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Isolation = when you're saving the wine for a special occasion and can't wait that long! Cheers to all of you who don't mind a glass of red with their evening reading.

#ATB @AnneFindsJoy @kindergartenkat @jb72

AnneFindsJoy Looks like a perfect evening to me!!! 🍷 📖 4y
jb72 Very cool 😎 I can‘t drink wine as it gives me a migraine. I hope you enjoy and have a wonderful evening! 4y
AceOnRoam Thanks @AnneFindsJoy and @jb72 it was an excellent night! 4y
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CarolynM I do enjoy a glass of red (or white😉) but I'm trying to keep a limit on it😬 4y
AceOnRoam @CarolynM I will admit I had more than 'a' glass. It is really delicious, a 2017! Good luck with your limits 👍 4y
LapReader Don‘t limit yourself @CarolynM we could all get the virus tomorrow! 4y
CarolynM I hope not @lapreader😱 😱 4y
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Looking forward to #BFCr2! I'm happy that some of my #ATB peeps are on my team!
Here are my goals. During this round I will be on vacay for one of the weeks and will have my 7 year old niece for another week so I am thinking of that with my goals. I still want 20 books, but with workouts I'm going to do a total rather than weekly. So I will go with 24 workouts total and add 12 days helping on the farm.

kindergartenkat Oh, I forgot to tag you @wanderinglynn ! 5y
BookwormAHN Nice goals 👏🏻 5y
Megabooks 👍🏻👍🏻 5y
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TheSpineView Excellant goals! Good luck! 5y
wanderinglynn Great goals! 🙌🏻 5y
Crazeedi Hi there, just checking in with my teammates! I joined at the last minute! We are going to have a great team! Yippee!!! 5y
Lova Great goals! Good luck! 5y
BarbaraJean Those are great goals—I like your idea of totals rather than a weekly tally! I‘m going to be on vacation next week and am going to have to adjust or find some replacement tasks for that week! 5y
Caterina Great goals! Perfect for flexibility! 👍 5y
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Weren‘t able to get in on round 1 of #bookfitnesschallenge #bfc? Doing well with round 1 goals & want to keep the momentum going?

Sign up for Round 2 here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfLOkhxk06vVWG9leYeNEa-JYLOfwZiOKPtrBuU...

I signed up today and have adjusted my goals a bit after a stressful couple of weeks:
4 paper books, 90 min. yoga, 60 min rollerblading, 1 hike or swim every two weeks. #ATB

wanderinglynn Yay! So happy you‘re continuing! 💙 5y
akckitty I like the goals! I also appreciate that even though you're going through a stressful time that you're looking out for ways of self care still 🤗 5y
Caterina Great goals, and yay for adjusting them to what you need right now! 🙌 Excited to be on a team together! 💕 5y
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Crazeedi Hi there just wanted to touch base with my team members! I joined at the last minute, I know we are going to be a great team! 5y
Erin7 @Crazeedi Glad to have you as part of the team. 5y
Erin7 @Caterina I am too. This looks like it‘s going to be a great few weeks. 5y
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An Unkindness of Ghosts | Rivers Solomon
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First book of week 2! I did miss CrossFit yesterday but I did the WOD that I missed at the regular gym today to make up for it. #bookfitnesschallenge #BFC #ATB

wanderinglynn Way to go! 🙌🏻 5y
VanChocStrawberry That works! 👏 5y
Caterina Great job, that's a good backup plan! 👍 5y
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Erin7 Way to find workaround🙌🏻. How did you like the book? 5y
BookwormAHN Nice job 👏🏻 5y
kindergartenkat @Erin7 I liked it. 3.5⭐ There was some interesting insights into class and gender discrimination. I would read more by the author. 5y
Clwojick Great job! 5y
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Starting week 2 of #bookfitnesschallenge with what motivates me- Living a full life. For me this means exploring new places, reading more, eating healthy, and learning new things. Hope everyone is starting strong with their goals for week 2😊💪🏻. #ATB

BookwormAHN Great motivation 🍀 5y
wanderinglynn Wonderful motivation! 💜 5y
VanChocStrawberry Great motivation! Thanks for sharing! 5y
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guinsgirlreads Great! Thank you! 5y
Caterina Sounds like a full life to me, too. Thanks for sharing! 💕 5y
Clwojick Great motivation! 💗 5y
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Cut it down to the wire, and I had to make one adjustment week one of #BookFitnessChallenge. Here‘s the week 1 breakdown:
- 1/2 audiobook (The Notebook)✔️
- 0.5/3 of first paper book✔️
- 70/90 minutes of rollerblading (had to fit in a 30 minute walk at lunch to make up for the missing 20 minutes)✔️
- 123/120 minutes yoga✔️
- 1 hike for 2.23 mi today at lunch✔️


wanderinglynn Great first week! 🙌🏻 5y
Cinfhen Great first week ❤️ 5y
BookwormAHN Way to go 👏🏻 5y
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alisiakae What an excellent first week! 5y
jb72 Wow Erin! You‘re doing great! 5y
Clwojick Way to go! 💜💗💙 5y
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Thanks #bookfitnesschallenge for motivating me to get my rollerblades on for the first time in 5 years. I only wiped out once...whoot! I‘ve gotten in my first full audiobook for the challenge as well. My kiddos started swim team back up, so audiobooks are perfect for meal prep time. Now I‘m off to yoga to try to work out the knot on my rear😂. #ATB

VanChocStrawberry Whoa! Nice! I‘ve never bladed, but my kids like to. 5y
wanderinglynn Way to go! 🙌🏻 Roller blading sounds like fun, but I trip on flat ground, so I‘d probably kill myself on skates. 😂 5y
ChasingOm Wow, that‘s awesome!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 5y
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BookwormAHN Great job 👏🏻 5y
dariazeoli Awesome! I still have flashbacks from childhood when my brother pushes me down the hill leading to oncoming traffic. Fortunately I was excellent at falling 😁 5y
Clwojick I salute you! I‘m pretty sure I would fall and great all the bones. 😂 Awesome job! 5y
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I hope everyone‘s off to a great start with #bookfitnesschallenge.Started a day late after dealing with my son‘s stomach bug issues all day yesterday. But better late than never. First 20 minute yoga session in the books for the week and I‘ve got a date with #Dune tonight before bed. Focus has been a challenge lately. So, I‘m hopeful that this challenge will get me back in the game.#adultingishard @wanderinglynn #ATB

ReadingSusan Love this chart. I am determined to start doing yoga again. 5y
CoverToCoverGirl Enjoy your book, you‘ve earned it! 5y
kindergartenkat Fun that you're doing this challenge too! #ATB represent! How are you liking Dune? 5y
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Erin7 @kindergartenkat It‘s okay so far but slow going for me. High sci-fi is hard for me to get into. All the politics revolving around the spice trade drags but there‘s some meat in this Judas amongst Leto‘s staff. So, I‘m sticking with it. 5y
wanderinglynn Adulting IS hard. And way to go to not let yesterday deter you from starting today! 🙌🏻 Starting is often the hardest step. And I hope your son feels better. 💚 5y
jb72 Good job Erin! #ATB I‘m getting ready to go meditate a bit. 🤦🏼‍♀️ (that‘s my meditate sign 😂) 5y
BookwormAHN Nice work 🌻 5y
Kaye 💚 5y
guinsgirlreads Great start! Love this pic too, thanks! 5y
alisiakae Hope your son is feeling better, and it doesn't spread! That looks like a variation of a sun salutation. 5y
Caterina Hope your son is feeling better and you don't catch it! Good job getting back into it with the yoga! :) 5y
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