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Cats Are Jerks
Cats Are Jerks: An Adult Coloring Book | Kerri Wood Thomson
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Cats Are Jerks. They have been for thousands of years, barfing hairballs on marble floors and in sod huts, and waking your ancestors up at 3:00am. Cats will continue to be jerks for all eternity, but now you can color your stress and cat-hate away.Fun things to do with your copy of Cats Are Jerks: -Color and tape a drawing above your cat's food dish. -Plaster your cat-loving coworker's cubicle with your art work. -Frame each page and nail them on the ceiling above your bed. -Leave random colored cat pages in public places. -Donate 10,000 Cats Are Jerks books to your local animal shelter.
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Just arrived home after being gone for over a week. This was waiting for me when I got home and so was Rick the Cat. He thinks I should pay attention to him before opening my mail! #spookysummerswap @Ddzmini
Yes. One of his eyes is black like that. It‘s not a camera lighting issue. He was a stray and was brought in to animal hospital where I work very injured. One of the long term side effects is that pupil is always dilated.

Ruthiella 😻😻😻 3mo
RaeLovesToRead Hello fluffy!!!! 💕💕💕 3mo
Ddzmini 🤣🐈‍⬛ 3mo
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Not book related.

My daughter freaked out about finding something she couldn‘t identify on the living room floor. Turns out my bastard cat got on the kitchen counter, stalked a golden kiwi in the fruit bowl, grabbed it, took it to a different room, and proceeded to kill it. Mighty hunter. Last time it was a perfect tomato from the garden. Jerk.

DaveGreen7777 That is such a cat thing to do! 😹 2y
Chrissyreadit It could have been a mouse gift left in her bed... my sons cat has done that to him 😂 2y
Prairiegirl_reading 🤣🤣🤣 2y
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Megabooks 😂😂😂 2y
Patchshank Ha! That's adorable and frustrating. 🤣 2y
Mariposa_Bookworm I love cats! 🤣😻 2y
Deifio Sounds like Bunnicula just in cat form! 😂 2y
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Anyone want a super adorable but slightly destructive cat? Also perpetually hungry and incredibly vocal about it! 😸😸😸
We‘re in month two of Tilney‘s ‘new‘ favorite way to wake up the human. It‘s fantastic. I almost miss the days of the paw to the face to wake me up to feed him. 🤣 #catsoflitsy

Mowen036 We have a kitty who when my husband and I got married, he developed the behavior of waking us up at 4 am. He‘s kept it up for 3 years. 🤣 we‘ve since started closing the door at night and he only gets special privileges if my husband forgets to shut the door. Our other cat didn‘t develop that behavior but she knocks down books off shelves and uses my book cart as a way for her to get to the kitchen counter. 4y
Eyelit @Mowen036 cats are diabolical! (Tilney can also open doors, so I sadly can‘t keep him out of my room at night) 😹 4y
Mowen036 @Eyelit ours opens doors too! His nickname is Houdini but the knob is too high for him to get without having to jump. He‘s currently trying to figure out our new front door and we think if he had thumbs he‘d open our sliding door. 4y
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Eyelit @Mowen036 omg 😹😹😹 4y
NamasteReading 🤣🤣🤣🤣 4y
bookishkai Oh noes! 4y
rubyslippersreads No thanks, I already have two. 😹 (Though at least mine don‘t pull books off the shelves.) 4y
CouronneDhiver I already have a troublemaker of my own #catsarejerks 😺 4y
sprainedbrain You‘re saying this method is not ok? 🤪😂 4y
booklahoma I would take him if I thought you were serious! 🙀 I used to have a cat named Saki that would follow me upstairs at bedtime, jump up on the bed and give me a kiss and a head bump, and then head back downstairs and start howling. I miss that bad boy. 4y
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Another morning, another scene of senseless devastation. #thankstilney 😸🙄

MelissaSue81 Naughty kitty! One of mine got in a terribly fight with a marshamallow last night. 🤣 4y
Suzze @MelissaSue81 🤣🤣🤣 4y
Dragon 😻 4y
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Zelma Maybe your cat was just trying to recommend your next book. 🤔 4y
Soubhiville 😱📚🐱. Mine pushes over stacks on the nightstand or table, but he hasn‘t tried this trick yet. 4y
AlaMich That‘s some talent right there!! 👏👏 4y
CouronneDhiver Did kitty choose any good ones? 4y
LauraJ I woke up to the same. Probably part of their world domination plot. 4y
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Anyone else have a resident jerk cat that thinks it‘s a good idea to wake their human by messing with the books??? 😸🙄 #catsoflitsy

Johanna414 🙋‍♀️ 4y
Laura317 No, but those books clearly needed rearranging. According to the 🐱 4y
litenthusiast Yes! Mine are obsessed with taking the bookmarks out. I finally invested in some magnetic bookmarks. 4y
pocketmermaid Cat wants to help you read! 4y
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I love hanging up a new calendar every year, but now it‘s somewhere that the cat can‘t reach. #wildcard #anewchapter

Mimi28 Lol, I have the same problem 4y
Crazeedi Looks familiar... 4y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Too funny!! 😽😽😽 4y
DivineDiana Smart move! 😻 4y
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@kaye, Obie says hey! He decided it was time for me to stop working and pay attention to him.

Leftcoastzen So cute! 4y
Cathythoughts Lovely cat ✨ 4y
Bookzombie 💕🐱 4y
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merelybookish Thanks! Being cute is how he earns his keep! @Leftcoastzen @Cathythoughts @Bookzombie 4y
batsy I feel like he knows how good looking he is 😽 4y
merelybookish @batsy if you've got it, you got it! 😀 4y
kspenmoll What a face! 😻 4y
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Sitting on the couch reading while this guy stares at me plotting my murder...

Tomigirl44 At least with those bells around his neck you should be alerted to any sudden moves he might make 😁 4y
LauraBeth He looks like he‘s starving! Go feed the poor thing 😹 4y
MKbookworm @Tomigirl44 haha that‘s why he has them, so I know when he‘s somewhere he‘s not supposed to be. He‘s a stinker 😆 4y
MKbookworm @LauraBeth he‘s a faker lol he has a full bowl in the next room but he likes you to show it to him he‘s a champion at making pitiful faces 😂 help me I haven‘t eaten in 15 minutes 😿 (edited) 4y
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And because we all know cats...here‘s a 6-toed cat ignoring the sign at the Hemingway house in Key West. The sign reads:

Help us to preserve our history. Please don‘t sit on the furniture.

jenniferw88 I think the cats may be excepted from this rule! 😹😹😹 4y
ValerieAndBooks I recognized the couch right away! We visited when we were in Key Wast last month 😊 4y
ErinSueMreads I want to go so bad!!!! 4y
CouronneDhiver 😂😂😂 My Favourite memory from Hemingway House is the story about the fountain in the backyard. 4y
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When your cats just really do not care about the reading you are trying to get done...I love the cuddles though!

#11thhourreadathon Not gonna finish my epic Bible read this weekend, but since I am up and reading figured it counted towards the 'thon. 😸

emilyhaldi So cute!! ☺️ 5y
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I got up from my reading spot on our comfy recliner to go put a load in the washer and I came back to this...I guess I‘ll just sit on the couch 😔. I just can‘t bring myself to waking them up and moving them from my spot. #catsarejerks #catsoflitsy #mybrats #TnT #TwinkyToles #TookeyToles #catmomproblems #littenkitten

Tanzy13 🐱🐱 5y
Lmstraubie Adorable 😻😻 5y
Bookzombie 💕🐱🐱 5y
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