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Joined September 2016

Main loves: Stephen King, Robin Hobb, Sharon K Penman, Mark Lawrence.
Britt-Marie Was Here | Fredrik Backman
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Yay to #bookmail
Thank you Cindy!!! 😁💜, the promised book and an extra surprise (which I have coveted just because of that cover!!). A lovely surprise 😘😘 and much appreciated.
Litsyfriends ❤️♥️

squirrelbrain You‘re having a lovely Litsy day today aren‘t you Trish?! ❤️ now
TrishB @squirrelbrain I certainly am 😁 which makes up for the rest of the week!! And it shall continue tomorrow ❤️ now
squirrelbrain Oh dear, bad week? Mine‘s been rubbish too so I foresee tomorrow involving a lot of cake, as well as books.... now
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Wow 😮 thank you Cathy, I shall be sharing these with my meet up buddies tomorrow.
Helen, Emma and Charlotte- I hope you‘re ready for some chocolate courtesy of the lovely Cathy 😘

Cathythoughts Oh great 😂I wasn‘t sure how many of ye would be meeting. Hope it‘s not too much to carry.... 👍🏻❤️have a great meet-up XXX now
TrishB @Cathythoughts I could always leave some at home 😂😂 now
squirrelbrain Oh wow! Thank you so much @Cathythoughts - you‘re so sweet! ❤️ now
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Cathythoughts @TrishB Do leave some at home !! 👍🏻 now
Cathythoughts @squirrelbrain Helen , your welcome! I only wish I could join ye ❤️... (edited) now
charl08 Wow! now
squirrelbrain I wish you could join us too @cathythoughts.... maybe we should have an Irish meet-up one day... 😁 now
Tanisha_A Woah! 🤩 now
Cinfhen Yum 😋 how lovely now
TrishB @cathythoughts @squirrelbrain you never know 😘 now
Cathythoughts @squirrelbrain @TrishB that would be fab ... We should be in England sometime in the next couple of years .. 🤞🏻one of these days now
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Hide and Seek | Ian Rankin
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#lunchtime just felt like a detective read!

Andrew65 What better than Ian Rankin, love his literacy style. 10h
TrishB @Andrew65 read the first only last year and then got a lot of the series for 99p on kindle and have just felt like reading! I‘ve know I‘ve got some good books ahead! 10h
Andrew65 @TrishB It‘s like putting on a cosy blanket when I read these. The next book in the series is one of my favourites. Great ending scene and Rebus in London is hilarious! (edited) 9h
TrishB @Andrew65 I love how you remember books in series 😁 I‘ll look forward to it! 2h
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The Grace Year | Kim Liggett
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Yes it‘s definitely female Lord of the Flies bit of Hunger Games and The Handmaids Tale.....all together to make a good gripping read. I‘m always up for the resistance 👍🏻
Using for #booked2020 #covercrush - I think this is the much nicer cover!

Kalalalatja Well, with a description like that I have to stack! 1d
Hooked_on_books Yeah, way more compelling cover than the US one. I really liked this book. I hope she writes another in the same world. 1d
Cinfhen Yay!!! So glad C‘s pick was a pick 😍 would I hate this? 1d
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TrishB @Cinfhen I would be hesitant as it‘s Y/A but I didn‘t realise that til half way through 🤷‍♀️ 19h
BarbaraTheBibliophage Sounds like a winner! 15h
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The Grace Year | Kim Liggett
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Slow reading week, mad busy....but am enjoying this one when I get the chance!

BarbaraBB Gorgeous cover! 3d
readordierachel I like that edition so much better than the US one 😍 2d
TrishB @BarbaraBB @readordierachel it is a lovely cover ❤️ 2d
Cathythoughts This one sounds great Trish ! Stacked with serious intent 👍🏻❤️ 2d
TrishB @Cathythoughts really enjoying it and hopefully might have some proper reading time later! 2d
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The Grace Year | Kim Liggett
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My daughter picked this weeks, I may need to insert a bit of light reading in here!

Lovesbooks87 The Grace Year was AMAZING! 5d
Cinfhen Oh, dear! Has C read all 3??? 5d
TrishB @Lovesbooks87 I‘m starting with that one 👍🏻 5d
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TrishB @Cinfhen she hasn‘t read any of them- I can read and tell her whether to bother! 5d
Cinfhen You‘re a GOOD MUM 🌻😊 5d
Kalalalatja Interesting to see what you think of these! 5d
TrishB @Kalalalatja not much reading time today, family stuff and footie! 5d
Kalalalatja Yeah, my bf was watching the game - congrats on the win! 🙌😄 5d
TrishB @Kalalalatja thank you 😘 5d
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Girls Burn Brighter | Shobha Rao
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Aghhh, what a bloody heartbreaking book 💔💔
Couldn‘t put it down though and loved these two ‘girls‘
Have an issue with the ending though!!! 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️
#booked2020 #setinindiasouthernasia
Thanks Emma 😘

Kalalalatja It is so good! What was your problem with the ending?? 5d
TrishB @Kalalalatja just seemed a bit too abrupt! And not clear. I shall probably read the ending again in the morning. But a great read. I felt so angry and sad all the way through. 5d
Kalalalatja Ah, now I remember! It definitely was abrupt, I‘ll give you that! And it is that kind of book that makes you sad of the state of the world... 5d
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MelissaSue81 I felt the exact same way! I listened to the entire audiobook in one day around this time last year. So heartbreaking but I loved it, if that makes sense? 5d
JennyM I have had this on my TBR for a while after seeing similar reviews. I might need to bump it up 5d
Cinfhen Should I try it again??? Maybe I‘ll try it on audio 5d
TrishB @MelissaSue81 I know exactly what you mean! 5d
TrishB @JennyM it‘s sad, but I loved the two main characters anyway ❤️ 5d
TrishB @Cinfhen only if you‘re in the mood I‘d say. Not sure if it would be worse on audio 🤷‍♀️ 5d
Centique On my TBR - I‘ll have to have tissues at the ready it seems! 😢 5d
Cathythoughts Sounds really good Trish ! Stacked 5d
TrishB @Centique and you‘ll get heart ache! 5d
TrishB @Cathythoughts tough but good 👍🏻 5d
Andrew65 You‘ve intrigued me enough to make me want to read it. 5d
TrishB @Andrew65 hope you like it 👍🏻 5d
eraderneely I loved the ending! So much of the book was about their journey to find each other, but ending it with their reunion would have been too wrapped up with a neat bow and there is no way the author could have written a reunion to meet my expectations, but now I can imagine it however I want. 5d
TrishB @eraderneely I think I‘ve come round to that today! Nothing would have met my expectations either! 5d
Caroline2 I hated the ending!! The last quarter felt like a completely different book then that ending....?! What a cop out. 🙄 5d
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Girls Burn Brighter | Shobha Rao
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Finished Cry in the Night 👍🏻
The World that we Knew 👍🏻
The Wrath of Angels 👍🏻
Half way through Girls Burn Brighter, which is wonderful but literally breaking my heart 💔

