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Alexander Hamilton | Ron Chernow
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Relatable. At least we aren‘t dipping our masks in vinegar this time or chewing garlic... 🤔 #Hamilton #RonChernow #Biography #History

alisiakae I remember reading that section when I read this book, but 2020‘s pandemic definitely puts a different spin on it! 2y
Brooke_H @4thhouseontheleft Also so interesting that the Federalists and the Republicans are making how to treat the pandemic so political! Nothing changes! 😂 2y
K.Wielechowski I just recovered from covid and couldn‘t smell vinegar so that wouldn‘t be so bad for people who have it 😂 2y
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Brooke_H @K.Wielechowski Oh I‘m so happy you‘ve recovered!! How awful for you! 2y
K.Wielechowski @Brooke_H thank you!!! I‘m very lucky it was a mild/moderate case. 2y
cozypunk Thank goodness we now know to roast garlic cloves before eating them whole! 🤭 2y
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Woops! 🤷🏼‍♀️ I‘d love to see Lin-Manuel Miranda put that into the show! 🤣😂🤣
#EdAsner #TheGrouchyHistorian #Hamilton

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#RememberNovember @Klou

Represented here are a few things I like when we talk about any of the Founding Fathers.

Klou Awesome! Great job! 2y
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Untitled | Unknown
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DarkMina I really enjoyed My Dear Hamilton. 2y
Eggs I guess I should add to Mt TBR?? 😁 @DarkMina @Maggie_Reads 2y
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DarkMina Definitely! 😁 2y
cozypunk Is there a reason November is Hamilton-ized? Or just for fun? 2y
Maggie_Reads @Eggs definitely. The story is from his wife‘s prospective, which is rarely told. 2y
Eggs @dandy.punk it was yesterday‘s prompt for a November photo/book challenge for @Klou 2y
LatrelWhite @Eggs I just started Alexander Hamilton‘s book!☺️yesterday!!! 2y
Klou I chose My Dear Hamilton. I'll have to have a look at the others. Good job! 2y
Klou @dandy.punk like @Eggs said, it was a prompt for my November challenge #RememberNovember. There's a movie a day that you choose a book you think fans of that movie would like. This month is history movies. 2y
Eggs Thanks 🙏🏻 @Klou 2y
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Day 12 - #Hamilton #RememberNovember

I watched this on TV and it was really good. I love history!

The story of the hit musical that changed Broadway forever and brought the genius of Lin Manuel Miranda to the attention of legions of fans across the world. Featuring interviews with Miranda, as well as the cast and crew of Hamilton.

DarkMina I haven‘t watched this. History is my favorite topic and Hamilton one of my favorite historical figures. 2y
EadieB @DarkMina Nice! I think you would really enjoy this. 2y
SamAnne I rewatched election night! 2y
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EadieB @SamAnne Great! 2y
Klou I love the musical. I need to watch this. Looks really interesting! 2y
EadieB @Klou Yes you should watch if you love 💕 history! 2y
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I don‘t read much nonfiction, but this book has convinced me that maybe I should read more. #Hamilton inspired me to learn more about America‘s favorite fighting Frenchman, and it was really cool to be able to connect real-life events from this book with what was portrayed in the show. (A favorite example: “Are these the men with which I am to defend America?” was a real Washington quote, not just a song lyric!) Overall, highly recommended.

Reecaspieces ❤️❤️ 2y
britt_brooke Pretty photo! 2y
CarlieReads @britt_brooke thank you! 😊 2y
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AWESOME. WOW! #hamilton

TNbookworm Love💕 3y
ashsbookmarks @TNbookworm this bookmark is available in my Etsy shop! 3y
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Hamilton: The Revolution | Lin-Manuel Miranda, Jeremy McCarter
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Cuilin 😍 3y
Eggs 👏🏻📚🤗👏🏻 3y
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