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Persuasion | Jane Austen
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August #BookSpinBingo @TheAromaofBooks & #AwesomeAugust Readathon @Andrew65 & NEWTs last book of Ancient Ruin Class-Read a Classic. 1st novel read in my life by this author. Thanks to @mabell who use her "persuasion" with me to participate in #JaneAustenSwap 2 y/o ago. She gave me that beautiful Penguin classic copy.I really liked the story: social criticism, Ann's character, her love with Frederick. I was conscious of the time it was written. 4⭐️

Andrew65 Well done 👏👏👏 2y
TheAromaofBooks I love this one! Glad you enjoyed it. 2y
mabell Yay!! I‘m so glad you liked it! 2y
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Gissy @mabell Now I'm collecting different editions📚☺️Thank you for that beautiful copy and for introduce me to this author! 🤗❤️❤️❤️ 2y
mabell How fun to collect multiple editions! There are so many pretty ones! 😍 2y
Gissy @mabell Yes! I think I will do the same with Emma and other classics that I adore! There are some beautiful editions! 2y
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So I just realized this book has a chapter for each Austen novel. I‘m diving in immediately!

Thanks to @JenlovesJT47 whose post reminded me I also have some Austen themed recipes!


JenlovesJT47 Ooh I‘m going to have to add this to my Austenesque TBR! 🤓 2y
DebinHawaii This one looks good. I have this one: 2y
alisiakae @DebinHawaii That one looks good too! I received this one in the #JaneAustenSwap a while back. @JenlovesJT47 my Austenesque tbr is growing by leaps and bounds lately! 2y
JenlovesJT47 Same!! I‘m trying to read one a week but there are so many to choose from!! 😱 2y
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Pride and Prejudice | Jane Austen
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Just reread this after a number of years, and I can‘t believe how much I loved it. I loved it even more this time around! What a relatable MC, and such fun. It was also the first time I read it on the gorgeous edition I got from my swap buddy last year‘s for the #janeaustenswap!

mabell Lovely photo! And the teacup!! 😍 4y
Elisa Thank you! I picked up a bunch of mismatches teacups and saucers for a baby shower a couple of years ago, and now they reside with my Jane Austen and other historical fiction 😊 4y
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The Leopard | Jo Nesb
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Another warm day to sit in the porch and read! (And work.) Drinking a protein smoothie in my awesome travel mug from @Avanders that I received earlier this year in the #JaneAustenswap!

Crazeedi I want your warm day to sit on my porch!😊 4y
QuietlyLaura That travel cup is awesome! 😂 4y
Marilyncjackson I love the cup! 4y
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Elma Love the cup!! 4y
wordslinger42 Where did you get that cup?! 😂 4y
LeahBergen Such a great cup. 😆 4y
alisiakae @Crazeedi Unfortunately it‘s not supposed to last much longer, or I would share the ☀️ ☺️@quietlylaura @Marilyncjackson @Elma It is awesome! @wordslinger42 I received it in a swap from @Avanders 4y
Caroline2 Awesome!!! 😂 4y
eanderson I love that cup! 4y
Reviewsbylola Ha love it! 4y
hilded I didn‘t recognize which Harry Hole book this was from the English title, it‘s quite different from the original one 😅 4y
TheWordJar Just have to agree with everyone...that cup!!! 😂 4y
Sharpeipup 😂 4y
ravenlee 😂😂😂 4y
BookNAround That cup!!! 4y
alisiakae @hilded Is the original title something different than an animal? 4y
hilded Yes, it‘s called ‘Panserhjerte‘, which would mean something in the line of ‘Armoured Heart‘ if I were to translate literally. 4y
hilded Btw, that cup is awesome 👍 4y
shelbyy That cup is hilarious! 😂 4y
sprainedbrain I love that cup!! 4y
mdm139 I laughed way to hard because of that cup 4y
Beachesnbooks Omg that cup!!! 😂😂😂 4y
batsy Brilliant 😂 4y
TheAliceEvers I need that cup 😂 4y
alisiakae @hilded It annoys me when publishers change a title for an American audience. A la HP and the Philospher‘s/Sorceror‘s Stone. 4y
hilded Agree, especially when they change a British title, that doesn‘t make sense since their both in English anyway. Like this one were they added on 1/2 a death, why - lol 😂😅 4y
hilded I mean, how can a person die 1/2 a time more? 😂😅 4y
alisiakae @hilded 🤷🏻‍♀️😂 4y
alisiakae @hilded I notice he used the phrase armored heart a few times in the book, including the last chapter! 4y
hilded Interesting! I must confess I don‘t remember that. I read the book a long time ago - and while I do enjoy this genre for what it is; a quick entertaining read, they rarely stick. 4y
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Jane Austen at Home | Lucy Worsley
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I seem to be giving Lucy Worsley lots of publicity today. 😊 This lovely book I received from @slightlyfoxed in the recent #janeaustenswap is on my #TBR list for August. #austeninaugust

Libby1 ❤️Lucy W❤️ 4y
Crinoline_Laphroaig Oooh so pretty! 4y
batsy Pretty photo! I love the way she presents, I should read one of her books :) 4y
LeahBergen It‘s a good one. 👍🏻 4y
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A retelling os Sense and Sensibility. I loved it. Thanks to @Daisey for this fun book in the #janeaustenswap .

Daisey Glad to hear you enjoyed it! 4y
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Volume the Second by Jane Austen: In Her Own Hand | Jane Austen, Kathryn Sutherland
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I finally got to pose my #JaneAustenSwap gifts from @LoverofLit! While waiting to open my #MakerSwap gifts lolol Thank you so much! I especially love the two letter collections! My PhD thesis, while I was aiming for that, was actually in handwriting and written essays and letters, so these are especially close to my heart! 💕

theresidentromantic Not present: my lovely, previously posted tote bag! Not present because it's currently holding all my stuff lol 4y
mabell How pretty! 😍 4y
BookaholicNatty Beautiful!!!!!! ❤️😍😍 4y
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The Shaping of Middle-Earth | J. R. R. Tolkien, Christopher Tolkien
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Litsy friends really do find the most amazing bookish gifts! This morning I‘ve got a bit of extra time so I‘m enjoying a cup of tea in my new mug from @Captivatedbybooks as a part of #JaneAustenSwap using the adorable book tea diffuser from @tpixie (sent with my most recent #CovertoCover book) while reading some of the commentary on the early Silmarillion for #YearofTolkien.

tpixie Love the mug!! Fun combo!!! I‘ve never tried that tea.... 😋 (edited) 4y
tpixie Love that you are still on a Tolkien journey!! 4y
BarbaraJean That diffuser is amazing! 😍☕️ 4y
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MCYmermaid Awesome diffuser!! ☕️‼️ 4y
JazzFeathers Sounds like the perfect morning 😆 l'm on the train home from work. I too have a date with a certain professor 😀 4y
Daisey @tpixie The tea is good, although I need to work on the ratio a bit. This was too big of a mug for the diffuser. Also still like bing reading Tolkien! 4y
Daisey @BarbaraJean @MCYmermaid Agreed! I love it! 4y
Daisey @JazzFeathers It was a great morning, although I had less time than I thought and still haven‘t gotten far. I‘m hoping to make it half way through the commentary yet tonight. 4y
tpixie @Daisey 💚💚💚💚 4y
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Using my #janeaustenswap mug from @Daisey to get my day started.

Daisey 💚💜 Glad you like it! 4y
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Hey @theresidentromantic were you ever able to get around to opening your #janeaustenswap package? Just want to make sure you were happy with your stuff 😊
@sprainedbrain @mabell