Caroline2 Ill be interested to hear what you think of the ending of this one....! 🤔 6d
Lindy It‘s a heartbreaker for sure. 6d
Cinfhen I tried Girls but it was SO SAD, I put it into #Hibernation 🐻 6d
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TrishB @Caroline2 loved the book, hated the ending! 5d
TrishB @Lindy it definitely was! 5d
TrishB @Cinfhen it was....how do you read all that real sad and not the fiction sad!!? 😘 5d
Cinfhen I know, it‘s weird!! Maybe in fiction I don‘t want sad since I read real life sad 🤷🏼‍♀️ 5d
TrishB @Cinfhen yep, there‘s only room for an allocated amount of sad! 5d
Andrew65 A good week, I keep meaning to try Kerry Wilkinson. 5d
TrishB @Andrew65 I love this series 👍🏻 5d
Andrew65 @TrishB Great to hear. 5d
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I‘m loosely defining the civil rights movement!
Lunch with sisters and big footie match on Sunday!!
No ❄️

4thhouseontheleft Enjoy your weekend plans! 💜 6d
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Few hours in the hairdressers got most of this one read! Great series and always end on a cliff hanger so you just HAVE to read the next one!
#booked2020 #newin2020 - published yesterday, I forgot I preordered and was a nice surprise when I opened the kindle this morning.

Cinfhen I should probably surprise myself with a pre-order!!!! Glad you found quiet time at the hair salon 😘 (edited) 1w
TrishB @Cinfhen they always make me smile! 1w
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Crazeedi Excellent!!❤❤ 1w
BarbaraTheBibliophage Great surprise! 1w
Cathythoughts Nice one ❤️👍🏻 1w
4thhouseontheleft Those types of surprises are the best! 6d
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Hairdresser reading 😁 just started this morning.

Cathythoughts Enjoy! The book & your hair 😊 1w
TrishB @Cathythoughts a relaxing couple of hours! 1w
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Another great one in the series- although these are marketed as a crime series these are becoming more and more supernatural/gothic. Love the stories and characters.
Used for #jennyis30 #hardboiledcrime
6/11 #murder2020

Tove_Reads Haven‘t read any of his. Need to check if my library has them. 1w
TrishB @Tove_Reads one of my fave series 👍🏻 1w
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Meet Up Buddy Up: Everyday Practices | Cindy Faith Miller, Bridget Gaertner
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A few #jbuk members in the North West are having a meet up in Manchester on 25 January. We haven‘t decided exactly what we‘re doing but it will involve books no doubt and food 😁
If anyone in the area wants to join us that would be great, email me: trish.barker@liverpool.ac.uk for more info.

Cathythoughts Oh that‘s fab ! Take loads of pics 👍🏻❤️ 2w
TrishB @Cathythoughts we will 😁 2w
charl08 I have emailed! What a great idea. 1w
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Oryx @Birdsong28 in case you are interested? 1w
Birdsong28 @oryx Trish has emailed me already and I have had to decline this time as it's my sister's birthday on the 25th. If we meet up again I will definitely come and meet you all. I do want to meet you all, maybe we could do something in the summer. Thank you for the thought and tag ❤️😘📚📖 1w
Oryx @Birdsong28 that's a shame - another time for sure. 1w
TrishB @charl08 it‘s my work email so will get to in the morning👍🏻 good to have you onboard! 1w
TrishB @Velvetfur if you‘re interested 👍🏻 1w
TrishB @Birdsong28 hopefully we can get another set up in the summer ❤️ 1w
Velvetfur Thank you for telling me about this Trish! What time would it be happening? Because I'm going on holiday the next day and have to be up at daft o'clock the next morning, so it all depends on time. I hope I can go though!! 1w
TrishB @Velvetfur will email when get to work! 1w
TrishB @charl08 @Velvetfur are you ok with me putting you in our emails and sharing email address? 1w
charl08 Yes, no problem. 1w
Velvetfur @TrishB Yep, fine with me! 1w
Cathythoughts I‘m going mad I can‘t meet you all , but I‘m going to send you some chocs & some bookish bits , I hope that‘s ok , I‘ll keep it small cause you‘ll be travelling ..... but I want to be there one way or another ❤️ I hope this is ok , I‘ll send tomorrow... time is running out 😘 1w
TrishB @Cathythoughts aww thank you 🙏❤️ I shall share between us! One day we shall all meet. 😘 1w
Rissreads Make sure you share a photo please 😊 1w
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The World That We Knew | Alice Hoffman
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Hoffman‘s The Dovekeepers will always be in my top ten books, but saying that, this is the best I‘ve read of hers since then. I loved the characters, the good v evil and the magic ♥️ A really good read.
Curious to know what you didn‘t like Cindy?
Using for #booked2020 #genocide

Lindy Glad to hear you liked this. My YA group will be discussing it at the end of the month (but I haven‘t started it yet). 2w
Tanisha_A Great review! I'd be interested to read this, stacked already. ❤️ 2w
TrishB @Lindy I‘ll look forward to your postings 👍🏻 one bit had me in tears! 2w
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TrishB @Tanisha_A I think you‘ll like it when you get there! 2w
Caroline2 Sounds good, I‘ve stacked it and I‘ve just order the dovekeepers off eBay. 😉 2w
Crazeedi I loved some of her books, a couple not so much. This sounds interesting 2w
TrishB @Crazeedi I‘ve not read them all yet, making my way through slowly! 2w
TrishB @Caroline2 hope you like it now 🤞🏻 2w
LeeRHarry Just finished The Marriage of Opposites and loved that one 😊 2w
TrishB @LeeRHarry I loved that one too 👍🏻 2w
Cinfhen I thought it was a bit overwrought and overwritten. I did love and appreciate how much historically accurate information she managed to include in her story in an unobtrusive way. But overall the story felt “forced” and too intentional ( if that makes sense) 🤷🏼‍♀️ (edited) 2w
TrishB @Cinfhen I thought you were going to say that- I decided to forgive the many coincidences to make the story work as I just really liked where it was going! 2w
Cinfhen I‘m also not a huge fan of magical realism and while I totally love the inclusion of the Golem I wasn‘t particularly interested in her story. I‘m glad you enjoyed it. Alice Hoffman will still be a favorite author, even if I don‘t love everything she writes 2w
4thhouseontheleft Dovekeepers has been sitting on my shelf for a few years. What I'm hearing from you is I should read it soon! And then read this after that. 😜 2w
TrishB @4thhouseontheleft Dovekeepers is amazing 😁 2w
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The World That We Knew | Alice Hoffman
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#weeklyforecast the three off the pile that called to me today! Probably start the Hoffman this morning 🤞🏻

Cinfhen I‘ll be curious to hear your thoughts on the Hoffman/ it wasn‘t my favorite 🤷🏼‍♀️ 2w
Cathythoughts I hope you get to start it this morning... I love Sunday reading ❤️ 2w
TrishB @Cinfhen will let you know 👍🏻 2w
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TrishB @Cathythoughts I got half an hour!! 2w
Kalalalatja Girls Burn Brighter is tough, but really good! 2w
TrishB @Kalalalatja I saw you said that on another post and that‘s why I picked it 🤷‍♀️ looking forward to it though. 2w
TrishB @eraderneely definitely forwarned! 2w
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Read the three from my weekly forecast which I really enjoyed and then added the Chernobyl one and The Silent Patient, both of which were just so-so for me.

