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Full Moon and Star | Lee Bennett Hopkins
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So Hollywood. These two kids write a play about doing things together forever. Pure fantasy. We all know that by middle school they won‘t even speak to each other anymore! Either Kyle or Katie‘s family will move away and that will be that. Or they‘ll sue each other over the rights to this crappy play and become enemies.

LibrarianRyan ⭐️👍 4mo
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Celebrate Through Heartsongs | Mattie J. T. Stepanek
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I loved the paintings in this book. So sweet, innocent, and yet powerful.

#poetry #poem #art #artwork #paintings #artist #fingerpainting #unity #love

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Cleveland is a social scientist and Christian. This book is aimed at creating awareness about the ways in which our natural biases and tendencies create division in the body of Christ and how to work against that. There‘s good information here, but the author is so repetitive that I felt like I was reading the same points over and over. It did create some good discussion in our small group though, so it was helpful there.

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This one just never worked for me.

Little Women | Louisa May Alcott
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#FierceFeb #Unity When I think of unity (or U.N.I.T.Y.) I think of the March sisters--although they have have their troubles and disagreements, some more serious than others, Meg, Jo, Beth & Amy remain united.

Cinfhen Nice one 😉#GirlPower(Thing) 2y
rubyslippersreads Great pick! 2y
batsy Love this! 2y
Nidhi_Ashok It's still in my tbr pile 😪 2y
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Dark Matter | Blake Crouch
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#fiercefeb #unity. Okay I have no idea what this means. Maybe a union of multiverses or a union of tree and sky ? Or ? Happy Tuesday!

MayJasper 😀 good for you 2y
Dragon Thanks @MayJasper 👍😀🐉 2y
Richryan52 @dragon Let me know what you think of the book 2y
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batsy Either way, great picture!! 2y
Dragon Thanks @batsy 😀🐉 2y
Dragon Thanks @Richryan52 just started the ebook yesterday and so far it‘s been good. I like the main character and the premise is cool 😎 2y
Richryan52 @dragon no spoilers here. Let me know when you finish 2y
Dragon Will do @Richryan52 👍 2y
Cinfhen This was an interesting read 2y
Dragon Thanks @Cinfhen 😀🐉 2y
Dragon Just finished the book. @Richryan52 , posting a review. 🐉 2y
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Red Rising | Pierce Brown
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#Unity #FierceFeb so far the unity within the Howlers in particular is amazing. Beautiful friendships. I‘ve cried 3 times today reading Morning Star. If I‘d read this last week I may have called that Pierce Brown a bastard on Thursday, a very sexy bastard, obviously! ❤️🧡💙

Cinfhen Indeed😍😍😍😍😍 2y
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The Notebook | Nicholas Sparks
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If read this again, I don‘t know if I‘d love the book as much. I‘ll let the memory sustain me. Noah & Allie shared #TrueLove and #Unity.

#HeartsAndHardcovers @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks
#FierceFeb @batsy @Cinfhen

Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Yes!!!!! 💗💗💗💗💗 2y
Cinfhen I've never read Nicholas Sparks 2y
Godmotherx5 @Cinfhen The Notebook is the book I‘ve read by Sparks. 2y
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Cinfhen I'm not sure I'm the right audience for his books 🙄 2y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @Cinfhen I have to be in the right mood for him, but I do love them!!! 2y
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#fiercefeb #UNITY

In MG and YA fantasy there‘s often a theme of banding together to overcome evil. 👊 One thing I love about the Narnia story is the way that goes askew for a while. Edmund goes off with the white witch for some Turkish delight... (yum btw!) Remember being that angry with your siblings that you‘d consider turning them to stone? 😂 I love this book and the movie...

Centique And maybe there‘s some hope for many of us in seeing how Edmund changes his mind! 2y
batsy Yes, great point about unity in these novels! Love seeing the collection as a boxset! 😍 2y
Reggie Not to be the Debbie Downer here but don‘t the kids die in a train wreck later on? I‘ve never read the books, but that‘s what was told to me on the mean streets of recess time back in the day. I should just read the books. 2y
Centique @Reggie I haven‘t read the last one but looking at Wikipedia it seems the kids are in Narnia in a kind of apocalyptic/entering heaven/a new Narnia, when theyre told about a train crash finishing off the rest of the family. Must finally read the last couple and know for sure. (PS the movies are cute) 2y
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Beartown: A Novel | Fredrik Backman
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Do not be deceived like I was by the cutesy cover of this book. It is a dark story about a hockey town and what the residents are willing to do to keep their hockey club alive and their town #unity. This book is well written and I appreciated the slow, careful building of the characters at the beginning of the book. Triggers - sexual assault and talk of suicide. #mustread #fiercefeb #readingresolutions #booked2018 #featuringanolympicsport

BarbaraTheBibliophage Another prompt done! 🙌🏻 2y
MallenNC I liked this book so much, but the cover is a bit misleading. And I had only read A Man Called Ove, so I did. It know to expect a much more serious story this time around. 2y
batsy That does sound intriguing! And you're right, can't quite tell from the cover. 2y
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emilyhaldi Very curious about this one.... 2y
Reviewsbylola It wasn‘t what I expected either. I liked the small town setting a lot. 2y
Cinfhen Nice review! Clever pick...it wasn't at all what I expected either!! You still haven't read it @emilyhaldi ?!?! 2y
Mdargusch She was waiting for me to finish @Cinfhen so she could read my copy! 👍🏼 2y
emilyhaldi @Cinfhen I know, I think I‘m the last person in the Litsy universe to read this 😂 2y
DivineDiana @emilyhaldi Reading it now! 2y
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