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On the Chase | Katie Ruggle
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The 2nd K9 book in this series was action packed! We get to see the characters we enjoyed from the 1st book and that was fun. I like the storyline and a bit of a surprise towards the end. I've already started reading book 3.

Elusive | Sara Rosett

I'm looking for a good mystery series to read with a globe trotting aspect. I have read a couple that I really liked, Ritter Ames and Sara Rosett's On The Run series. Anybody have a recommendation?

The Angel's Game | Carlos Ruiz Zafon
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Carlos Ruiz Zafon is such an amazing writer. This wasn't as good as The Shadow of the Wind but it was still hard to put down. I even dreamed about it one night.

It also fit so many of today's photo challenges.
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BookishMe I just picked it up today without realizing it's part of the series I have been wanting to read! 2y
RebelReader I love Carlos Ruiz Zafon! Angel's Game is my least favorite too. The Prisoner of Heaven is wonderful! It's Fermin's story! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ 2y
Louise Loved this whole series from Zafon! There are some fascinating interviews on YouTube, in which he talks about his plotting structure like the cogs and wheels of a giant clock. 2y
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The Song of Achilles | Madeline Miller
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Day 26 of #MarchMadness is #OnTheRun
Patroclus & Achillies seem to be forever running even when they‘re running in place. I love how much they love💛💔❤️ (sorry for the delay)
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Sophoclessweetheart This book is so so beautiful x 2y
dreamsleepread I love this book ♡♡. It made me feel so much. 😭 2y
somebooksaround @Wanderingwithwords yes!! It really is!💛🙌 so moving! 2y
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somebooksaround @dreamsleepread omg same here. All the feels. Every part of this book is fantastic! 2y
TheWildCard I love this book. I need to reread it. Her new one comes out on April 10...I can‘t wait! 2y
somebooksaround @TheWildCard yesss I preordered it I‘m so ready 😂 absolutely love this book. Such a good reread! 2y
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Chasing the Falconers | Gordon Korman

There's a part where a guy says he's Vin Diesel's personal barber, and as a kid I thought that was a very strange character to add to the story.

Deathwatch | Robb White
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I'm reading my Western (The Man Called Noon) in the dark, and suddenly, I remember the climactic scene of the #suspense #thriller DeathWatch.

Now that was an awesome book that was #readinschool.

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Wannabe_Quijote I love me some Louis Lamour! 3y
Hobbinol Love the noir-ish photo! 3y
geodynamical @Hobbinol thank you! 3y
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