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I just began reading the tagged and there are so many words that would qualify for #weirdwordswednesday. This is the most recent: hustings, as in, “Now do not let them lure you to the hustings, my dear Mr. Brooke. A man always makes a fool of himself, speechifying.” @CBee #weirdwords

CBee I can think of a few men “speechifying” who probably don‘t need to be 😂🫢 3w
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Untitled | Unknown
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Not miffed, not livid, more along the lines of aggrieved after sitting through several hours of silly meetings today. I repeat the process tomorrow, which very well could result with me leaving the office afterwards in high dudgeon. Pray for me, friends.
#weirdwordswednesday @cbee

DivineDiana 🙏🏻 ☕️ 🙏🏻 (edited) 4w
CBee My thoughts are with you, my friend 😅 4w
JamieArc I feel your pain. 4w
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Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks 🙏🏻🙏🏻 4w
ShelleyBooksie I want a coffee cup that big! 4w
Ruthiella So sorry! Stay caffeinated! 🙏 ☕️ 4w
Leftcoastzen Ugggghhhhh! Stay sane & caffeinated my friend. 4w
Tamra Ugh, meetings are not only exhausting but also unproductive. 😩 4w
Kelly_the_Bookish_Sidekick As someone whose week is largely about attending meetings that are 3% relevant to me, you have my sympathies. 4w
LeahBergen Blergh! 4w
batsy Double blergh! #AbolishWorkMeetings 4w
Reggie Oh man, Scott. I hope it gets better. 3w
vivastory @LeahBergen @batsy Blergh is perfect 😂 👏 3w
vivastory @Reggie After 2 full days in the office I def look forward to being out in the community running appts. Lol. Hope your week is going well. 3w
Reggie @vivastory so today, my dad and I laughed so hard because he said he had read this pretty good collection of Stephen King stories and then he started to describe one. And I‘m not a King completist but I‘ve read a lot of the short stories. So I asked him to show me the book cause none of it sounded familiar. It was a guy named Stephen R. King. Lol my poor dad, once I looked him up and we realized it wasn‘t the real SK we laughed so hard. 3w
vivastory @Reggie 🤣😂 That reminds me of when SG Jones first made it big after The Only Good Indian & the confusion for many readers between him & prolific horror anthologist Stephen ones 3w
vivastory *Jones 3w
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Doomsday Book | Connie Willis
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I have come across a few weird words in the tagged book so far. There‘s the futuristic “terrorist jacket” (an adaptation from “bomber jacket”?)and the character Colin‘s favorite adjective, “necrotic.” But I chose this because of how prominent the bell ringers are and how everyone seems annoyed by them. Sample sentence from the tagged: “Perhaps I should send Colin up Carfax Tower to vandalize the carillon.”
#weirdwords @CBee #weirdwordswednesday

CBee Oooo, necrotic. That‘s a nice icky one 😂 4w
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Here‘s my late post for #weirdwordswednesday! I‘ve usually heard or read this word describing something negative (you know, a “harbinger” of doom, etc), but it is also used in a positive way (see sentence in definition).

Megabooks Great choice! I use it for both negative and positive things, but I guess you do see it more often in literature in the negative context. 🤔 4w
dabbe Love the positive point of this word as well as the word itself! ❣️ 4w
peanutnine I've never thought of the positive aspect of it either! Very cool! 4w
TheBookHippie I use it for both 🤣👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼. 4w
ShelleyBooksie Love this! I'd never thought of using it in a positive way! 4w
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Weird and Wonderful Words | Roz Chast, Erin McKean
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This word came up in one of my books this last week. I had never seen it before and wondered if it might be Vulcan as I‘ve been watching The Big Bang Theory…I was only off by a little bit as it is Martian 😂



CBee Oh wow! I‘ve seen it before and never knew what it meant 😊 1mo
vivastory I haven't read Heinlein's book but I had heard that it introduced a new neologism. According to this article, Heinlein also invented waterbeds (?!)
Deblovestoread @vivastory Thanks for the interesting article, Scott. I haven‘t read it either but intend to one day 1mo
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