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Meet My Cats | Lesley Anne Ivory
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One week ago we welcomed two new members of the family. Not sure yet how they feel about us but we‘re crazy about them! #catsoflitsy #nationalpetday

Jennick2004 OMG!!!! What are their names?? 💜💜 6mo
mdhughes72 @Jennick2004 Mookie and Bennie. My wife is a rabid Red Sox fan. 6mo
Naj They're adorable!! 😻😻 and yes, we need the names. 6mo
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Naj @mdhughes72 cute names for cute kitties 💜 6mo
MicheleinPhilly 😍😍😍 6mo
QuietlyLaura Aww! They‘re so cute! 💕😻😻 6mo
Stacy_31 Precious babies!! 😻😻 6mo
Tamra So sweet! 6mo
rretzler Oh, they are so precious! Makes me want some new kittens, too! We added 3 kittens 1.5 years ago to keep our 13 yo cat company (we lost his brother). One of the kittens, Mycroft, would run from everyone, no one could get near him. I took the time to try to befriend him and finally after a long, long time, he became friendly to everyone. 6mo
JacqMac Awwww so cute! 6mo
Sungirl79 Super cute!!!😻 6mo
tammysue Adorable! 💕 6mo
JoScho So. Cute! 6mo
Chelsea.Poole Precious!! 6mo
BridgetteM 💕💕💕 6mo
SW-T Congrats! They‘re adorable 🥰 (edited) 6mo
CouronneDhiver What are their names? 6mo
Meeko93 💜 6mo
mdhughes72 @rretzler That‘s a great story with a happy ending. I hope our kittens grow up to be loving and cuddly too! 6mo
mdhughes72 @CouronneDhiver Their names are Mookie and Bennie. We have a couple Red Sox fans in our family. 6mo
Suet624 Mookie! Benny! As a fellow Red Sox fan I must applaud you for their names. 6mo
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Untitled | Unknown
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This is our cat, Kisa. She passed away in her sleep in October :( we still miss her every day!

#nationalpetday #catsoflitsy

rretzler So sorry to hear about Kisa. When our cat, Matisse, passed away 2 years ago, we got 3 new kittens to keep Matisse‘s brother, Picasso, company. Having 4 cats in the house is an experience! 99% good, but 3 rambunctious kittens at once always a little much! 6mo
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Someone wants to say hi!!! Meet my crazy dog, Kendra 🤪 #NationalPetDay

Marilyncjackson Crazy cute! 6mo
TheSpineView Such a sweet face!💜🐾 6mo
biblioskye @Marilyncjackson @TheSpineView Thank you, hoomans 👅💗 6mo
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CoffeeNBooks Welcome to Litsy! 📚 6mo
Djspens Aww what a cute face 😃 6mo
Eggs Welcome to Litsy 🤗🌺 6mo
StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego Welcome to Litsy 📖💖 6mo
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❤️🐶 #nationalpetday

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#nationalpetday here is my 10 1/2 month old Leopard Gecko Chowdah she is a hoot. #petsoflitsy

Marilyncjackson Wish I could have a gecko they look like awesome pets. 6mo
Endowarrior21 @Marilyncjackson she is very awesome I hope one day you can :-) 6mo
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Great Catsby | Kathi Daley
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#nationalpetday here's Sammy the #tuxedo hamming it up!
#catsoflitsy #petsoflitsy

rretzler 😻Adorable 6mo
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Perfect Pets | Jill McDougall
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rretzler 😻Beautiful 6mo
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Untitled | Unknown
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I couldn‘t miss the occasion to share Kit in his non-book-related cuteness.

#NationalPetDay #PetsOfLitsy #CatsofLitsy

rretzler 😻Awww. Adorable 6mo
Jess_Franzino Kit is everything 6mo
Tadams4 Beautiful cat! 6mo
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Slinky, Scaly Snakes! | Jennifer A Dussling
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Hey, Littens—thanks for telling me that it's National Pet Day! Milo isn't eating tonight, so I'm a little concerned about him at the moment. But usually he's cute and cooperative, like in this photo. #NationalPetDay #PetsOfLitsy #ComfortSnake

Endowarrior21 How old and when did he last eat? I owned 3 snakes in the past 6mo
cobwebmoth He's beautiful! 6mo
8little_paws Cool!!! 6mo
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JoyBlue @Endowarrior21 He‘s 1.5 years and ate half of what he should have last Thursday (the rats we have are too small, so we‘ve started feeding two/week, per the instructions of the food provider). I wonder if he‘s getting ready to shed. He‘s not showing signs yet, but maybe all will be illuminated in the next couple days. He goes into blue every 5-7.5 weeks, and it‘s been 6 weeks. Thanks for chiming in. 6mo
JoyBlue @cobwebmoth Thank you! 💙 I sure think so. I‘m crazy in love with him! 6mo
Leftcoastzen He‘s pretty cool! 6mo
JoyBlue @Leftcoastzen Yes, yes he is! He‘s even got his own Facebook page: Milo, ball python extraordinaire or @MiloZenPython. You‘re both zen! 😉 6mo
Endowarrior21 @JoyBlue it could be that or the fact it becoming breeding season I had my male go a full month off food due to breeding season even with no females around good luck. All my snakes lived very long happy lives my brother now owns my last one due to my hubby being deathly afraid of them plus my niece loves him he is a 10 year old BP btw he is handsome. 6mo
JoyBlue @Endowarrior21 Thank you! I‘m hopeful it‘s one of these logical reasons. His habitat is right, and he shows no signs of illness, injury, or infestation, so I‘ll just keep an eye on him and keep loving him. 😉🐍 I‘m sorry you can‘t have your 10-yr-old BP with you. How nice for your niece (and snek) to have each other, though! 💙 6mo
JoyBlue @Endowarrior21 Here‘s another question for you. For the last couple/few weeks, Milo has started coming out and periscoping high when DH is in the room, even when he doesn‘t have food with him. [DH doesn‘t play with Milo—he just does feeding.] Have you seen that kind of behavior before? 6mo
Endowarrior21 @JoyBlue yes he is looking to see if your DH has food seeing he associates him and food together they are very smart and recognize patterns and scents so he basically knows your DH scent means food. I always fed mine in a separate bin so they never thought me going by their habitat as food. As long as he is not striking when he is doing it I would not worry. 6mo
JoyBlue @Endowarrior21 Thanks for confirming my suspicion. Luckily, no striking at DH. I wish I knew why he *seems* so interested but doesn't actually eat. He'll get hungry eventually! 😉 6mo
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Lily and the Octopus | Steven Rowley
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Almost forgot to post a pic of my precious fur babies for #nationalpetday 🐶🥳🥰 we have the three stooges: Ralphie, Frankie, and JoJo. I have about 100 pages left in Lily and the Octopus, but I couldn‘t bring myself to finish on such a day (I‘ve already ugly cried three times)! I‘m sure I‘ll finish this weekend, but these three really are the best pals to lean on for love and comfort! #dogsoflitsy #petsoflitsy

Megabooks Dachshund love!! 6mo
AmandaEve @Megabooks aww yes weenie dogs will always have a special place in my heart! 💕 6mo
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