Cinfhen 5 books / one week 🙌🏻💖🎊 2w
TrishB @Cinfhen good for a work week 👍🏻 2w
Cinfhen Yes, and it was a work week 😂😂😂 2w
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Cathythoughts Well done 👍🏻 2w
Centique Wow that‘s an amazing week! 🙌🙌 2w
Andrew65 Read 2 of these, that‘s excellent for the first week of the year!👏 (edited) 2w
TrishB @Cathythoughts @Centique @Andrew65 thank you friends ❤️ 2w
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It‘s me, not you! I just didn‘t like the writing style or how the story was told. I loved the politics and the people stories, I didn‘t like the science and the technical bits. I know they were important but maybe a lay persons summary too, not pages and pages that made me feel I was in school!
And jeeeez was this a complete mess. All those poor people lied to.......

Cathythoughts Great pick for this prompt 👍🏻 2w
Cinfhen I‘ve been on the fence about this book for the very reasons you mention!! Im scared it‘s going to be too academic and overly technical 😟 2w
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TrishB @Cinfhen I‘ve never used the kindle dictionary more! I think you could actually miss out those chapters and not miss any of the story. 2w
Cinfhen That‘s good to know!! If it‘s ever again a kindle or audible deal I‘ll pick it up😘 2w
Caroline2 That‘s a shame. You might prefer the one I read. He is from Ukraine and had a lovely personal writing style. 2w
TrishB @caroline2 I‘ve stacked that one 👍🏻 2w
BarbaraTheBibliophage Good pick. Those intensely technical sections sound rough ... 📚👊🏻♥️ 2w
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This sounds fab! Hoping for one in Liverpool!

Velvetfur That would be so fab 😊 2w
eanderson This sounds awesome! 2w
JacqMac That is my kind of social event. How fun! 2w
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Leftcoastzen My local indie does one , I‘ve never tried it ,I must. 2w
Butterfinger I love this. 2w
Bette We had a good regular turnout at our library. ❤️📚👍 We supplied donuts and coffee and only spoke at the end to tell each other what we were reading. 2w
TrishB @Bette that sounds fab 👍🏻 2w
arlenefinnigan Ooh I missed that there's one in Manchester, gonna look for that Facebook post 👍 2w
arlenefinnigan Hmmm. Saturday mornings in a cafe. Bit early and I was hoping for a bar. Maybe I should set one up in Oldham..... 2w
TrishB Go for it 👍🏻 2w
charl08 Wonder if N from N could be persuaded to host one at their shop? 1w
TrishB @charl08 hopefully 🤞🏻🤞🏻 1w
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Going with this for now....keep thinking of others, it‘s nearly as hard as books. You can definitely see my kids influence coming in here!

BarbaraBB I somehow can‘t stand Coldplay (I am the only one in the world I think) but I love the rest of your list, especially Placebo! So cool! And I agree on the kids‘ influence l, although it started in the 2010s for me! (edited) 2w
TrishB @BarbaraBB this is the only Coldplay song I like!! But I do really like it. 2w
BarbaraBB I don‘t know it (to me all Coldplay songs sound alike) but I will look it up. Since you like it, I give it a try! (edited) 2w
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charl08 That girls aloud song is brilliant. 2w
Cinfhen I like The Scientist too by Coldplay although I like 99% of their music @TrishB @BarbaraBB and of course Muse and The Killers 2w
eanderson Lots of good ones on there! 2w
Velvetfur Oh hey I agree about the Girls Aloud song, it's great! 😊 2w
readordierachel Without You I'm Nothing is such a good song 🖤 2w
batsy Fab list! Can't believe I forgot Muse and Placebo! 2w
batsy @BarbaraBB I can't quite stand them either; somehow though I don't mind this one and the one song by them I really love is "Clocks" which I picked for my playlist ? 2w
BarbaraBB @batsy I am happy you can‘t stand them either 👏 2w
TrishB @readordierachel it really is 💜 2w
TrishB @batsy I did that every time I looked at someone‘s list! 2w
DebinHawaii I am on the Coldplay fan side😉but Yellow is my all-time favorite although the Katherine Ho Chinese rendition from Crazy Rich Asians is my new favorite version of it.😍 @Cinfhen @BarbaraBB @TrishB 2w
TrishB @DebinHawaii I may have to have a listen! 2w
DebinHawaii @TrishB It‘s gorgeous! 2w
BookwormAHN Love Placebo 🖤 2w
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Harry Potter | JK Rowling
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2000s , had my daughter in 2001 (this is a 2004 pic but didn‘t have a baby one on my phone!), got married 2004. Decided to have red hair for a bit and graduated with my masters degree in 2009.
Harry Potter became a thing and we had Tony Blair for a long time.

jenniferw88 Ha - spooky! You graduated in 2009, I started my BA in 2009! 2w
Cinfhen Look at C!!! So cute and I‘m liking red head Trish!!! You can rock all the colors ❤️🎸🤟🏽 2w
Cinfhen I was waiting for a HP reference 🤓 2w
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Tanisha_A Love them all! ❤️ 2w
erzascarletbookgasm Great pics and love the red! ❤️ 2w
batsy Love this 💕 2w
LeahBergen Love it! ❤️❤️ 2w
BarbaraBB Love this pictures and how English you are. Tony Blair... those were the days. Not perfect but so much better (here in Holland we had a government focused on a social society back then too). 2w
KarenUK Ooh... like the red too..: 💕 2w
Kalalalatja Great photos! Rocking that red hair 🙌 2w
TrishB @jenniferw88 I was 42! Took a while to get to my masters 😁 2w
Megabooks Great photos! I love the red hair! 2w
TrishB @Cinfhen 😘 thank you. We read HP a lot in the mid-late 00s. 2w
TrishB @BarbaraBB Blair started so well, only later years disappoint sadly. 2w
TrishB @Megabooks thank you 🙏❤️ 2w
BarbaraBB Exactly. 2w
jenniferw88 @TrishB 😁 👍. I had to delay my BA a year because I was being diagnosed with Crohn's Disease when I was meant to start, but didn't get the grades I needed because I was unable to focus on the tests. 2w
Reggie Lol, I love that purple outfit wedding pic!!! And she was such a cutie, your daughter. 2w
readordierachel Fab pics! 2w
JennyM I love how all our hair changes as the decade unfolds! Love these photos, Trish! You are so cool 😎 2w
CarolynM Love the red hair!💕 2w
Cathythoughts Gorgeous pics 💕💕💕 2w
TrishB @jenniferw88 you got there eventually 👍🏻 2w
Balibee146 Fab pics ❤️ 2w
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Today‘s lunchtime read. The author likes obscure, big words, don‘t think I‘ve ever used the dictionary as much on my kindle

