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Friday Night Bites
Friday Night Bites: A Chicagoland Vampires Novel | Chloe Neill
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The story of a young heiress's initiation into the dark society of the Chicagoland Vampires continues...Ten months after vampires revealed their existence to the mortals of Chicago, they're enjoying a celebrity status usually reserved for the Hollywood elite. But should people learn about the Raves--mass feeding parties where vampires round up humans like cattle--the citizens will start sharpening their stakes.So now it's up to the new vampire Merit to reconnect with her upper class family and act as liaison between humans and bloodsuckers, and keep the more unsavory aspects of the vampire lifestyle out of the media. But someone doesn't want peace between them--someone with an ancient grudge...
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Very true 😍📚📚

Michollio Love this series 😍 7mo
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Good morning book mail 😁

Mommamanzi One of my fav series ever! 8mo
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1. That‘s an excellent question. I started Whole30 this week, so something that fits in that program.
2. Practical Magic
3. Another good question. I‘ve had a hard & slow start this year, so as long as I read something.

ShyBookOwl Oooh... Practical Magic has recently moved up on my TBR. Enjoy! 11mo
wanderinglynn @ShyBookOwl So far I‘m enjoying it, but I haven‘t read very much. Hoping to dive into it this weekend. 11mo
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I love Thriftbooks. 6 books, mostly in awesome condition, for $16.27 😍

CoffeeNBooks I love Thriftbooks! 📚 1y
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So...I don't know if I'm not in the right mood, or if this just isn't my series. I liked some of the world-building in the first one, but Merit and her friends are annoying me at this point. I'm letting this one go for now. Maybe I'll come back to it, but I'm not torn up either way.

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1️⃣ So many favorites, but the first one that came to mind this morning was Nowhere in Africa.
2️⃣ Whale watching from the shore of Brier Island, Nova Scotia after my breakfast of scallops on toast.
3️⃣ Memoirs
4️⃣ Orange 🍊
5️⃣ Love or Hate black licorice? 🖤

Suzze I don‘t love or hate it. My mom always had a stash of it, so I grew up with it. But it‘s not my favorite. 1y
TheKidUpstairs Hate 😝 1y
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Bookjunkie57 Hate 🤢 1y
Kaye 😱🤢 1y
TheSpineView Yuck!😖 1y
HOTPock3tt 5) I just can‘t do it 😰🤢lol 1y
Wife @Kaye @HOTPock3tt @TheSpineView @Bookjunkie57 @TheKidUpstairs 🤣🤣🤣🤣 People either seem to love or hate it, and there seems to be definitely more hate! 1y
britt_brooke Hate!! Great question. 😆 1y
Wife @Suzze If you hadn‘t grown up with it, you‘d probably be in the “hate” club. Did your mom like the twizzler type or black jelly beans? 1y
Crystalblu I love Real black licorice! 1y
Wife @JanuarieTimewalker13 Ah! Someone who understands! Do you like the salted black licorice too? I find it at world market. From Finland 🇫🇮 I think? Also, I have found Black Licorice flavor toothpaste!!!! Marvis is the brand. 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤 1y
Wife @Crystalblu Yes!🖤 see my previous comment about toothpaste. 1y
tournevis Looooooooooove licorice. All the other colours are in fact not licorice. 1y
Wife @tournevis So True! 🖤🖤🖤🖤 1y
Suzze @Wife my mom liked the “bites”. They were about an inch long and were like a bunch of little tubes stuck together. Man, that‘s a bad description! 🤣🤣 1y
Wife @Suzze I know Exactly what you are describing!🖤 1y
raelaschoenherr Love!! 😋 1y
Crystalblu @wife I Love the salted licorice 🖤🖤 1y
JaclynW In the middle. 1y
CouronneDhiver Yuck. No black candies for me 1y
Bostonmomx2 Love love love!!! 1y
Linear Hate it, 🤢🤮 1y
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1) usually 'you guys', but sometimes I get a bit country and say y'all.
2) 3 (self taught, regionally it's usually said with 2)
3) Listy, Goodreads, Audible, Thrift Books, LibraryThing (which I just added), and Amazon since I get a lot of books there.
4) Work tonight and then probably binge watch This Is Us when I get home.
5) anyone who hasn't done it yet.
#Friyayintro @jesshowbooks

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The second book in this series is even better than the first. Secrets are revealed. A mystery is solved (by the heroine, of course). The heroine becomes more badass. Foreshadowing of future conflict happens. All in all really fun.

Ignore this cover. The paperback and ebook covers are way better.

2BR02B "Time to fight evil. Better put on my corset and daisy dukes." ? 2y
Bianca @2BR02B Right? It also makes no sense because the MC literally never wears such things. She prefers jeans and sneakers. 2y
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Book two definitely provided a multitude of multi-book story arcs. Good follow up to the first book.

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The story just gets better and better! This was a character development book and we got to see Merit began to accept her fate as she began to learn about Cadogan House and her duties. You will immediately want to start the next one so have it handy!

atunah Yay. I inhaled the first few of this series. One after the other,I could not stop. 3y
blossy @atunah You and I have such similar tastes in books. Kathleen Turner, Fever and now Chicago Vampires. 3y
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❤Beauty & The Beast Moment! ❤

He paused in front of the doors that I knew led to the library, but hadn‘t yet had time to explore.
I stepped beside him. He slid me a glance. “You‘ve not been inside?”
I shook my head.
He seemed gratified by my answer, an oddly satisfied smile on his face, and gripped the door handles with both hands. He twisted, pushed, and opened the doors. “Sentinel, your library.”

Char I loved that line! 3y
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Cadogan House here I come! I can't wait to see if Merit and Ethan don't kill each other. I'm on Team Morgan so far though. Ethan seems too cliche.