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Hunted | Darcy Coates
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Woo-hoo my first #ScreamsByMail book for round 2 is here! Thank you @danibolahood for the candy 😍 Disclaimer: the box was already empty when I took this picture 😂

#HorrorPost @teebe

danibolahood Lol I hate when chocolates just disappear like that! I have your next package ready to go. It'll go out sometime this week 😊 6mo
BookishTrish 😂 6mo
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ephemeralwaltz @danibolahood wow that's fast! 6mo
danibolahood @ephemeralwaltz lol I may be fast but the post hasn't been this time around. You should have lots of time before it gets to you. 6mo
ephemeralwaltz @danibolahood what a mystery the post is 6mo
scripturient Hahaha! 👍🏻 I finished your book a while ago and will send it on to @GatheringBooks in about 2.5 weeks when I‘m back from Scotland. 😊 6mo
ephemeralwaltz @scripturient enjoy your trip!! 6mo
scripturient @ephemeralwaltz Hey Clara, Have you sent this one out yet? Just wondering as I haven‘t received anything yet. There is something waiting at the post office for me though. Maybe that‘s it? 🤔 4mo
ephemeralwaltz @scripturient not yet Stef!! I'm going to write in the journal this week and send it out to you asap! Sorry for taking so long!! But don't worry, I'll let you know when it's on its way. 4mo
scripturient @ephemeralwaltz No worries. Take all the time you need. :) Then that letter I have to sign for at the post office will probably be a speeding ticket, I guess. 🤣 4mo
ephemeralwaltz @scripturient 🤣🤣🤣 4mo
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Untitled | Unknown
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This just in! TWO #horrorpost packages! Woohoo! I haven't gotten one of these in awhile and both of these picks are awesome! So excited to start reading! @teebe #nightmaresahead

teebe 👍🏼 @MiyakoBunny 7mo
laundry_piles @MiyakoBunny I miss you!!! 🖤 7mo
MiyakoBunny Miss you too 🖤🖤🖤 7mo
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A Book of Horrors | Stephen Jones
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Hey all, can everyone tagged send me an email with what book(s) they currently have (or what their most recent book was)? #HorrorPost #NightmaresAhead

Ashley_Nicoletto I‘m unsure of what I have - I‘m traveling on business. I should be home Thursday night. I‘ll drop these in the mail on Friday. 7mo
MiyakoBunny Sure np 7mo
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The Bird's Nest | Shirley Jackson
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Missing Christmas already! This was my last read of 2018. I picked it up for my #horrorpost bookclub, excited to read more of Jackson's fiction. However, I don't think this works well as a horror novel but it still is dark and mysterious and intriguing. An in-depth exploration of mental health and human relationships surrounding a young woman with multiple personality disorder. As always, Jackson's writing is just superb!


ephemeralwaltz @scripturient I'll send this out to you next week, once I've finished filling in the journal! 😘😘 8mo
BookishTrish Looking forward to it! 8mo
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kamoorephoto @ephemeralwaltz Thank you for my card!!! It was a lovely surprise 😽I need to send my last book back to @Reggie and start my own book 😬💓🙌🏼 8mo
danibolahood I'm looking forward to it! Also I forgot to take a picture but my book for round 2 is on its way to you! 8mo
ephemeralwaltz @danibolahood yay!! Can't wait ⚡ 8mo
ephemeralwaltz @kamoorephoto you're so welcome! 🎄 8mo
GatheringBooks will be sending my pick to @kamoorephoto by 15th of this month. :) 🧚🏼‍♀️📚💕 8mo
scripturient Yay!! I‘ll send mine out next week as well (it will have the new book and @GatheringBooks ‘s book in one package). 😃 8mo
GatheringBooks @scripturient awesome!! :) 8mo
BookishTrish @ephemeralwaltz Your card arrived! It was such a nice surprise ❤️❤️😘 8mo
ephemeralwaltz @BookishTrish you're welcome!! I'm sorry it came a bit too late 😂😋 8mo
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The Snow Queen | Hans Christian Andersen
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So far for the #25inFive #readathon I've read for 1:42 minutes.

I finished reading Giovanni's Room by James Baldwin and started and completed Hans Christian Anderson's The Snow Queen on audiobook.