AlaMich This book was so good! If you‘re able to see the drama Chernobyl (in the US it was on HBO), but if not, it‘s a must-see. It is excellent. 2w
TrishB @AlaMich I‘ve seen the first episode so far!! I‘m not very good with telly series! 2w
Caroline2 Ohhhh I‘ve been obsessed with all things Chernobyl since seeing the TV series! I‘ve read two books so far, it‘s all so scary and fascinating isn‘t it!!! 😲 2w
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arubabookwoman Just finished this today. Great book! 2w
TrishB @Caroline2 @arubabookwoman there‘s a lot of science which nearly put me off for a bit!! But I‘m keeping on it for now. 2w
Caroline2 Yeah I had to keep asking husband (he has a degree in physics) about that side of it as it‘s hard to get your head round isn‘t it. 2w
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The Silent Patient | Alex Michaelides
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These books are feeling like junk food, can‘t put them down because you have to get through them, but never completely satisfy you at the end.
#jennyis30 #suspense

bookaholic1 I hear you 2w
KarenUK I think I‘m ready to break up with these kinda books for a while.... 2w
Mrs_B That‘s a very good way of describing them, I know what you mean. 2w
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Cinfhen Love the analogy!! 2w
TrishB Also 5/7 #murder2020 @Tove_Reads (edited) 2w
TrishB @bookaholic1 @KarenUK @Mrs_B @Cinfhen they‘re all a bit samey now!! 2w
Tove_Reads I know the feeling. A bad ending can kill the whole book. A good ending with a mediocre story can save it. 2w
Tove_Reads Behind her eyes had the worst ending ever. 2w
Cathythoughts I wasn‘t a fan of this one either... I bailed 2w
TrishB @Cathythoughts I finished, but 🤷‍♀️ 2w
Caroline2 Ha!! They are like junk food!! I can only read one of these types of thrillers about every 6mths. 😆 2w
TrishB @Caroline2 I much prefer a detective read! 2w
Caroline2 @TrishB yeah I find detective books just as junky and I have to take breaks between them too. 🤷‍♀️ but I still love em!!! 😆 2w
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The Silent Patient | Alex Michaelides
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Having some lunch and a read in my fave vege cafe after just waving my daughter back off to uni. By waving I mean crying of course!!
Some me time before I trudge back to work. Just starting this one.

Cinfhen Drowning your sorrows in a bowl of vegan soup seems like a good plan 😘 2w
saresmoore ♥️♥️♥️ 2w
Cathythoughts ❤️💔.... 2w
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kathedron 2w
MicheleinPhilly ☹️ 2w
Balibee146 ❤️❤️ 2w
TrishB @Cinfhen a fine substitute for wine! 2w
Suet624 😳😳😭😭🥴🥴💔💔❤️ 2w
TrishB @Suet624 😘😢 2w
LeahBergen Aww!! 😭😭 2w
Cinfhen How was C??? 2w
TrishB @Cinfhen 😢 hopefully settled back in now! She has exams next 2 weeks so doesn‘t help. Home for a long weekend next week though! 2w
Cinfhen That‘s good that she‘s distracted by exams and then another visit to look forward too😘 2w
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A Place for Us: A Novel | Fatima Farheen Mirza
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This was a sad, family story, really good story telling (though I‘m probably done with non linear for at least a few books!). Dealt with multiple modern issues very well. Had a little cry at a couple of points.
Using for #millennialauthor #booked2020

BarbaraTheBibliophage Good job! 📚♥️👊🏻 2w
Cinfhen I was thinking of using this one for the same prompt 🧠 2w
Cathythoughts Well done 👍🏻 2w
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TrishB @Cinfhen I think it was one of your posts that reminded me I had this on the pile! 2w
Reggie Oof, the part where the dad is telling his grandson to tell his friend on the phone that they can find a way back...😭😭😭 2w
TrishB @Reggie and where he‘s trying to talk to him when he‘s drunk ☹️ tbh I thought it was going to end with him being dead so this was slightly more bearable! 2w
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A Place for Us: A Novel | Fatima Farheen Mirza
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#lunchtimeread just started this one on the bus this morning!

cathysaid REALLY enjoyed this one! 2w
Lesliereads Yes - I loved this book! 2w
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TrishB @cathysaid @Tamra @Lesliereads great stuff 👍🏻 didn‘t get very far today, but enjoyed what I‘ve read 👍🏻 2w
Tamra @suvata just posted how much she loved it too! 2w
TrishB @Tamra oh how cool 👍🏻 2w
JennyM I love this book. I really hope you do too, Trish 2w
TrishB @JennyM a good read so far 👍🏻 2w
Reggie Oof, can‘t wait to see what you think on this one. This one tore me up on the insides. 2w
Cathythoughts I did start it ( a tiny start ) ... I might give it a bit more time ... lots of Litsy love ! Enjoy Trish 2w
BookNAround I loved this one. It was definitely a gut puncher though. 2w
TrishB @Cathythoughts oh it really warms up, made me cry 😢 2w
TrishB @BookNAround it definitely was. 2w
TrishB @Reggie so sad Reggie, as a parent I felt so sorry for them 😢 had a little cry! 2w
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I Found My Tribe | Ruth Fitzmaurice
post image

#buddyread with @Cinfhen gave it a pick because I was so engrossed in the story - I know what you mean about the writing, but I think it matched her life really and I would have felt the story would have been even more painful told in a linear, straightforward manner.
But, this is why I can‘t read real life sad very often, they are inside my head now and I‘m thinking about her and those kids! 👇🏻

TrishB Trying not to sound judgemental- I don‘t think I could have planned to have two more kids!! (edited) 2w
TrishB The Pooh Bear plate and the dog did me too. 2w
TrishB And he died on my 50th b.day!! 2w
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TrishB Using for chronic illness - #jennyis30 @jenniferw88 2w
Cinfhen Oh wow !! I didn‘t pay attention to the date and I should have warned u about the dog 😞I‘m glad you liked this one more than I did. I felt pretty awful not loving it more. I‘m pretty sure we have more books to buddyread 😜 2w
TrishB @Cinfhen I‘m sure we have! Just maybe fiction 😁 2w
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The Long Call | Ann Cleeves
post image

Using tagged book for detective prompt.

The Long Call | Ann Cleeves
post image

Managed to finish after getting in from the footie (woohoo ⚽️).
I was definitely not starting any new series, nope, well......usual great writing, a good murder mystery and a new detective and colleagues 👍🏻 look forward to the next one.
#murder2020 3/6
I still haven‘t finished her other two series 🤷‍♀️

Cathythoughts Sounds great ❤️👍🏻I‘m looking forward to this one too 3w
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The Long Call | Ann Cleeves
post image

#weeklyforecast currently reading The Long Call and loving it. Then onto I Found My Tribe and then I may start A Place for Us. Going to the footie later so not much reading time and back to work tomorrow after three weeks off ☹️ so not being too ambitious.

