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Genre Bending
Genre Bending: A Comparison of "Tan Chuyu Xili Chuanqing, Liu Miaogu Quzhong Sijie" and Bimuyu | Lenore Szekely
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Thanks for the tag @julesG !

1. Contemporary literary fiction, crime fiction and thrillers.

2. Classics. I went through a stage in my 20s of reading loads, but now there‘s too many shiny new releases!

3. Historical fiction, biographies.

4. Only like adaptations because they make me read the books first.

5. The Trauma Cleaner.

6. The Water Cure.

7. Anyone who hasn‘t done it!



Hey #genreswapPBC group! Unfortunately, we have hit a snag with one of our group members. I have tried for months to get in contact with @SledgeReader to no avail. I believe she has five of the books in her possession. The only two with the rest of the group are “Wigrum” and “Imagine Me Gone.” This is very unfortunate and I am going to continue trying my best to get in contact with Sarah and get our books passed back to the group.

collegecatlady I apologize if I am unable to get our books back. @intervital your book will get back to you, as I will have @isy_the_owl mail it directly back to you when she is finished. I am so sorry to all of you. If any of you know a way to contact Sarah other than Litsy or email please let me know. (edited) 4y
the-flashley I do still have the other two books and will mail them out as soon as I can. I‘ve just been crazy busy with work lately and haven‘t had any time to read. Sorry guys! 4y
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Hey everyone! I would just like to check-in with everyone and see where they are! Drop a comment below letting me know your progress 📚

abbsinwonderland I havent received a second book. 4y
Julie548 I already mailed mine on to the next person. 4y
jillannjohn I‘m currently reading my 2nd book. 4y
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rjsthumbelina I have mine, and will be starting it this weekend! 4y
BooksIHeld In the beginning of reading my book 4y
collegecatlady @abbsinwonderland Did you not receive @kitkatdallibooks pick, The Girl on the Train? That would be your second book. Your pick was your first. Let me know if you didn‘t! (edited) 4y
BookwormAHN I'm getting ready to start the second book 😺 4y
abbsinwonderland @collegecatlady Ohhhh I thought hers would count as my first. 🙈🙈 Lack of sleep lol my bad! 4y
Bookish_AF I am reading the second book and @Julie548 is really on top of things as I‘ve already received book 3 from her ! 4y
Julie548 @whippoorwill815 don‘t give me too much credit...I knew if I didn‘t mail it as soon as I finished it, I‘d forget!! 😳 Like I forgot to take a picture before I mailed it! 4y
MommyOfTwo I should be mailing next week 4y
Shadowfat I'm starting mine tonight 4y
Wife Will be starting the second book next week. 4y
Amanda61 I'm reading my second book. Not very far in but underway! 4y
SledgeReader I‘m underway too!! 4y
BookaholicNatty Mine is read and I sent it off today. Waiting for the 3rd round to come! 4y
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A reminder for all of those in the #genreswapPBC!

SledgeReader I‘m going to make it!! Yay!! 4y
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Just doing a quick check-in with everyone! We are halfway through the month already! In two weeks, all books should be shipped to the next person in your group. Please drop a comment and update me as to where you are in the process. Are you enjoying your pick? Getting ready to mail? Already received next month‘s book? I‘d just like to hear a little bit from everyone to make sure everything is running smoothly for our first month. #genreswapPBC

MommyOfTwo I need to pick something up before I mail it but is should get out early. 4y
Burghbookaddict Im done with my book and preparing to send it on its way early next week! 4y
Shadowfat I haven't gotten too far yet but I'll finish and send it within 2 weeks 😀 4y
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BookaholicNatty I just started my pick this past week since my college class just finished up on Thursday. I have loads of free time the next two weeks so I will get it finished and out on time. Excited! We will be going on vacation for a week starting the 14th so I will be trying to get my book out ASAP. 4y
jillannjohn Reading mine. Hope to finish & mail soon! 4y
abbsinwonderland I've received my book. I have about a third left of my pick then I'll be sending it off! 4y
Bookish_AF I‘m almost done with mine ! 4y
Amanda61 Still enjoying my pick but about half way through 🙂 4y
BookwormAHN I just started on mine, but will most likely mail out next weekend 😸🤞🏻 4y
Wife Planning on sending mine out this week 🌹 4y
Julie548 I just finished mine yesterday so I‘m hoping to send out this week. 4y
rjsthumbelina Starting mine tonight to finish during my staycation this week! Should be out by next Monday at the latest 😁 4y
SledgeReader I‘m about a quarter in. I‘ll be mailing by the 11th. 🎈 4y
TheRomantiCate I‘m deeply regretting my pick... I am having some serious trouble getting into it.. 😣 4y
collegecatlady @TheRomantiCate Hopefully once you receive your book back with everyone‘s comments, you can see the book in a new light. That has happened to me before. I hated a book and reading someone else‘s take on it made me have a new appreciation for it even though it wasn‘t my favorite. Just power through! Good luck! 4y
isy_the_owl Currently reading my pick and will have it mailed by the 10th! 4y
BooksIHeld Reading my book and I love it. Aiming to mail it before the 15th 4y
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Groups, mailing addresses, and general PBC information have been sent out to all #genreswapPBC members! This is our group and book lineup! We‘ve got some interesting titles here so hopefully that means great notes and insights. Should be a fun one!

