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V. | Thomas Pynchon
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Starting 2023 with Thomas Pynchon 📕
#readin2023 #homelibrary #whatacover

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Thanksgiving | Ellen Cooney
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When your #homelibrary is the perfect backdrop to show off your matching tees! Happy Thanksgiving 🦃

Ruthiella Great photo! Happy Thanksgiving!🦃🍽 🙏 2mo
5feet.of.fury Everything about this is awesome! 2mo
BookwormM Love it 2mo
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AnneCecilie Happy Thanksgiving 🍁🦃 2mo
RebelReader Love everything about this picture! Happy Thanksgiving! 2mo
kspenmoll Happy Thanks! Love your spirited greeting! 🦃 2mo
bthegood happy thanksgiving
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The Library: A Fragile History | Andrew Pettegree, Arthur der Weduwen
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I‘m finally back home to my little library. It was a great summer away from home, but I sure missed my books and reading corner 😁

This is my favorite corner in my little library 🤗
#homelibrary #bookshelves #mylittlelibrary #readingcorner

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I'm doing a bit more work in the library so I wanted to post a few more pics! #homelibrary #workinprogress #readingroom post 4/4 Corner # 3 Mostly non-fiction: reference, religion, biographies, true crime, etc. Also, has children's and middle grade #truecrime

charl08 Looks really welcoming.🤩 8mo
carmens.library @charl08 Thank you! 8mo
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The library | Apollodorus
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I'm doing a bit more work in the library so I wanted to post a few more pics! #homelibrary #workinprogress #readingroom post 3/4 Corner # 2 Some classics, My Outlander collection, historic fiction, horror, mysteries/thrillers, and Sci Fi/Fantasy. The secretary belonged to my grandmother and fixing that up is my next project. It has some antique books, tea sets/stuff, and clay projects my boys have made me. #familyheirlooms

julieclair So pretty! I love the secretary. 8mo
Chelsea.Poole Lovely! 8mo
carmens.library @julieclair Thank you! I can't wait to get it fixed up a little. 8mo
carmens.library @Chelsea.Poole Thanks!!! 8mo
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The Library | Sarah Stewart
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I'm doing a bit more work in the library so I wanted to post a few more pics! #homelibrary #workinprogress #readingroom post 2/4 Corner # 1 Mostly YA, also includes my HP collection and some classics.

Saknicole I love your corner shelves. They all look so perfect. The room looks so dreamy! 💕💕💕 8mo
carmens.library @Saknicole Thank you so much!!! 8mo
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The Library | Bella Osborne
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I'm doing a bit more work in the library so I wanted to post a few more pics! #homelibrary #workinprogress #readingroom post 1/4 The room (note the cats toys on the floor 😂 they're everywhere!) #catsoflitsy

Bookwormjillk Your room is beautiful! I swear that every time I put the cat toys away I can hear them muttering about me messing things up as they drag them back to where they think they belong. 8mo
Gissy Beautiful 📚📚📚😍❤️❤️❤️❤️ (edited) 8mo
carmens.library @Bookwormjillk Thank you! Exactly! And my kids don't help, they will pull out every toy because they think the cats need ALL the toys ALL the time 🤦 8mo
carmens.library @Gissy Thank you!💕💕💕 8mo
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I'm back! It's been a long process building a new house and I've really missed all of my books, but we're in the new house and things are coming along! Still working to finish my new library, but it's getting there. I really don't ever want to move again... Moving all these books was 🥵😫 So happy and grateful to be in our new home though!! ❤️ 🏡❤️ #homelibrary #itsgoodtobeback

jewright I said exactly the same thing last time we moved. It was so much work! Your new place looks amazing though! 8mo
AmyG I get it. Did the same thing a few years ago. Wishing you much happiness in your new home! 8mo
Nute Welcome back to Litsy, Carmen! You have been missed. I love the look of your new book shelves. That makes the toting of boxes filled with books worthwhile at least ONE time…when the new shelves look so spectacular, right?😀 8mo
Chelsea.Poole Looks great! 8mo
Maria514626 Your library is lovely! 8mo
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Stardust. Neil Gaiman | Neil Gaiman
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Moving Home Library Pt. 1: We are moving internationally! I‘ve packed a good chunk of my TBR pile in a box so I can have some books before our main shipment arrives in the fall.
#homelibrary #moving #tbrpile

The Home Library | Brander Matthews
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Insta showed me my new favorite home library this morning and I thought I‘d share it with you all. Isn‘t this THE fantasy!? Definitely adding this room to my imaginary mansion that I live in in all my daydreams. #librarygoals #homelibrary

julesG Saw this, too. I'd love a library or even just a reading nook like this. 11mo
IndoorDame @julesG YES! 📚🏡 ❤️🙏 😭 11mo
Leftcoastzen WOW! 11mo
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marleed It‘s gorgeous! 11mo
Mirazzles I love it! I could live there in that room. You got the forest view and all the books to be cozy!! 11mo
IndoorDame @AWildMandaPanda Agree! The view is totally part of what I love about it so much! 11mo
BiblioLitten I love it! 11mo
Ruthiella I want it! 😍 11mo
EvieBee So cozy! 11mo
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