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Crewel World | Monica Ferris
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I‘ve dug out the festive cross-stitch, which I must have started about 2 years ago. Oh dear. It‘s not just books! I thought I‘d nearly finished - I‘m not even half way!

Anyhow, this is a cozy set in an embroidery shop in Minnesota. Despite a couple of reservations (it‘s dated, what DO they have against young people? and

rockpools I hadn‘t realised who the victim was going to be but I did guess the who/why of the murderer) I‘ll very likely read more of the series.

There‘s community, there‘s a cat, there‘s knitting and embroidery silks, and there are older women forming friendships. There‘s also Windows 95, and some quite silly scenes. Overall though, glad to find a cosy series I like enough to continue. #Booked2022 #AboutSisters @Cinfhen @alisiakae @BarbaraTheBibliophage
(edited) 10mo
xicanti I had a lot of fun with this series. The books are SUPER dated in places, but the mysteries are usually pretty good and Ferris builds up the community aspect really well. I always wanted to make stuff after I finished another one, too! 10mo
rockpools @xicanti I think my library has most of them on audio, which is great! I must admit I was thrown when the murder happened- I obviously hadn‘t read the blurb, and was looking forward to a pair of crime-fighting sisters. It‘s entirely possible I‘ll enjoy the next in the series more, now that we‘ve got the set-up out the way. And this has been in a drawer for 2 years, so I guess it‘s pushed me to make things too 😊 🪡 🧶 10mo
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LeahBergen I have several partially finished cross stitches (and a few knitting projects, too) 🤣🤣 10mo
rockpools @LeahBergen Let‘s not talk about the knitting projects 😬. Nice to know I‘m in good company 😂 10mo
LeahBergen 🤣🤣 10mo
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Untitled | Unknown
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My #Booked2022 Quarter 3 recap. I have 5 more to go before it's complete.

❄ 3 These Violent Delights #SetInChina

? 9 A Grain of Wheat #AuthorBornInAfrica

? 10 Tailwinds Past Florence #MakeYourOwnPrompt "Written by someone with whom you've shared a meal"

? 16 Her Fearful Symmetry #AboutSisters

? 17 After We Were Stolen #NewIn2022

? 18 Last Summer at the Golden Hotel #SetInAnInnLodgeOrHotel
? 21 All Systems Red #AHopePunkNovel

BarbaraTheBibliophage Wow - great job! I see your entry on our list! 12mo
Cinfhen Well done!! So sorry you weren‘t our third quarter winner - best of luck for the final drawing 💕 12mo
Kelly_the_Bookish_Sidekick @Cinfhen The drawing is just a cherry on top. I do the challenge because it's fun! 12mo
Cinfhen I‘m so glad you love the challenge 🫶🏼we‘re gearing up for #Booked2023 - watch for details soon 😻 12mo
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8 #writtenbyajournalist
24 #mclivingwithaids
12 #murdermystery
11 #nauticalnovel
16 #aboutsisters (and brothers!)
15 #setinahotellodgeorinn (vacation lake house? 🤷🏼‍♀️)

Cinfhen Well done!!! Don‘t forget to fill out the form….which I currently can‘t locate 🤪it‘s been one of those weeks 12mo
Chelsea.Poole @Cinfhen done! Thanks! 12mo
BarbaraTheBibliophage Great job! I see you in the entries. 👏🏻🙌🏻 12mo
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The Winter Sister | Megan Collins
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In my humble opinion, this debut was neither spellbinding nor suspenseful, but it did keep my interest enough to finish in a day. I wasn‘t really fond of any of the characters, didn‘t understand all the stupid lying everyone did, and thought the ending could have been improved on, but I stuck around to see the mystery solved. 🤷🏻‍♀️

My #AboutSisters book for #Booked2022


China Room | Sunjeev Sahota
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I enjoyed this book, but I have some problems with it too. I wanted to know so much more about how Mehar and the rest of her life. She wanted so much from life, I can‘t imagine she spent it obediently. And then the approaching Partition, with all its consequences for Punjab. I‘d gladly exchange knowing more about this storyline for the one set in 2019. I didn‘t really see the point of that one...
So, a light pick!

#Booked2022 #AboutSisters

BarbaraBB @Megabooks I had a lovely day with this one. Thank you for sending me this addition to my humble #botm collection! 13mo
Megabooks So glad you enjoyed it! I agree that the 2019 storyline was weak and not as interesting as the past. 💜 13mo
squirrelbrain Yes I agree too about the later storyline. It would have been better to go deeper into the more interesting, earlier story. 13mo
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Book Lovers | Emily Henry
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I was afraid this book wouldn‘t live up to its hype, and I would be disappointed. But I need not have feared. I loved the endearing but flawed characters, the not-predictable plot, the city vs. small town setting (and the way both are shown to their best advantage). The audio was performed by Julia Whalen, one of my favorite narrators. I kept thinking up little brainless tasks to do, just so I could keep listening!

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The It Girl | Ruth Ware
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Not my favorite Ware novel although the ending is good. Hannah meets Alice, at Oxford & they become best friends. Alice is rich, confident, beautiful, & somewhat of a narcissistic sociopath. I don't get the attraction of "the it girl." Then Alice gets killed & years later Hannah is still trying to piece together what happened.
#Booked2022 #AboutSisters @Cinfhen @4thhouseontheleft @BarbaraTheBibliophage
#BBRC #ItsMyPerogative @LibrarianRyan

Cinfhen Oh, good call on the sisters!! This one was slightly disappointing overall 14mo
BookwormAHN @Cinfhen Thanks 😺 14mo
LibrarianRyan sounds interesting. 14mo
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Fifty-Fifty | Steve Cavanagh
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just about to start summer on
#booked2022 #aboutsisters
@Cinfhen @BarbaraTheBibliophage @4thhouseontheleft
With this twisty thriller in which 2 sisters call 911 at the same time alleging the other has just murdered their father. Eddie Flynn is called to defend one of them .
Off on holiday now for a week with a suitable pile of bks.

TrishB Enjoy 👍🏻 14mo
Cinfhen Enjoy your holiday - book sounds promising 14mo
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Little Souls: A Novel | Sandra Dallas
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Set in 1918 during the influenza outbreak, this novel follows Lutie and her sister Helen as they navigate a changing world, filled with war, murder, heartbreak, and child trauma. There are so many dark layers to this novel, so definitely not a light read. Lutie‘s naivety was at times very distracting to me, and as I listened (the narration is great!), I would roll my eyes.

Thanks to #NetGalley and the publisher for this ALC!

Aims42 Thank you for the honest review! Sounds like one I can hold off until Mt. TBR dwindles down lol 1y
Librarybelle @Aims42 You‘re welcome! 😂 I‘ve seen a ton of very positive reviews for this, so maybe I‘m not the best judge for this one. 1y
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KristiAhlers Sounds like they tried to cram too much turmoil to do much justice to any of it. 1y
Cinfhen The cover definitely draws me in. But like @Aims42 said…. 1y
Librarybelle @KristiAhlers Admittedly, every time one of these elements was added to the end plot, I thought “okay…so the characters are tackling that too.” 🤷🏻‍♀️ 1y
Librarybelle @Cinfhen I really like the cover too! 1y
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Sometimes I Lie | Alice Feeney
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What the heck did I just read? Lol I have so many questions 😳😳😳 Awesome mystery/thriller, kept me guessing. Also, this fits the prompt for #aboutsisters for #booked2022! @Cinfhen @BarbaraTheBibliophage @4thhouseontheleft

Cinfhen Yay!! Well done 💕👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 1y
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