My plans are to read at least 15 hours of Gone with the Wind and 10 hours of a horror book I need to pass along for #horrorpost.

Andrew65 A good start. 9mo
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Night Before Christmas | Nikolai Gogol
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I was supposed to send the #StuffedStockingSwap on Saturday but my hubby had to work. It‘s finally going out this morning, many apologies! It should get there in time. Also going out today is my #Nightmare4Christmas swap and the next #Horrorpost book to @Ashley_Nicoletto - a thousand apologies for being late, it‘s been ready to go for two weeks! 🤦🏻‍♀️ Sigh.


Ashley_Nicoletto I‘m always always also running late. No apologies necessary. I work really long hours and the post office is always closed by the time I‘m off. We all do our best. 😘 9mo
JenlovesJT47 @Ashley_Nicoletto 😘 glad it‘s not just me!! 9mo
Avanders 🎄♥️❄️💙☃️ 9mo
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I had a great weekend relaxing with this atmospheric read. Ice, ghosts, huskies! 😍 However, it was unfortunately just a so-so novel for me... I can't get enough of this cover though. Thanks for a great round of #HorrorPost #ScreamsByMail team!
@scripturient This is already on its way back to you Stef, so you'll be able to read all our thoughts soon :)

Tamra I really enjoyed this one and has stuck with me. I didn‘t necessarily care for the end. A little too fantastical. Sometimes I think it‘s better to leave things lie with the imagination. 10mo
ephemeralwaltz @Tamra that's great! I felt like the creepy factor didn't really start until page 200 and by then I was frustrated with the plot. Also, I don't think narratives in the form of a journal are for me :/ I became annoyed with the narrative voice. The scenery inside my head was stunning though - a movie version would be fun! 10mo
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Tamra @ephemeralwaltz yes to a movie! Brrrrrrr 10mo
scripturient It‘s here! Thank you!! 😊 9mo
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#ScreamsByMail my final read for this first round is here! Already 60 pages in. And thank you @danibolahood so much for the extra treats. They'll help me to self-care this weekend. I haven't had a jelly bean in YEARS and I am such a fan ❤️💙💛
I'm also so glad to read all your thoughts on The Haunting of Hill House - I'm happy it was a good pick for all of you.

danibolahood Yay! I'm glad you like jelly beans! Just watch out for the popcorn flavored ones 🤢 10mo
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ephemeralwaltz @danibolahood thanks for the heads-up! That sounds...interesting 😂😂 10mo
danibolahood Lol yes interesting in the worst possible way 10mo
ephemeralwaltz @danibolahood I just tried one. Ew!😂😂😂 10mo
Tamra I really liked this atmospheric book! 10mo
danibolahood I know! I guess it's impressive how close to popcorn tasting they made a candy but yuck!! 10mo
ephemeralwaltz @danibolahood I'm really surprised- it tastes exactly right! But...why? It's terrible😂😂 10mo
scripturient Yay, hope you enjoy it. Your package got here yesterday. Thank you so much for the Rafaello and the beautiful key chain. ❤️ 10mo
ephemeralwaltz @Tamra it is atmospheric indeed! And very adequate to read now in the winter time with a nice cup of tea 🍵 10mo
Tamra @ephemeralwaltz yes, best read in the winter with the lights on all warm & cozy. 10mo
ephemeralwaltz @scripturient yay! That was really quick! I hope you like coconut 😍 I'll send you more with the next package. You can't have enough candy now that we're approaching Christmas 🎉 10mo
kamoorephoto Can‘t believe we are on the last one!! 🙀 10mo
ephemeralwaltz @kamoorephoto we started in January! Time flies 💥💥 it's been a great year. But round 2 will start in no time! 10mo
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You Don't Own Me | Mary Higgins Clark, Alafair Burke
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When the book you are reading mentions your favorite author 😍 #squeeeel

JenlovesJT47 Hey! Didn‘t want to take a picture since I already opened it and we aren‘t supposed to show the books, but I got your #horrorpost package the other day. Thank you!! Hope you have a great weekend! 🤗 10mo
Kappadeemom @JenlovesJT47 okay-I was just thinking about asking you today when I mailed something else out. 10mo
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