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Dark Factory | Kathe Koja
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Bklover Wow!!!! 7mo
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Now We are Six | Alan Alexander Milne
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This sweet collection of poems by A.A. Milne captures the magic and imagination of childhood. Some feature Christopher Robin, Pooh, and the gang, but many do not. All are delightful! The whimsical illustrations by Ernest H. Shepherd enhance the fun. I loved these poems as a child, and still do today. ⬇️

julieclair Thanks, @TheBookHippie for choosing this as the March selection for #Children‘sClassicRead2022. I thoroughly enjoyed reacquainting myself with this little gem! #Pantone2022 #Daffodil @Clwojick 7mo
TheBookHippie It was so much fun to read! 7mo
Clwojick ❤️🐻 7mo
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What Storm, What Thunder | Myriam J. A. Chancy
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This was a difficult book to read, not because I wasn‘t pulled in but because the realism of the writing. This is a multi-POV fictional accounts of the Haitian earthquake of 2010 and aftermath. Profound, emotional, and book hangover worthy.

#Booked2022 - Weather term in title
#Pantone2022 #FragileSprout #Daffodil
#christyread #2022book10

Cinfhen This is on my TBR for this week!!! Love your Pantone matches!!!! 9mo
Clwojick Great matches! 9mo
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Wild Rain: Women Who Dare | Beverly Jenkins
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Beverly Jenkins always delivers. Great characters, solid story, accurate history brought to life. Spring is a favorite heroine of mine! #BookspinBingo @TheAromaofBooks #Pantone2022 #Daffodil @Clwojick

Liatrek I loved this one so much❤️ Beverly Jenkins is the best! 10mo
TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!!! 10mo
Clwojick Great match! 💕 10mo
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Pantone: Colors | Pantone
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I couldn‘t resist the #Pantone2022 challenge. I work with Pantone colors almost daily! So I jumped in and here are my first four colors: #Daffodil, #Potpourri, #HarbourBlue and #SuperSonic. Gorgeous names! That last one fits my next read!

Vansa Wow. What a stunningly beautiful graphic! 10mo
BennettBookworm So gorgeous!! 10mo
squirrelbrain Lovely! ❤️ 10mo
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Cinfhen Beautiful post!!! Totally caught my scrolling eye 😍😍😍 10mo
mhillis Great matches! I‘m planning to start it soon 10mo
kspenmoll I love what you have created! 10mo
Nutmegnc Lovely! What do@you do with Pantone colors? Graphic design?? 10mo
BarbaraBB @Nutmegnc Yes. I am partner in a communication and graphic design agency. 10mo
Clwojick Love your matches!! ❤️ 10mo
Nutmegnc @BarbaraBB Very cool! I have a friend who used to attend the Pantone conferences (precovid). She loved them!! 10mo
PaperbackPirate 😍🌈 10mo
tpixie This is so cool. I just noticed the Pantone hashtag today! 10mo
BarbaraBB @tpixie I discovered it earlier this week too. 10mo
tpixie @BarbaraBB 💚♥️💙 10mo
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Wonderful in concept, but lacking in execution. Ida B. Wells-Barnett is an icon for a reason. Sadly, this book about her fell flat for me. It was light on content, confusing in structure, and cluttered with many other people‘s stories. Left me wanting more Ida!

Full review https://www.TheBibliophage.com #thebibliophage2022
#shesaid #nonfictionchallenge2022 #rulebreaker #pantone2022 #daffodil

KathyWheeler Good review of this book. I felt the same way. 10mo
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4⭐️ Wow what a book. I know these sort of books are hit and miss for me, but this one for some reason just really grabbed me; I think it was because I understand North American “church culture”, having been a part of for the better part of 40+ years. And I think it was also because the relationship between Caroline and Abbie seems pretty true to form. I can see this being a contender for the favourites list for 2022

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The Murmur of Bees | Sofa Segovia
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Clwojick 💖💖💖 11mo
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The Witch's Heart | Genevieve Gornichec
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I really loved this book. It's the first 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 book that I've read in awhile. It's a Norse mythology retelling of the witch Angroboda who married Loki and prophesied Ragnarok.
#BookSpinBingo @TheAromaofBooks
#WickedWords #winter (there were 3 years of winter before Ragnarok) @AsYouWish
#TheSupernaturalYear #Prophet @AkashaVampie
#Pantone2022 #Daffodil @Clwojick
#Booked2022 #religion @Cinfhen @4thhouseontheleft @BarbaraTheBibliophage

Cinfhen Cool choice!! I‘m intrigued #stacked 11mo
StaceGhost Really looking forward to this one! I‘ve had it on hold forever and this makes me even more excited 😊 11mo
TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!! Gorgeous cover, too!! 11mo
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AsYouWish Yay!!!! This books looks really good!!!💙💙💙💙 11mo
Clwojick Awesome colour match! 💖 11mo
AkashaVampie Great job sweetie... u are trying to cover all ur bases, aren't u? 11mo
BookwormAHN @AkashaVampie I may have signed up for a ton of challenges this year 😸 11mo
AkashaVampie @BookwormAHN haha sounds like it. 11mo
BarbaraTheBibliophage I am anxious to give this one a go! 11mo
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