Cinfhen Footie Sunday is BACK✊🏽 3w
Velvetfur Three weeks off?! Alright for some! 😂 Only joking, you deserve it as I know you work really hard 👍 Hope work is OK when you get back xx 3w
JennyM Hubby also goes back tomorrow and he is in such a grump this Sunday night! Thinking of you and hope you have a gentle day easing back into it 3w
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Butterfinger Hope your first day back is great. 3w
TrishB @Cinfhen it‘s a big cup game today!! 3w
TrishB @Velvetfur Uni is closed for a week and a half so I like to take a couple of days either side 😁 it‘s worse going back though!! 3w
TrishB @JennyM that will be me later! The footie score will either make it bearable or unbearable!! 3w
TrishB @Butterfinger thank you 🤞🏻🤞🏻 3w
Cinfhen Go Red ❤️ 3w
Velvetfur @TrishB That's the way to do holidays right 👍😀 3w
TrishB @Cinfhen ⚽️🤞🏻 3w
Balibee146 Here's to a good footie result ⚽⚽ hope tomorrow you get to ease back into it ❤️ 3w
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About Grace | Anthony Doerr
post image

#bookreport finished the top three from last weeks forecast. Loved them all. Read Fleishman yesterday, thought provoking, annoying and well written. Started About Grace in bed last night, only read a couple of chapters and not doing it for me yet, but will give a bit longer this morning.

Cinfhen Good reading week!!! I‘m stlll finishing up some books/ listens 3w
TrishB @Cinfhen I‘ve given up on About Grace....so slow I‘m going backwards.... 3w
Cinfhen Too bad but #SoManyBooksSoLittleTime Do u want to try the NF u sent me??? I could squeeze it in this week 3w
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TrishB @Cinfhen good for me! No reading plans after current one so works well. 3w
Cinfhen Oh good!!! I‘ll start it tonight 🤞🏼🤞🏼our track record doesn‘t look too promising \ hopefully we can start fresh in 2020 3w
TrishB @Cinfhen 🤞🏻🤞🏻 new year, new us 😁 3w
Balibee146 I wasn't keen on All The Light We Cannot See - wouldn't be keen to read him again so this seals that for me. Bummer but plenty more and better books to make you happy 📚 3w
TrishB @Balibee146 so true!! 3w
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Fleishman Is in Trouble: A Novel | Taffy Brodesser-Akner
post image

Using tagged one for #family - though not necessarily a family you would want to be in!

jenniferw88 You're on a roll! 3w
TrishB @jenniferw88 it will all go down hill quickly when I go back to work on Monday! 3w
squirrelbrain Ooh that‘s a good idea. I could use this one for the same prompt, with the same comment; not the best kind of family! 3w
TrishB @squirrelbrain a good plan 👍🏻 3w
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Fleishman Is in Trouble: A Novel | Taffy Brodesser-Akner
post image

It‘s a pick because I couldn‘t put it down and because it has totally riled me in so many ways. I don‘t know where to start really. As a disclaimer I have been divorced, I have remarried and currently earn 4x more than my hubby. I am ambitious, but I love my kids more than any of this and see them as my best thing that‘s ever happened to me.
These are not likeable people in horrible situations they mainly put themselves in 👇🏻

TrishB Do they ever talk to each other? Decide what they really want? 3w
Suet624 Great writing and sometimes quite funny - the poor guy was a doctor and seen as a low wage earner! - but frustrating as all get out. 3w
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MelissaSue81 I‘m reading this one now too. 3w
Reggie Nice review!!!! I think the end was the author‘s way of saying everything was gonna be alright because she returns home, in the rain, but you can‘t just write that ending (is what I meant)after all that trauma!!! Like you said, do they ever really talk to each other? I‘m glad you read this! (edited) 3w
TrishB @Suet624 yes I thought it was bizarre he was considered a low wage earner and not a respectable job! I think the author tied it up so neatly as it was so depressing- to at least give us a glimmer of hope! (edited) 3w
TrishB @MelissaSue81 I‘ll look out for your review!! 3w
TrishB @Reggie I think I feel slightly more sympathetic to Rachel then you- yes if she‘d have been a man we‘d have still thought crappy dad - but we would have just gone 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ instead we judged very harshly. 3w
TrishB @Reggie very well written though as I‘m still twisting it all round in my head!! 3w
batsy Lovely review! It's been on my radar thanks to other Littens and your review has intrigued me further! 3w
TrishB @batsy I will definitely look forward to your review 👍🏻 3w
Reggie Yeah, it‘ll stick with you for a bit. 3w
mcctrish I agree with you. It is totally compelling. Is it in my top 10 last year? Nope. But maybe I‘m just so different from the characters and their choices and what I want from life 🤷🏻‍♀️I‘m glad I borrowed it 3w
BarbaraBB Very good review. I agree with @Suet624 on the doctor‘s salary, it annoyed the hell out of me, as did the choices Rachel made. But the fact that I am so agitated makes it a good book I suppose! 3w
marleed I‘ve thought about this book so often over the last couple of months. The perspectives have just sat with me and can‘t find their way out of my head. Many books I read, finish, and like but give little thought beyond the last page - not this one! 3w
TrishB @BarbaraBB @marleed the fact we‘re all still talking about it says a lot! 3w
TrishB @mcctrish I‘ll see by the end of the year! I don‘t have to agree or be the same as characters for a book to make my top ten. I‘m usually more open to the challenge of them being different! 3w
mcctrish I worded that badly, they were so unlikeable I was surprised I wanted to keep reading. But despite my unwillingness to put it down, it didn‘t make my top 10 3w
Hooked_on_books I had no idea how to review this one after I read it, so bravo for finding a way! I also couldn‘t really tell if it was overhyped or brilliant. I‘m rarely this stymied by a book, so it clearly did something to me! 3w
JennyM Great review, Trish! The book irked me in so many ways, too but I think, for me, that‘s the whole point. Still thinking about it a few months on X (edited) 3w
TrishB @mcctrish 👍🏻 3w
TrishB @Hooked_on_books I think it will have different reactions depending on people‘s life experiences 🤷‍♀️ but we‘ve definitely all reacted to it! 3w
TrishB @JennyM yes - definitely the point, every time you thought something along came another perspective that just pushed some more buttons! So well written! 😘 3w
Cathythoughts Great review ❤️👍🏻I agree , so well written, I couldn‘t put it down either. Looking forward to her next one 3w
TrishB @Cathythoughts be really interesting to see what she does next 👍🏻 3w
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Fleishman Is in Trouble: A Novel | Taffy Brodesser-Akner
post image

Last working day off and trying to read this. Daughter is still home and revising for exams so I‘ve got constant geography facts being shouted out!! Not sure how much reading will take place.

Cinfhen Enjoy!!!!! 3w
marleed I loved the perspectives presented in this book. I gave it 5 stars! 3w
TrishB @Cinfhen I did, I think! 3w
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TrishB @marleed excellently written and certainly made you think. 3w
Cinfhen Even more curious to read this book!! Saw your review ~ WOW!!! Book seems to be very polarizing/ leaves a reaction in EVERYONE 😲 3w
TrishB @Cinfhen have to admit at first I thought, rich people‘s problems (which is a genre I can always give a miss!) but it‘s more and just sucks you in. It‘s hard not to have an opinion and very well written. 3w
Cinfhen Everybody says you need to give this book time to fully simmer 3w
TrishB @Cinfhen I agree! Will revisit my thoughts probably as people post! 3w
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Case Histories: A Novel | Kate Atkinson
post image

Tagged one is classed as literary crime in Amazon - using for #literary #jennyis30

erzascarletbookgasm I was thinking of ✅ this square with the book too! 3w
TrishB @erzascarletbookgasm great minds 👍🏻 3w
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Case Histories: A Novel | Kate Atkinson
post image

Loved it as much as first time ❤️
#belowzer00s #buddyread can‘t wait to discuss with others.
#booked2020 #animaloncover
#literary #jennyis30 - described as literary crime on Amazon!

