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“I have lost my smile,
But don‘t worry,
The dandelion has it.”

My favorite quote from Peace In Every Step by Thich Nhat Hanh.

It‘s also very gloomy today and I love it! 🖤 #gloomydays #rainydays #readingcorner

Leftcoastzen Love the quote & book! 3mo
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The Library: A Fragile History | Andrew Pettegree, Arthur der Weduwen
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I‘m finally back home to my little library. It was a great summer away from home, but I sure missed my books and reading corner 😁

This is my favorite corner in my little library 🤗
#homelibrary #bookshelves #mylittlelibrary #readingcorner

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Found the softest ever hufflepuff rug to go in my reading corner. It's so fluffy soft!!! I love it lol. Is everyone enjoying their weekend? @Cupcake12 #hufflepuff #booknook #readingcorner #bookshelves

thereadingpal So many books! I'm jealous lol. Also the rug seems very soft 6mo
readingjedi Your reading corner is amazing, so much stuff to look at 😍 6mo
Cupcake12 Love the photo of this area ❤️📚 6mo
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Another reading space I set up in the new house! I am loving all the cozy little spaces I'm finding ways to add to our new home. I'll share the reading spaces I made for my boys' rooms next. #readingspace #readingcorner #cozyingupwithabook

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Time to get cozy for a bit with the June pick for the True Crime Book Club! #truecrime #lizzieborden #truecrimebookclub #readingcorner

Bookjunkie57 Looks like the perfect cozy place to read. 6mo
carmens.library @Bookjunkie57 Thanks!! My husband questioned me "wasting" space in our room for a chair, but now he steals it from me all the time ? 6mo
Bookjunkie57 @Books.Bottles.and.Babies 🤣🤣🤣 6mo
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Happiness Is a Rainbow | Patricia Hegarty
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Remember the kids reading corner I set up? Ive finished it today with this. What you think? 🌈❤🌦🌻 #readingcorner #decorations #rainbow #hearts

Prairiegirl_reading It instantly made me smile! 🌈💜 9mo
DrexEdit Wonderful! 9mo
RaeLovesToRead ❤🧡💛💚💙💜 love it! 9mo
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ElizaMarie I love the hearts! Did you buy them or make them? 9mo
hannah-leeloo I bought them @ElizaMarie then cute them down and added the flowers etc to make the scene thank you @Prairiegirl_reading @DrexEdit @RaeLovesToRead 😊 9mo
ElizaMarie Oooo do you have a link of where you bought them 9mo
AmyG I love the hearts, too....and the colors! 9mo
hannah-leeloo Thank you @AmyG 😊 9mo
Ruthiella Adorable! 😍 9mo
hannah-leeloo Thank you @Ruthiella kids love it 9mo
Cupcake12 So vibrant! I love it 🥳 🌈 9mo
hannah-leeloo Thank you @Cupcake12 😊 💓 9mo
BookwormAHN Lovely 💚 9mo
BethM Love it!! 9mo
curiouserandcurioser @hannah-leeloo this is absolutely gorgeous-the kids will be so happy!💕💕 9mo
hannah-leeloo The kids definitely love it @curiouserandcurioser 😊 I've put in some shiny rainbow leaves in my room. Trying to keep the house looking cheery. Hope you're OK my friend 🫂❤ 9mo
Catsandbooks Love this!! 🌈 9mo
curiouserandcurioser @hannah-leeloo good plan💜 ill email you tomorrow or you email me so we can talk, my friend🥰🫂 9mo
hannah-leeloo I'll email you after my meeting this morning @curiouserandcurioser can update you then 🫂❤ 9mo
curiouserandcurioser @hannah-leeloo sounds good💜💜🫂 9mo
hannah-leeloo Have emailed you sweet @curiouserandcurioser 9mo
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Untitled | Unknown
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The new reading corner in the kids room. The kids love this large swivel chair (roundabout to them 😅) I have the sunflowers throughout the house and love them 😍🌻📖 what you think? Think it's missing something? 🤔 #readingcorner #kidsroom #booknook #flowers

SRWCF The only thing that's missing is you sitting there reading a 📖. 😉 9mo
mdm139 Maybe a lamp? 9mo
hannah-leeloo I'd got up to take the picture @SRWCF then continued reading haha. Many lights in the kids room @mdm139 😊✨ thank you both 9mo
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SRWCF @hannah-leeloo Haha! 9mo
BethM Snacks and blankets ;) 9mo
hannah-leeloo Haha I'm surprised the kids didn't think of that 😆 @BethM 9mo
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(5★) Another great book I've read so far. There are 10 stories in this book, all these stories belong to the author. He has threaded 10 stories in wonderful words. Three thousand stitches is the most exciting. Then the experience of the engineering college of the author is also great. And his work for Infosys foundation is fantastic...

#book #readerforlife #readergirl #readingcorner #readingon #read #bookish #bookread #new

One Step to You | Federico Moccia
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Redesigned my reading corner today. The winter days are coming and my reading chair will be much more used inside than covered in snow! #readingcorner #readingnook #winterdays

Avanders 😍😍 13mo
Julsmarshall Love this! 13mo
wanderinglynn That looks cozy! Perfect for reading 💜 13mo
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Shadow and Bone | Leigh Bardugo
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Do you put sticker on your kindle? I normally wouldn‘t but it felt so blank 😫. Now if only I could find some good supernatural stickers.

#readerlife #bookshelf #readerofinstagram #bookcommunity #bookphotography #kindleoasis #readersofinsta #readingcorner #readergram #stickerporn

GondorGirl Mine is covered in stickers. I spent WAY more time than I care to admit figuring out which stickers to put where. 😁 1y
simplycourtney @GondorGirl same, I have so many more. I just can‘t fit them on it 😂 1y
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