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The Postage Stamps of the United States
The Postage Stamps of the United States | John Nicholas Luff
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Thank you @GondorGirl for the “pirate kitty” 😺 sticker! And I noticed the Captain Hook 🏴‍☠️ villain stamp! 😘

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I am super excited about the stamps that I just got for my #JB and #litsylove letters!

BookNAround I need to get to the post office pronto! 2mo
Mitch Love those! 2mo
Tex2Flo Super extreme volatile love!!! 💕 2mo
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StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego Those are superb. 2mo
tracey38 I really want to order these, too! 2mo
JoScho These are the best! 2mo
Kdgordon88 💜💜💜💜 2mo
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No idea what I want to start reading next so will reply to some #LitsyLove and #jb mail. I saw they are releasing Seasame Street stamps soon and they are so cute! There will be a full sheet of 16 different characters but couldn't fit the pick with them all here.

laurenslibrary I love them! 3mo
tracey38 @LaurensLibrary me, too. I want them but would almost be sad to use them! 3mo
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Must have!!!!! ❤️❤️ 3mo
tracey38 @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks I know, me too!!! 3mo
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@squirrelbrain @radhikeey @jenniferw88
You‘re books are on there way! I sent them out today. I‘m SO SO sorry that it took me so long to get them out to you. Life has been crazy between the weather causing snow days, sudden death in my family, unexpected bills ... but they are on there way!

jenniferw88 Yay! Thank you for the update! 6mo
squirrelbrain How exciting! Sorry to hear you‘ve had a tough time - hopefully things are getting better.... 6mo
radhikeey Hey, thank you ! Hope the things are going better now with you. 6mo
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For those of us in #JB, participating in swaps, have pen pals or planning to mail towards the end of the month, you might want to do so before the 27th.

TheReadingMermaid Did this take effect as of January 1st? Or is it still waiting to take effect? 7mo
BookwormAHN @TheReadingMermaid It takes effect on the 27th. 7mo
Soubhiville @BookwormAHN as long as you purchase forever stamps you should still be able to use what you have for letters and postcards, but you may want to stock up before that price change! I buy one or two sheets of stamps each time I go to the post office, it‘ll save a bit of $ when the price goes up! 7mo
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BookwormAHN @Soubhiville That's what I just did, including some global forever stamps. 7mo
tracey38 About to order a few sheets of forever stamps before the hike. Thanks for posting so we know! 7mo
CouronneDhiver Our US stamps (🇨🇦) are going up in price but unless our letters are already in the post by Sunday, you have to pay the $0.07 difference to send. Buying extra sheets now, I was told, isn‘t an option. 7mo
Kaye Thanks. I just bought stamps today. Bet I‘ll need the extra 5 cent ones ! 7mo
BookwormAHN @tracey38 your welcome 7mo
BookwormAHN @kaye If they are the forever stamps then they are fine. 7mo
Kaye I didn‘t notice I‘ll take a look. 7mo
Purrfectpages Forever stamps are always the way to go! 7mo
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Stock up on those Forever stamps, #jb and #litsypenpal US folks! Stamps are increasing in price by 5 cents at the end of the month.

Looks like Priority Mail is increasing as well, for those who participate in swaps.

#kindlitsy delivery is still free to your Kindle! 😉


Crinoline_Laphroaig #kindlitsy I haven't heard of this??? 7mo
Lovesbooks87 I plan on stocking up on stamps! 7mo
dariazeoli @Crinoline_Laphroaig Check @kindlitsy for all the details 7mo
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DivineDiana Thank you! Will stockpile! 👍🏻 7mo
Avanders 😟😟 7mo
Eyelit Dang! Thanks for the heads up! 7mo
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Hahaha Guess I've been buying a lot of stamps for the #jb group and word got out. Just got home from my mom's and found this magazine which is "The Official Source For Stamp Enthusiasts". ???

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@CoffeeNBooks Thanks so much for your lovely card!! My response is on the way 😊

#JB #justbecause

tammysue 💕 14mo
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Scratch and Sniff Stamps!!!
Love summer! ☀️

Meeko93 How cool are those!! 1y
readinginthedark Love it! Scratch n sniff stickers are the best! 1y
Tera66 No way!!😍😍😍 1y
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GripLitGrl Get out!!! I must have these 😱 i see a post office visit in my near future!😍😍 1y
Melissa_J Oh I totally want those! Except I‘m in the wrong country 🤷🏻‍♀️ 1y
Bookcation74 Ha! Now I HAVE to stop at the post office tomorrow morning! 1y
erzascarletbookgasm Wow! Cool! 😍 1y
GripLitGrl Thanks @CrowCAH I am literally making my calendar! 1y
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Thank you @Tiffy_Reads for your lovely gesture. 🤗 I‘ve received your postcard with the Disney Villains postage stamp. Cruella de Vill is a great villain 👌🖤.

vlwelser I owe you a postcard. I promise to work on that. 1y
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