LeahBergen Such a great read. 👍🏻 3w
TrishB @LeahBergen there‘s nothing I don‘t love about these books ♥️ 3w
Cathythoughts I loved this one 👍🏻❤️ 3w
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Cinfhen My cover is different than yours 😫no dog 😢and I‘m having trouble getting into this book 😳 3w
BarbaraBB I am looking forward to it. I hope I can start it this weekend. 3w
TrishB @Cathythoughts I love her writing and characters 💜 3w
TrishB @Cinfhen it does start to come together, but it maybe Atkinson isn‘t for you. And no dog on cover 😕 (edited) 3w
TrishB @BarbaraBB hope you like it 🤞🏻 3w
4thhouseontheleft I must have an #unpopularopinion because I hated this book. @Cinfhen I‘ll be curious to see what your final thoughts are! 3w
Andrew65 I‘m waiting for the audiobook to come in them will be reading book 2 in the series, I enjoyed this one. On another note Liverpool a year undefeated in the Premiership, wow what a record! 🙌 Jurgen Klopp 👏👏👏👏🤩 (edited) 3w
TrishB @Andrew65 I‘m still not counting my chickens, but we‘re pretty good at the moment 😁😁 Jurgen is a fantastic manager. Love him to bits. 3w
Andrew65 @TrishB Why wouldn‘t you! Has to be the best manager in the world at the moment on recent track record, even ground down Pep Guardiola. As Jurgen has said not focusing on the Premiership just one game at a time. He is a great infectious character. 3w
JanuarieTimewalker13 First Book I ever posted a review for on Litsy!!! Love KA! 3w
TrishB @Andrew65 exactly 👍🏻 3w
TrishB @JanuarieTimewalker13 that‘s cool that you remember!! I think she‘s great too 👍🏻 3w
Cinfhen I‘ll keep u posted @4thhouseontheleft but Trish might be right, KA might not be the right author for me 😬 3w
Bklover @Cinfhen I am loving this one, but was pretty lukewarm about Life after Life. Have you read that one? This one is making me laugh. Maybe that says something about me that I am finding enormous humor in a book about murders. 3w
Cinfhen HATED HATED HATED life after life @Bklover 3w
TrishB @Bklover you are definitely supposed to laugh! Even with the topic. @Cinfhen I‘m a massive KA fan but Life After Life is my least fave of hers, the style just ruined the story. 3w
Bklover @TrishB I will definitely be checking out the rest of the Brodie books. Life After Life seems like it was written by a different author! 3w
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Period | Emma Barnett
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Finished tagged book today for #feminism

CarolynM Good start! 3w
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Period | Emma Barnett
post image

Funny, yet hard hitting and intelligent look at periods in today‘s society(s). Specifically at the silence surrounding them and the shameful tinge attached to them.
Some of the stories #makesmelol - #booked2020
Also #feminism #jennyis30
And #readwithmrbook - #1wordtitle (will repost later in the month!)

4thhouseontheleft This sounds like a book I would really like. 3w
BennettBookworm Those names on the cover are so funny/strange. 3w
BarbaraTheBibliophage Interesting! And way to #doubledip! 3w
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TrishB @4thhouseontheleft it‘s an interesting read! 3w
TrishB @BennettBookworm they are from the glossary of alternative names other than period 🤷‍♀️ (edited) 3w
TrishB @BarbaraTheBibliophage was very happy it fitted different challenges! 3w
Cinfhen Fabulous way to kick off 2020 3w
Cinfhen I‘m so down for this!!!!! 3w
MrBook 😁👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻😎🙌🏻 3w
squirrelbrain Yay! Glad you liked it.... 3w
TrishB @squirrelbrain it was funny, but so true! 3w
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I got to 18 quite easily, then had about 5 to try and choose for 19, so decided to stick with 18. #top18in19

Centique Exciting list! What is the third one and the sixth one along the top? 3w
TrishB @Centique third is The Heavy Bear by Tim Bowling a very quirky novel that doesn‘t really have a plot but I loved. The other one is Ghost Wall which you will either love or hate! 3w
Centique @TrishB thank you! 😘 3w
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KarenUK Love A tree grows in Brooklyn! And I picked the Haruf too.... have a Ghost wall to read next year.... 3w
Cathythoughts I have Unsheltered ... I‘ll def give it a try now 👍🏻❤️ 3w
Kalalalatja Definitely some I need to pick up! Great list 🙌 3w
TrishB @KarenUK I‘ll look forward to your thoughts on Ghost Wall 👍🏻 3w
TrishB @Cathythoughts 🤞🏻 I hope you like it! 3w
BarbaraBB Sal! That‘s one I‘ve been wanting to read too. 3w
TrishB @BarbaraBB it‘s sad and funny, sort of! 3w
BarbaraBB Oh and I now notice Notes of an Exhibition! I loved that one too when I read it long ago. 3w
TrishB @BarbaraBB I only discovered Gale this year! 3w
LeahBergen I must pick up Irish Princess. 👍🏻 3w
TrishB @LeahBergen it‘s another good one 👍🏻 3w
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post image

Will be squeezing this one in today, which will take December to 15 books and 238 for the year 😁 which is around average for me, I won‘t be getting to one a day until I retire I guess.
#december/eoystats #deardecember

Cinfhen Wowza!!!! I‘ve never gotten that high a number 🙌🏻❤️🎉 3w
Freespirit That's so amazing!! 3w
RachelO 😮 🎉📚🎉📚! 3w
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Blaire Whoa! I almost bought this one the other day. 3w
TrishB @Cinfhen @Freespirit @RachelO it‘s been near enough the same for years now, I read pretty much the same amount at the same speed!! 3w
TrishB @Blaire weird 👍🏻 it was a Christmas gift 🎁 3w
Emilymdxn I dream of managing one a day just one year but I‘m starting to think it can‘t be done! 3w
TrishB @Emilymdxn it‘s my retirement goal! 3w
Emilymdxn @Trishb I aimed to do it the year after I graduated but I‘ve kept not managing! One year I got 362 sooo close! 3w
Eggs You had a great year!! 3w
Balibee146 Amazing numbers 🎉🎉🎉🎉 3w
LeahBergen I hope you like this one! ❤️ 3w
TrishB @Eggs @Balibee146 👍🏻😘 3w
TrishB @LeahBergen not my usual thing at all (too small!) but a lovely, poignant read to end the year on. 💜 3w
LeahBergen Right? I thought much the same but really enjoyed it. 3w
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The New Girl: A Novel | Daniel Silva
post image

This was supposed to be my last read of the year- but I have tomorrow now 🤷‍♀️.
Anyway, this was a fast paced, good read, very current and up to date references.
Another series I‘m now up up to date with 😁

MicheleinPhilly I might just rot my brain with tv tomorrow instead of starting something else. 3w
TrishB @MicheleinPhilly I‘ll probably have to do this all night! 3w
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The New Girl: A Novel | Daniel Silva
post image

When your chapter matches your bookmark 😁 book synchronicity

Cinfhen Cool 💙 4w
Scochrane26 That‘s a pretty bookmark. 4w
TrishB @Scochrane26 it is very - a Litsy gift 😁 4w
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Cathythoughts Perfection ✨✨✨✨✨ 4w
Lindy 👌 4w
LeahBergen 👏🏻👏🏻 4w
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Case Histories: A Novel | Kate Atkinson
post image

Starting the most up to date Silva today (because I know I can dip in and out). Period my next read and then Case Histories - a reread, but first read a long time ago!

