenLovelyReads Yes! No picture cookbooks should be banned! 😉 1y
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Joy of Cooking: Joy of Cooking | Irma S. Rombauer, Marion Rombauer Becker, Ethan Becker
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@hgrimes Here are the three that I mainly use (I have a few more too!) I have been doing this since college so it's been few years! 😉 It's the best way for me to remember recipes I've made (great, good and bad 😆😆)

MinDea @hgrimes recipe swap? 💙💙 1y
hgrimes @MinDea I‘d love to!! 1y
hgrimes @MinDea any dietary restrictions? (you should know I‘m a pescatarian) 1y
MinDea @hgrimes yay!!! I'll end you an email! 1y
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Enjoying revisiting The Lady of Shadows with some quinoa fried rice for lunch
#CooksOfLitsy #EpicKatetRead #EpicBuddyRead #LunchNBook

MinDea @DebinHawaii I feel like this quinoa fried rice would be right up your alley! 1y
2BR02B quinoa fried rice sounds awesome! 1y
DebinHawaii @MinDea It looks really tasty! 😋 1y
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TrishB Just started this morning - will be back on track for our discussion 😁 1y
MinDea @TrishB yay! I see people are starting to finish it and are liking the second book more than the first. I am so excited to really get into the search for The Dark Tower a discuss with everyone. I don't remembee what happens at the third door! 😱😆😆 I am coming up to it! 1y
TrishB Just got to the second!! I‘ve forgotten a lot of this one. 1y
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Pen Pals | Kelly Burkholder
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When the boyfriend is away I make spaghetti and catch up on #LitsyPenPal @Robothugs 😊 He hates spaghetti so I never make it when he is home. It is one of my favorite comfort meals. #CooksOfLitsy #MyLifeInBites

What is your favorite comfort meal?

TheLibrarian Homemade sour kraut and hot dogs. 1y
BethM Homemade Mac n cheese 1y
Robothugs Yay!! 😄 Spaghetti is awesome. Apple pie... which I guess is more of a dessert but my mom‘s apple pie is the best. 🙌🏻 1y
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JoScho lol who hates spaghetti? 1y
CoffeeNBooks spaghetti & meatballs or homemade chicken pot pie 1y
mcipher My husband is away tomorrow so we‘re having lasagna or homemade pizza - total comfort foods which my son and I love and the husband hates. 1y
MinDea @mcipher my boyfriend hates lasagna too! I love it!!! That sounds like a fantastic evening with your son! 1y
MinDea @JoScho 😆😆 so true! 1y
MinDea @Robothugs I need that apple pie recipe! 😀 1y
MinDea @coffeenbooks yes!!! I love both those! 1y
HiddenGemBooks Shepard‘s pie... hmmm about to have some now... an hour in the oven, but it‘s worth it ☺️👌 1y
JamieArc Do you make your own sauce? 1y
MinDea @BethM luckily my boyfriend likes Mac n cheese. He would be pretty pissed if I made that and he was gone! 😆😆 1y
MinDea @Thelibrarian nice! 👍 1y
MinDea @JamieArc I do!!! I love making my own sauce! 1y
MinDea @HiddenGemBooks Yum!!!! I love shepherds love! Sounds like a great plan😀 1y
DrexEdit He hates spaghetti? That's unpossible! 😊 I'm a Mac & cheese person, but I'd do spaghetti if the Mac or cheese isn't readily available. 1y
CoffeeNBooks @MinDea Yum! I'll have to try that recipe the next time I make meatballs! 1y
MinDea @DrexEdit 😆😆😆 He's weird 1y
DrexEdit @MinDea that's why we love them, right? 😊 💜 1y
MinDea @DrexEdit Yes! I love him very much. But I wish he liked spaghetti. And lasagna. 😆😆😆 1y
AlaMich How....how can anyone hate spaghetti?!?! 😳 1y
MinDea @AlaMich 😆😆 1y
AlaMich @MinDea @mcipher I always hated lasagna too, until I realized that what I really hate is ricotta cheese 😖. So I found a recipe (and I‘m sure there are many) for lasagna without it. It‘s sooo good! 1y
MinDea @AlaMich that was my boyfriend's reason for hating lasagna too! He hates ricotta cheese! I make mine with creme fraiche or cottage cheese and he will eat it but he still isn't a lasagna fan. ☹️ 1y
Daisey Spaghetti is one of my go to comfort meals as well. 1y
Johanna414 Spaghetti is one of my absolute favorites! My husband doesn‘t like it either- he‘s Italian and apparently ate it waaaaay too much growing up? So the kids and I go to my in-laws for dinner without him whenever his mom is making spaghetti 😂 1y
Ashley85 Tacos! And spaghetti is the best! 1y
QuietlyLaura Spaghetti is yummy comfort food! I also like baked potatoes with butter, salt, and pepper. 😋 1y
Ms_T That looks delicious! Not exactly a meal but chocolate is my comfort food 🍫 1y
AllenTStClair Chicken with saffron rice and peas. Soooo yummy! 1y
MinDea Uhhhh Yum. @AllenTStClair You should share that recipe with me! 😀😊 1y
AllenTStClair @mindea I‘ll happily include it in your #FeedAReader box later this year. Or email me at allen.t.st.clair@gmail.com and I‘ll send it to you sooner. 😉 1y
MinDea Yes!!! So excited ! Thanks @AllenTStClair !!! 1y
Beckys_Books Fried chicken 1y
MinDea @Beckys_Books Yum! Fried chicken. I have only tried to make it once and it was a disaster! 😆 It was burnt on the outside and very raw on the inside. 😆😆😆 We ordered a pizza that night! 1y
mcipher @AlaMich @MinDea Mine hates ricotta, too. But even if I remove it and do something else he doesn‘t like lasagna. And I feel like ricotta is half the POINT. I love ricotta!! 1y
AlaMich @mcipher But it‘s kinda...I dunno, spongy... 1y
mcipher @AlaMich And gritty! But I still love it. 🤷‍♀️ 1y
TheKidUpstairs I don't understand how someone could hate spaghetti!?!?! Pasta is my go to comfort food, too 😁 And what I make when it's just me for dinner, because I can throw a delicious pasta together quickly and with minimal effort! 1y
SilversReviews I LOVE spaghetti. :) I made some delicious sauce the other day. The house smelled like an Italian restaurant. :) 1y
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Grabbing a bite to eat for lunch (salad and yakisoba) and reading on for #TheGreatLibraryChapterADay @GarthRanzz
#BookNLunch #CooksOfLitsy