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The Crow Girl | Erik Axl Sund
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Decided that it was time to tackle this chunker while waiting for a potential client to call. Over 700 pages... this may take a while. 🤗 from @Daisey for the #letshyggeswap I‘m looking forward to this! #mounttbrchallenge

Daisey So curious to hear what you think. Hope it‘s good! 2y
Bklover This looks interesting. And long. I just stacked it. Let us know what you think of it! 2y
VinceReads This has been sitting on my shelf for about 6 months now, I‘ll get around to it someday lol 2y
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Monstress #1 | Marjorie Liu
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Taking a break from reading #Hamilton to delve into a short read, courtesy of @TrishB from my #letshyggeswap box!

The #Owlcrate candle smells just like a fir tree. 🌲😍

Btw, loving all the snow pics! ❄️ ⛄️ No snow in Charlotte, NC. 😊


Nutmegnc I loved Monstress!!! 2y
BookFreakOut Such a good read! 2y
CareBear This is on my TBR. 2y
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umbrellagirl I love your smoker 2y
TrishB I got this for hubby too and he enjoyed it 👍🏻 2y
BookBabe Mmmm, Hennessy. 2y
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M is reading Cursed Child this week, and it is finally cool enough to wear socks, so I finally get to try these on @TrishB 😃! I decided to mix things up a bit and wear them mismatched style. I have been in sandals almost daily since April, so my feet are happy to get cozy for a change! #harrypotter #letshyggeswap

TrishB Lol! I have a real phobia of odd socks, just can't do it 😱 2y
moranadatter Those socks are wonderful! 2y
4thhouseontheleft @TrishB I grew to love mismatched socks when Maya went through a 3-years long phase of preferring to wear her socks that way. It certainly made laundry day easier! 2y
Cathythoughts ❤️those odd socks 2y
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Fire Damage | Kate Medina
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Packing for a 4 day get away to see family in GA. Of course I have to take books! (Having options is very important!) thank you again for these awesome books @Daisey #letshyggeswap

Daisey Hope they're great and that you have a wonderful trip! 2y
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Little Women | Louisa May Alcott
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My little reading companion is so cute I am having a difficult time focusing on my book.
I am in love with the mana-tea you sent me, @leslieseidel. 😍

#LWReadalong #LetsHyggeSwap

Blaire Adorable! 2y
LeahBergen So cute! 2y
Reggie Lol that is very cute!!! 2y
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Comeback Cowboy | Sara Richardson
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It's 41 degrees! I'm finally cold enough that I can wear these awesome socks that @Reecaspieces got me for #letshyggeswap looking forward to a semi relaxed day of reading and laundry.

CoverToCoverGirl I love them! 😍 2y
Reecaspieces I love those socks!! 2y
CocoReads @Reecaspieces they're very warm and comfy! Thanks again! 2y
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Basket Case | Carl Hiaasen
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So I revived my swap and unfortunate I think it went through a lot on the way. I think this book was suppose to be in it basket case but they whereby sure so told me of it wasn't to bring it back. I'm sorry @rustoryhuf but I still love it. It's a beautiful journal and I love the cards. My little one loves the Lego keychain. #letshyggeswap

DGRachel 😢 2y
litmuggle @DGRachel it's fine it came out of a flood zone I had trouble sending too so I hope hers arrives in tact. It's still beautiful. Sometimes life has mishaps we just have to be thankful for everything we have. 2y
rustoryhuf Oh my goodness @litmuggle, I am so sorry. I will rectify this situation!! Thank you for being so gracious. 2y
litmuggle @rustoryhuf don't you worry about it at all. Everything is fine I still love what I got and I need nothing else. These things happen I sent out a swap last year and had it crush with something liquid so I know these things happen. All is well you just have a great day. I really love the journal it's so pretty. 2y
rustoryhuf @litmuggle you are so sweet. 2y
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Hygge and Kisses | Clara Christensen
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I'm very happy with my #hyggebookswap gifts from @Lizpixie ! These are well worth the wait, Liz! The Dry is on my wish list. I've been meaning to get my hands on the Phryne Fisher books since I liked the tv series. I've read and loved the Nicola Upson book, but I'm glad I own a physical copy now. The mini Jane Austen is adorable! And I love everything else - tote, mug (my first bookish mug would you believe it!), mini candle, keychain & bookmarks.

erzascarletbookgasm Thanks for organising this @Tiffy_Reads . #letsgethygge #letshyggeswap (edited) 2y
erzascarletbookgasm @Lizpixie you did well! Thanks so much for putting so much thought into this. 💕🤗 2y
eanderson That's awesome!!! The Dry is good! 2y
Lizpixie I'm so happy that you like it, and it all got there in one piece! I was so worried that the mug would be broken. Enjoy lovely. I didn't know that you'd already read the Nicola Upson, I'm reading Bk3 in the series at the moment. Have you read the rest? If not, maybe there will be more Upson in your future, penpal!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ 2y
Andrew65 Some good reads there! 2y
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Finally getting to this months #agathachristieclub read, though I've only just reread this in my #christiecrimeclub megaread at the end of 2016/beginning of 2017. I will reread it, you can never have too much Poirot!🕵🏻

Dragon Love ❤️ Poirot and Hastings. 2y
DarcysMom Your bookmark is fabulous! 2y
AmyG The hand!!!! Love it. 2y
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Bklover Oh I love the bookmark!!! 2y
Lizpixie @DarcysMom @AmyG @Bklover thank you! It was in my #letshyggeswap gift from @erzascarletbookgasm I was actually eyeing them on Amazon not that long ago, I love them too. @Dragon Poirot & Hastings are my 2nd fave pairing, just behind Poirot & Ariadne Oliver. She's fabulous🍎 2y
JazzFeathers I'm still reading The Secret Adversary. I'm so behind 😣 2y
Dragon Yes she is fabulous 🍏 2y
Bambolina_81 That bookmark is awesome 😂 2y
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When Dimple Met Rishi | Sandhya Menon
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Trying to read bits of this whenever I get a chance while at a conference. It‘s so much fun! Thanks to @Lmstraubie for including it in my #letshyggeswap package 😊

[DELETED] 206653737 I just started the audio version. I agree it's good so far! 2y
Lmstraubie I'm glad you are enjoying it! 😁 2y
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