Megabooks I want to read it‘s about bloody time! 4w
TrishB @Megabooks I‘m looking forward to it! Wanted it since @squirrelbrain review! 4w
squirrelbrain It‘s really good @Megabooks - I hope it lives up to my hype @TrishB ! 4w
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Balibee146 ❤️ The Jackson Brodie books... Need to reread myself but planned a Pratchett re read for 2020 😁📚 Have a great week 👍 4w
Emilymdxn I really want to read the period book! 4w
Cinfhen That title alone makes me want to read the book @Megabooks @squirrelbrain @Emilymdxn 4w
TrishB @squirrelbrain I‘m sure it will! 4w
TrishB @Balibee146 re-reading for a buddy read with @Cinfhen and others for the 00s. Don‘t usually reread at all but I know I‘ll enjoy this 👍🏻 4w
TrishB @Emilymdxn @Cinfhen looking forward to a couple of hours once chaos is over! 4w
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This Tender Land: A Novel | William Kent Krueger
post image

I try not to look at reviews whilst reading a book , so I was slightly surprised by the negative ones when I finished!! I loved this book, thought Odie was a lovely narrator and the story just flowed with the river.
I guess it‘s good we don‘t all like the same 😁!!

JanuarieTimewalker13 Oh I‘m so happy!! I saw the negative reviews too and it was a BOTM pick for me. You just bumped it up for me, thank you! 4w
TrishB @JanuarieTimewalker13 🤞🏻🤞🏻 you love it. 4w
SilversReviews OHHHHH....such a FAB book!! I am surprised about a negative review/comment on this book.Wow!! (edited) 4w
TrishB @SilversReviews 👍🏻 quite a few on here. But we all like different things. 4w
SilversReviews @TrishB Exactly....everyone has different tastes. 4w
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This Tender Land: A Novel | William Kent Krueger
post image

#bookreport - not the best reading week- too much socialising with family and friends!
Finished The Burning Soul, about half way through Gutsy Women and about 3/4 of the way through This Tender Land (which I‘m loving).

Cathythoughts Oh me too Trish ... very little reading with all the seasonal meet ups ! I‘ll post a #forcast tomorrow & hopefully get back into some kind of reading routine again 👍🏻❤️ 4w
TrishB @Cathythoughts I‘m yearning for some alone time! But won‘t be any I think until later this week. More stuff over the next few days. ❤️ 4w
batsy Almost zero reading time for me as well! That time of the year 😁 4w
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TrishB @batsy fingers crossed for both of us 🤞🏻🤞🏻 for better this week! 4w
SilversReviews LOVED This Tender Land!! 4w
kaysworld1 I tried reading gutsy woman bit the font was far too small gave me a head ache trying to see the word's. 4w
TrishB @kaysworld1 it is small font! I‘m reading by themes so not all at once. 4w
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The Overstory | Richard Powers
post image

Waterstones sale today ?the Daniel Silva one was £ and brings me up to date in the series (this is still over (d0 on Amazon for some reason- have been waiting for it to come down) Qb each for the other two.

squirrelbrain Bargains! 📚❤️ 4w
Centique That‘s a great haul! 4w
TrishB @squirrelbrain @Centique was very pleased 😊❤️ 4w
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Reggie What a nice cover on the Overstory. I hope you like it TrishB! 4w
TrishB @Reggie I couldn‘t resist it at that price and all the Litsy love, will let you know when I get to it. 4w
Balibee146 Oooh yi really want Overstory and £3 would be good..... But can I be bothered trailing a town over and trying to park for Waterstones 🤔🤔🙄🙃😵 lol 4w
TrishB @Balibee146 I was already going to town to the pictures so I just detoured! This one isn‘t on the website either, though there are loads of current hardbacks for half price online. (edited) 4w
Balibee146 Thanks @TrishB I've got visitors and a dog staying so don't think I can be bothered lol... The audible sample sounds good too so was already thinking I'd go for that format initially. Thanks must look on their website... Got some Christmas money lol 👍😘 4w
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If It Bleeds | Stephen King
post image

So many to choose from. The new Kathy Reichs mainly because she‘s been on a long break for health reasons and I didn‘t think we were ever getting a new book, glad she‘s well enough for another one 👍🏻
I think I‘ll get many more from other people‘s posts.

KarenUK I forgot about the Hilary Mantel! Very exciting..... 😊💕 4w
Cathythoughts Another screen shot for me to take ❤️👍🏻 4w
Bookwormjillk Wow, I had no idea so many of my favorites had new books coming out. It‘s going to be a great year! 4w
See All 15 Comments
TrishB @Cathythoughts that‘s what I‘ve been doing! 😘 4w
TrishB @KarenUK it definitely is! 4w
TrishB @Bookwormjillk it definitely is! 4w
Balibee146 Fantastic list... Screenshoting👍📃👍❤️ 4w
erzascarletbookgasm Wow, my 2020 ‘want-to-read‘ list is growing so fast from all these posts! 4w
Penny_LiteraryHoarders Nice looking list!!! 4w
CarolynM I'm actually dreading the Hilary Mantel. I'll have to read it but I don't want her to go where she has to go. 4w
Kalalalatja I‘m so excited about the new from Emily St. John Mandel! 4w
LeahBergen @CarolynM Right??? Me, too! 😫 4w
TrishB @CarolynM @LeahBergen I‘m looking forward to seeing how she writes it!! 4w
TrishB @Kalalalatja keeping my fingers crossed we‘re not hyping too much! 4w
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post image

There are some fantastic offers in the U.K. kindle sale today, I got the above 😁 it‘s my Boxing Day tradition when I get up and buy a few kindle books in the sale.

