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Friday's Girl
Friday's Girl | Charlotte Bingham
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When the famous portrait artist Napier Todd stumbles across Edith Hanson scrubbing floors, he is immediately struck by her beauty. Within a few weeks Napier and Edith are married and she moves into his large country house - much to the envy of the other maids. However the marriage is troubled and Edith falls seriously ill. Napier takes her to the idyllic Cornish fishing village of Newbourne to convalesce where Edith meets Celandine. Celandine Benyon is a struggling artist who moved to Paris to seek inspiration and fell in love with another painter, Sheridan Montague Robertson. The couple eloped to Gretna Green after Celandine was disowned by her mother, and together they set up home in Newbourne. Because Celandine understands Napier's artistic temperament, she tries to help Edith with her troubled marriage. However, although her advice succeeds beyond Edith's wildest dreams, it also causes tragic repercussions. And with the dangerously attractive Alfred Talisman waiting in the wings, will Edith ever find happiness?
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Friday's Girl | Charlotte Bingham
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1. Scattergories
2. Scotland
3. Only 15 to go
4. Margaret Atwood
5. What was the highlight of your day?
@howjessreads #friyayintro

ljuliel 😁. The highlight of my day is it‘s 8 AM , and I‘m in an Upright Position 😁 1mo
Lynnsoprano The highlight of my day will be if the air conditioning gets fixed 🤞 1mo
Nessavamusic That this week is over 🤪 1mo
Eggs That the work week is done-agree with @Nessavamusic 🤗 (edited) 1mo
Susanita @eggs @Nessavamusic I‘m with you! 1mo
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Friday's Girl | Charlotte Bingham
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1. Candy (it‘s what I tend to snack on most)
2. Yes. Only nonfiction though unless the narrator isn‘t super annoying (I often find the narrator kills a lot of fiction for me)
3. My haircut next week. Just basically freshening it up and not doing anything crazy, but it makes me feel so great after!
4. Just a couple from my own stash 😂
5. Blue

#friyayintro @howjessreads

Friday's Girl | Charlotte Bingham
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Today Is National Read A Book Day! A Day For Us, Readers 🤓

TheSpineView It should be a paid holiday; because, how can you read if you have to work? 3mo
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Friday's Girl (Revised) | Charlotte Bingham
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1. I don‘t read book series.

2. Ketchup

3. Deathly afraid of heights.

4. Four brothers and three sisters for a total of EIGHT. 😊

Thanks for the FRIDAY fun.

Areader2 Big family,I bet that‘s awesome! 5mo
CouronneDhiver Yay - another standalone reader! It feels like there are so few of us. Lol 5mo
k.reads.5 I can't get into series either lol! 5mo
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BooknerdsLife Wow! You are strong for never been tempted into reading any series! 😱👍🏼 5mo
SilversReviews @Areader2 It is fun. Thanks for commenting. ♥️ 5mo
SilversReviews @CouronneDhiver I see no reason to read series...OUCH...who threw that at me. LOL!! ♥️ Thanks for commenting. 5mo
SilversReviews @pl.2886 I never did read series. Thanks for commenting. ♥️ 5mo
SilversReviews @BooknerdsLife I don‘t even know of any series. LOL!! Thanks for commenting. ♥️ 5mo
BooknerdsLife @SilversReviews Hahaaa lucky you! 😂😂👍🏼💖 5mo
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Friday's Girl (Revised) | Charlotte Bingham
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1. Not a big town but we do have a cool winery and I'm going there tonight!
2. Sangria !! 😁
3. Cucumbers
4. Mostly print but I'm thinking my kindle for chunksters from here on out!
5. @madamereadsalot1 @laurenslibrary
#friYAYintro @howjessreads thanks for the tag @shellleigh33 have a great weekend

CouronneDhiver 👋🏽 6mo
madamereadsalot1 Thanks for the tag. 😊 6mo
tammysue 👋🏻 6mo
shellleigh33 Have a great weekend and have fun tonight 😘 6mo
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