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The Favorite (The Selection)
The Favorite (The Selection) | Kiera Cass
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The second novella set in the world of Kiera Cass's No. 1 New York Times bestselling Selection series Aspens story!
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The Favorite | Kiera Cass
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3✨ The story of Marlee from the selection. She was the countries favorite until she was caught with a guard! She was such a sweet character so I‘m really glad I got to read more about her. Forgot to mention this was my November #DoubleBookSpin @TheAromaofBooks

TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!! 13mo
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Gonna read this next by Kiera Cass #kieracass #theselectionseries

The Favorite | Kiera Cass
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#XmasFaves #CanuckChristmasSwap Horror 💚 Decaf tea ☕️ Bookmarks 🔖 None whatsoever ❤️ Dark orange chocolate 🍫 Black Christmas, Die Hard🎄

mcctrish Dark orange chocolate 🤤yum 3y
KarynGood Die Hard! 3y
Pricel101 Great list:) Black Christmas is a classic!! 🖤❤️💚 3y
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The Favorite | Kiera Cass
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Continuing #TheSelection series with this quick read novella about Marlee's side story, #TheFavorite 😊 I have 2 books left of the series...The short novella The Queen and the sixth book, The Crown. All others I've read now...and might I add I've loved them all! #BedtimeReading #KeiraCass #Love

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The Favorite | Kiera Cass
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Thanks for the tag @Jess7 and @monkeygirlsmama

These are a few #FiveStarPredictions.

I am late to the game on posting this one so if you haven't already done one and want to consider this me tagging you!

monkeygirlsmama I've never read any of these authors. Hope your predictions are spot on though and that you thoroughly enjoy them. 😁 5y
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The Favorite | Kiera Cass
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I was tagged by @myreadingcorner to pick my #TopFiveFave

1. favorite series: Narnia
2. favorite movie: Desperately Seeking Susan
3. favorite color: Green
4. favorite dessert: Pecan Pie
5. favorite flower: Peony

If you haven't participated, consider yourself tagged!

MinDea Narnia series has been on my TBR forever. I bought an awesome hardcover copy of all the books at Powell's Bookstore this summer. I hope to read them soon! 5y
tpixie @MinDea enjoy!! I have a wardrobe of my Grandma's. I'm still hoping when I open it, I'll be able to step into Narnia! 5y
books_from_my_shelves Narnia is on my tbr list,too. I read two parts some years ago then I gave it up.... Another time maybe. And oh yes , I also love peonies ❤ 5y
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tpixie @myreadingcorner ❤️❤️❤️ 5y
kezzlou85 I love desperately seeking Susan 5y
tpixie @kezzlou85 🎉. Yes! Glad to hear I'm not the only one who ever watched it, much less loved it! 5y
tpixie @kezzlou85 Madonna got everybody wearing shirts that showed their bras , and later that US soccer gal who won the championship got everybody running around in their bras! Lol 😝 5y
kezzlou85 @tpixie I really loved it. Let's hope it goes no further than running around in bras lol 5y
tpixie @kezzlou85 lol 😂 5y
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The Favorite | Kiera Cass
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Dear @Avanders ,

My favorite books is the one I'm reading, the ones I've read, and all the ones that are yet to come.


Avanders Hee hee I can relate 😉 Thanks for entering the #myfavoritebooks giveaway and good luck! 5y
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The Favorite | Kiera Cass
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I got $50 in gift cards for my birthday that I want to spend on books. As it always seems to happen when I have "free money," I can't decide what to buy. What's your favorite book so far this year? I need some inspiration. ?

LitHousewife @kmdartist I've never even heard of that. Thank you!!! 6y
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moranadatter @LitHousewife If you like Neil Gaiman, it's a good bet you'll like this. 6y
LitHousewife @kmdartist I sure do. 🤗 6y
Peddler410 This one wasn't new this year but it was by far my favorite read of the year so far 6y
LitHousewife @Redwritinghood Thanks!! That sounds really good. 6y
LitHousewife @Peddler410 I'll look into that! I've heard such good things about it. If it's in paperback, all the better. 🤗 6y
LitHousewife @Lakesidemusing I've not heard of Mothering Sunday. Shelter is on my shelf gathering dust. Why??? 6y
Lakesidemusing Pick up Shelter! It will blow your mind. 6y
Peddler410 @LitHousewife My copy is paperback 😊 It was almost my #litsygoespostal pick 6y
LitHousewife @HotMessJess Is it scary or gross??? 😱 6y
HotMessJess It's neither- just very good! Honestly it really was all about the characters. Some gross/creepy parts (very limited for King) but more about humanity than anything. One of the characters is the literary Donald trump. It's AMAZING. 6y
PrincessLibrarian Favorite of the year SO FAR has been 6y
BookishFeminist Hmm I'd say The Vegetarian or The Sound of Gravel. Or What Belongs to You by Garth Greenwell. They're all so so so good, but they're all dark so be forewarned. I like dark and twisted subjects that often deal with oppression so if that's not your thing take my suggestions with a grain of salt. 6y
LitHousewife @PrincessLibrarian I've got that in audio. I can't wait!!! 6y
LitHousewife @BookishFeminist Those all look good. I hear you about the dark topics. Probably not the best for me right now, but I'll definitely keep those in mind for later. 6y
LitHousewife @MicheleinPhilly Those look so good!!! Thanks! 6y
LitHousewife @BethFishReads How have I missed that??? 6y
LitHousewife @LiteraryinLititz Thank you so much!!!! 6y
BethFishReads Remedy that now 6y
tnorris 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼😊 6y
Amandajoy I do the same thing. I always have to make the most of my gift cards. Have fun spending them & happy birthday!📚🤓🎉 6y
BookishTrish Homegoing, Nutshell, and 6y
Simona I'm divided between Homegoing and 6y
Simona And of course - have fun with spending the money 👍 6y
Riveted_Reader_Melissa Excellent book and audiobook, that I loved this year but didn't see on any of the award lists this year, which I thought was a huge shame.... 6y
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The Favorite | Kiera Cass

I think Marlee was by far favorite character so this novella was my favorite even though the first meeting between America and Marlee was skipped.