Wife Thanks! 🌹 4y
SledgeReader Thank you, @collegecatlady for all your organizational efforts getting #genreswapPBC started! Looking forward to connecting with a great group of readers. 🤩😎🌸 4y
collegecatlady @SledgeReader I am looking forward to having you in my group! 4y
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BooksIHeld OOH! These stacks look great! Very excited to start. Thank you @collegecatlady for your awesome organizing! 4y
ads0123 Thanks @collegecatlady for the organizing!! I can‘t wait to get started! 4y
collegecatlady @intervital @ads0123 You are very welcome! I hope it will be a great experience where we can all read books we normally wouldn‘t have and gain some new friendships as well! 4y
BookwormAHN Looks good, thanks for organizing 😸 4y
rjsthumbelina Excited! All the stacks look like good ones! (Also, I may have just followed everyone on here that I don't already follow, bc y'all have good taste!) 4y
MommyOfTwo Looks good! 4y
SledgeReader @collegecatlady Me too! Lots of amazing books in my future! 📖 4y
jillannjohn Awesome! 4y
SecretLivesOfFictionLovers Oooh this looks fab! xx 4y
Mrs_Organized_Chaos Thank you for setting this up @collegecatlady ! 4y
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Repost for @collegecatlady :
See previous post for more info in the comments if the form doesn‘t explain everything or feel free to ask.

Please share and repost even if you‘re not participating so we can reach as many interested littens as possible! #genreswapPBC

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Just signed up for the #genreswapPBC hosted by @collegecatlady . Love being able to read outside my normal picks so really excited for this one!!


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✨ Yay! I found one!! Thank you, thank you @collegecatlady! Hopefully this will help me tackle my TBR a little while stepping out of my comfort zone. 😄📚 #GenreSwapPBC Join us!! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSczB3-sk1zFYsud_4mPi4gbq2LxZzzI1-cVnoUI...

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See my previous post for more info in the comments if the form doesn‘t explain everything or feel free to ask here.

Reposting since the form link got lost in the comments of the last post!

Please share and repost even if you‘re not participating so we can reach as many interested littens as possible! #genreswapPBC

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I‘ve seen so much interest in joining more postal book clubs like #lmpbc and #horrorpost. The last swap I hosted (#bibliophilebookexchange) was almost a year ago! So, I decided to create the #genreswapPBC for those looking to join a postal book club with a twist! For this, you will be placed in a group with people who have chosen many different genres. Hopefully this PBC can take us on adventures, reading books we never would have before. 👇🏻