BkClubCare Happy Boxing Day 1mo
Cinfhen I loved this one!!!! Great deal 1mo
TrishB @BkClubCare you too😁 1mo
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TrishB @Cinfhen it has great reviews on Litsy! And #99ponkindle can‘t go wrong! 1mo
squirrelbrain Thanks! Got Red at the Bone and Miracle Creek! 😘 1mo
TrishB @squirrelbrain some good ones aren‘t there! I enjoyed Miracle Creek. Two of my IRL friends who read but not bonkers read like us asked me to pick three each for them! They don‘t know how difficult that was....but also enjoyable 😁 1mo
Balibee146 I'll be back in 20 mins 😬😉🙃 1mo
squirrelbrain I love that - ‘bonkers read‘! 🤣 1mo
eanderson I‘ve seen some authors post sales and I‘m dying because it‘s only in the UK not here in the states! 😕 1mo
TrishB @squirrelbrain describes us exactly! 1mo
TrishB @eanderson they never happen at the same time! 1mo
erzascarletbookgasm Such great deals! 👍 I‘m not jealous here! 1mo
TrishB @erzascarletbookgasm I‘m made up! So pleased at the bargains this year 😁 1mo
MicheleinPhilly We got a couple of the same. ☺️ 1mo
Penny_LiteraryHoarders I'm halfway through A Better Man right now! 🌲🌲🌲 1mo
TrishB @MicheleinPhilly great minds 😘 1mo
TrishB @Penny_LiteraryHoarders I have the first ten in paperback and I‘ve read 8, but I was planning on buying the remaining ones on kindle due to space so this is a good start!! Hope it‘s a good one 👍🏻 1mo
rabbitprincess My mum received the hardcover edition of A Better Man for Christmas! It's really a gift for me too, because I will borrow it eventually 😂 1mo
Cathythoughts Nice one 👍🏻must look some up ❤️ 1mo
TrishB @Cathythoughts there are a lot to choose from! 4w
TrishB @rabbitprincess sensible book buying! 4w
Cathythoughts I got Red At The Bone & Guilty Feminist .... cheers 🥂 4w
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Period | Emma Barnett
post image

Thank you Father Bookmas 🎄🎅 🎁
Hope those that are celebrating are having fun.

vivastory Father Bookmas, I'll definitely be stealing that phrase! Happy Holidays! 🎄📚 1mo
MicheleinPhilly Excellent haul! Enjoy your day! 1mo
AmyG Ooooo. Merry Christmas 🎄 1mo
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ravenlee I‘m looking forward to your review of The Crusaders; it looks interesting. Merry Christmas! 1mo
Velvetfur That's a good book haul! Merry Christmas my dear 😊🎄🎁💜 1mo
umbrellagirl Merry Christmas 🎄🎄 1mo
Crazeedi Merry Christmas! Looks like Santa was very good to you!!🤗🥰❤ 1mo
Bookzombie Merry Christmas! 🎄 1mo
Centique Merry Christmas Trish! A great book haul 😍 1mo
Kalalalatja Looks like a great haul! Merry Christmas 🎁🎄🎁🎄 1mo
CarolynM Nice haul! 1mo
LeahBergen A new Ariel for you! Merry Christmas! 😘 1mo
Cathythoughts You did well 👍🏻❤️ & Thankyou so much for my lovely card ! Hope you are having a lovely few days 😘 1mo
TrishB @Centique @Kalalalatja @CarolynM @Cathythoughts happy you all had a lovely day whatever you were up to 😘 1mo
TrishB @LeahBergen Father Christmas did well to get that one in 😁👍🏻 1mo
Reggie You must have been on Father Bookmas‘s nice list! Merry Christmas, Trish! 1mo
batsy Nice! And that edition of Ariel 😍 Father Bookmas knows you well 🤗 1mo
TrishB @Reggie I tried 😁 hope you‘ve had some time off to enjoy. 1mo
TrishB @batsy 😁😁 it‘s really lovely. 1mo
Cinfhen Hahaha #FatherBookMas did right by you ❤️ 1mo
TrishB @Cinfhen he definitely did! Though not much reading has been done at all!! 4w
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Becoming | Michelle Obama
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We have a pyjama exchange on Christmas Eve- it gets very competitive as someone wins most original! These are mine off hubby this year 😁😁 I know I‘m not American and Michelle‘s not running, but they‘re still the best pyjamas 🎄🎄

Emilymdxn We gotta take our optimism where it comes even if we‘re not American and she‘s not running! I love these pjs 1mo
StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego Omg I wish! (Not American either, but I love her 😆) 1mo
MicheleinPhilly I wish! BEST present! 1mo
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Pogue Those are amazing! 1mo
squirrelbrain They‘re amazing! ❤️❤️ 1mo
Graciouswarriorprincess Love that idea and those pjs!!! Merry Christmas! 1mo
saresmoore I love them! 1mo
CBee Oh, how I wish 😭😭😭 1mo
melbeautyandbooks ❤️ I love them! 1mo
julesG Great PJs! 1mo
AmyG I love this! 1mo
lele1432 Lol! ♥️ 1mo
dariazeoli Love this! 💕 1mo
JenReadsAlot Awesome!! 1mo
Megabooks Totally awesome!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 1mo
Cinfhen Brilliant and I was waiting to see what MY FAVORITE Michele had to say 😁 @MicheleinPhilly 1mo
UwannaPublishme So cool! 😍👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 1mo
Flaneurette Oh I wish! Love them 1mo
Dawnrod1970 Love love love ❤️ 1mo
Kdgordon88 💕💕💕 1mo
LeahBergen Very cool!! 1mo
Bookzombie I wish! I love them too. 1mo
Hooked_on_books These are fantastic! 1mo
Kalalalatja PERFECT PJ! 🙌🙌 #Michelle4prez 1mo
GingerAntics Those are the best!!! And I‘d vote for her!!! 1mo
Cathythoughts Brilliant !!! ✨❤️ 1mo
CarolynM Excellent! Merry Christmas, Trish 😘🎄 1mo
youneverarrived These are brilliant 🙌 1mo
4thhouseontheleft 😍😍 1mo
Graywacke I wish. We could forget all these imperfect candidates and damn the current creep. But I don‘t think she wants the job. 4w
TrishB @Graywacke I wouldn‘t blame her one bit! 4w
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Thank you lovely Litsy friends, Ali, Rachel and Jessie. These all look amazing looking forward to reading them 😁. Grateful for Litsy and so many wonderful friends, hope you have a lovely Christmas 🎄🎅💜
Happy Christmas to all those celebrating.

squirrelbrain Lots of great-sounding books there! ❤️ 1mo
erzascarletbookgasm Wishing you all the blessings of a wonderful Christmastime. Happy reading! 💕 1mo
MicheleinPhilly Merry Christmas to you and the family! 😘 1mo
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TrishB @squirrelbrain I know - always amazed when haven‘t even heard of so many books! 1mo
TrishB @erzascarletbookgasm and to you and your family ♥️ 1mo
TrishB @MicheleinPhilly and to you and yours Michele 😘❤️ 1mo
Suet624 You have some terrific friends. You must be a terrific person. Have a wonderful Christmas. 💝 💝 1mo
Cinfhen ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ 1mo
Balibee146 @Suet624 she is an awesome person 👍 Enjoy @TrishB 😘😘😘 1mo
LeahBergen Oooo! A Month in the Country, Black Wings Has My Angel, The Hours Before Dawn ... loved them all! Happy Holidays, friend! 😘😘 1mo
TrishB @Suet624 @Balibee146 awww thank you 😘 you‘re all amazing. 1mo
TrishB @Cinfhen 😘😘 1mo
TrishB @LeahBergen excited for them all 😁 have a great Christmas 🎄😘 1mo
batsy What a lovely selection 💕 1mo
TrishB @batsy excited for them ❤️ 1mo
RachelO Hope you‘re having a lovely break Trish 😊. Haven‘t we co-ordinated tgem nicely 😉 1mo
TrishB @RachelO I am, hope you‘re enjoying yourself 😘 and these are wonderfully coordinated! 😂😂 1mo
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