collegecatlady Below, you will find the signup link. The form has additional information on it as well! https://goo.gl/forms/AZYP9FJ4V2t5wJCu1 4y
collegecatlady @abbsinwonderland I saw your post about looking for PBCs and thought you would like to know about this one I‘m starting! 4y
collegecatlady Additionally, if anyone who signs up could repost that would be great!! 4y
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TheRomantiCate @collegecatlady this might be a silly question, but will we eventually get our book back? 4y
Bronte_Chintz Love this idea! May have to see if some U.K Littens want to give it a go! 😊👍🏻 4y
collegecatlady @TheRomantiCate Yes! You will get it back once everyone in your group has read it and written their comments. PBCs are super fun because of this since you get your book back with great insights and comments from fellow littens! (edited) 4y
Shadowfat This sounds great! I like the different genre aspect 4y
collegecatlady @Shadowfat Thanks! I hope you‘ll join us! 4y
Shadowfat @collegecatlady I plan on it! I just need to pick my book choices 😀 4y
Wife How many rounds of mailing? And do we write in books like #LMPBC or in notebooks? It was hard for me at first, but now I like to write in the books ✏️📖😈. 4y
collegecatlady @Wife When you sign up, you can choose if you‘d like to be in a group of 3-5 people or 5-8 people, which determines how many rounds. You can choose whether people write in your book or a journal. I am leaving that up to personal preference. When you receive a book, you will just do as the owner asks (write in the book or not). I hope you‘ll join us! 4y
Wife Ok thanks. One more question. When do you anticipate starting the rounds? 4y
collegecatlady @Wife I will take signups for a while and create the groups and have all book titles chosen by June 10. We will begin on June 15 with the first month which is reading your own book and writing your thoughts. On July 15, we will ship our book to the next in line. Our ship date will be the 15th of every month. 4y
Wife Thanks. Sounds good! 4y
BookwormAHN Thanks for the tag. I'm in 😸 4y
collegecatlady @BookwormAHN Glad to hear it!! 4y
abbsinwonderland @collegecatlady thank you for the tag! I'll sign up in a bit 😄 4y
TheRomantiCate @collegecatlady ok, another question that came to me... if I read my book and make my notes in a separate journal and send THAT journal as well, that‘s where everyone will make their notes as well, right? I‘m just 😰 about marking up my books... 4y
collegecatlady @TheRomantiCate Yes, exactly. You can see my comment above but this will all be the senders preference. If you send a journal for notes, everyone in your group will use the journal. Some group members may prefer that you write in their book, use post it notes, etc and that request should be honored when it is your turn with their book. 4y
TheRomantiCate @collegecatlady oh ok, gotcha!! 4y
collegecatlady @TheRomantiCate No problem and let me know if you have any other questions! 4y
TheRomantiCate @collegecatlady will do!! Thanks so much 😁 4y
SledgeReader @collegecatlady love this idea so much! Excited to see it play out to consider as a team building exercise at work. My work/playground is a public library! And I especially like the idea of collective footprints in the books. Genius! 😎 4y
collegecatlady @SledgeReader It‘s such a fun activity! I hope you‘ll join us! 4y
SledgeReader @collegecatlady I just signed up! Feel free to move me into a bigger group if needed to round out your numbers. 4y
collegecatlady @SledgeReader Great! Glad to have you with us! 4y
BooksIHeld WOW this is AWESOME! I'm def gonna sign up! 4y
collegecatlady @intervital Glad to have you join us! This should be super fun! 4y
Dulcinella Are you splitting up between continents to send? 4y
collegecatlady @Dulcinella This is US only, sorry 4y
Dulcinella Ok, no problem:-) 4y
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Mine are probably fantasy, young adult and sometimes contemporary #bookishquestionoftheweek

suvata Unequivocally, it would be literary fiction. 5y
robinb Mine would be historical mysteries, historical romance...maybe just historical anything ....? 😂 Oh, and some urban fantasy. 5y
LeahBergen Literary fiction, historical fiction, biography ... I'll stop! 5y
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Siannalyn Fantasy, all kind of, and thriller :) 5y
CoffeeCatsBooks Fantasy, YA, graphic novels, historical fiction, Roman history, and general fiction 5y
rohit-sawant Horror, suspense, thriller, and fantasy. If I had to pick just one it would be horror. 5y
TrishB Good historical fiction, fantasy, horror, literary. Give most things a go..... 5y
AmandaL Urban fantasy, YA, romance, historical, comics/ graphic novels, popular fiction and nonfiction. 5y
Sace Oh gosh. I think I I'll read almost anything. I can't pick just one! 5y
CaitZ I like historical fiction, cozy mysteries, fantasy, biographies and other nonfiction like history and science the most. 5y
bbackes Fantasy!! YA and mysteries too! 5y
CouronneDhiver You and I have perfectly opposite taste! I enjoy suspense, Historical, Mystery, True Crime, Medicine... and anything else with a bit of a dark edge. 5y
Jeg This is hard as since I retired I read very widely. From book club I read all sorts that I may not have read. And being on Litsy has introduced me to so much. I'm not too fond of sci fi and I have a hard time reading comics and graphic novels. 5y
[DELETED] 206653737 YA, romance, fantasy among others but I'll go with those 3. 5y
Jaimelire Historical fiction and Agatha Christie type mystery (edited) 5y
bookloo Literary fiction and psychological thrillers! 🤓 5y
MelissaJCrispin YA, fantasy, and contemporary romance 5y
Pamwurtzler Mystery and literary fiction for me! 5y
PirateJenny I do everything but romance, westerns, self-help, and I'm not huge on YA 5y
readinginthedark Hm...if I absolutely have to just pick one, it would be classic fiction, most specifically 19th-early 20th century British lit. But I read and enjoy a wide variety of genres! 5y
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