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#pop22 #hugoawardwinner @Cinfhen @Abailliekaras @Kalalalatja @Cortg @KarenUK @Megabooks @RaeLovesToRead @squirrelbrain @Laughterhp

I think this would be a good intro to Ken Liu's work if you were unsure whether you'd like him or not.

Thanks @Leniverse for sending it me in the #speculativespringswap!

Cinfhen This is my final prompt left for #pop22 14mo
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Dread Nation | Justina Ireland
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Normally I can‘t wait to open my swap packages, but with today being Easter, I completely forgot. However, I loved my #SpeculativeSpringSwap from @KatieDid927 . The cup is beautiful, I‘m looking forward to a nice cuppa tea tomorrow and the books are perfect. Thank you so very much and thank you @Avanders for hosting.

DinoMom Lovely swap package. You may have already posted it and I have missed it but did you send out your Litsylovesanimals swap yet? 2y
Littlewolf1 @DinoMom yes ma‘am, it was sent out and @TexReader did post that she received it 😊 2y
DinoMom Thanks … I just missed it … lots to keep track of. 😉 2y
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KatieDid927 You‘re so welcome! Happy Spring! 2y
Avanders 🤩😍😍🔮🧬🦠 2y
chasjjlee Hi! Just checking to see if you received your LitsyLovesAnimalsSwap? It said delivered on my end but I wanted to make sure you got it :)! 2y
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Spoonbenders: A novel | Daryl Gregory
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Yay! Spring has sprung! Thank you @AmyG for my #SpeculativeSpringSwap package 🌼🐝 Everything is perfectly wonderful! 😊 I can‘t wait to cozy up to these books with a nice cup of tea and some chocolate 🍫 ☕️
And thank you too @Avanders for hosting a lovely swap! ❤️

AmyG I am so happy you like everything. Enjoy! 2y
Avanders Wow! 🤩😍😍🔮🧬🦠 2y
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Game Changer | Neal Shusterman
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Thank you @Readergrrl I love it all! I haven‘t heard of either book but they both sound good. Thank you @Avanders for another fun swap!
#speculativespringswap #sss

Readergrrl I am so glad! I had fun shopping for you!! Enjoy! 2y
Avanders Ooh!! 🤩😍😍🔮🧬🦠 2y
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@MeganAnn I had to take a moment to process everything you sent. This was beyond amazing! Thank you so much! An entire box set?! Wow! And the twilight themed goodies?! The headband I absolutely love! AND THE BOOK SLEEVE!! I‘m so excited to read all of these books, but I think I will start with N.K. Jemisin first, since your recommend it! I also loved the bookmark and note with each book. Thank you so much! @Avanders #SSS #SpeculativeSpringSwap

MeganAnn Yay! I‘m SO happy you like everything. It was so fun shopping for you! 💖 2y
Avanders Wow!! 🤩😍😍🔮🧬🦠 2y
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So tickled by my #speculativespringswap !! @Avanders you are so sweet and seriously spoiled me! I love it all so much!! 🥰 I've been dying to read the tagged book and my library doesn't carry it. I love the book sleeve - it's the perfect size for my kindle too! And the wrapping paper you used was so gorgeous! I almost didn't want to tear it 😅 Thank you thank you for a wonderful swap 💖

Avanders Yay!! I‘m glad you like everything! 😍😍🔮🧬🦠♥️ 2y
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The Night Circus | Erin Morgenstern
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Thank you so much @Avanders for my #SpeculativeSpringSwap! This is all so amazing! I am in LOVE with the book sleeve! I can‘t wait to crank one of these open and light the candle while sipping on coffe and munching on a Reese‘s! Sounds like the best day every! Thanks again! #SSS

KateReadsYA Wow what an awesome package :) 2y
alexus_sb @KateReadsYA I know! I‘m so happy with it! I‘m looking forward to reading everything! 2y
Avanders Yay I‘m so glad you like everything! 😍😍🔮🧬🦠♥️♥️♥️ 2y
Linsy That mushroom folder 😍🍄 2y
alexus_sb @Linsy it‘s a book sleeve! It‘s awesome. I already love using it so much! 2y
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Passenger | Alexandra Bracken
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After driving home in snowy weather, it was a delight to open this spring filled #speculativespringswap box! @Pigpen_Reads sent such an amazing package! 📚6 books I‘m very excited to read from my TBR. Book sleeves, bookmark & tea bag holders, tote and a fabric basket filled with candy, all in such lovely spring fabrics! 🌸 Handmade soaps which I love — the whole box smelled delightfully like lavender when I opened it. ⬇️

Pigpen_Reads I'm so glad you like it! It was fun getting your package put together 😊 2y
MeganAnn Lip balm, notecards, pens and markers I can always put to good use. I noticed some of my brush markers are drying out so those are especially needed! And the floral travel mug is so pretty! Thank you so much @Pigpen_Reads 💖🎉✨🙏🏻 I love everything! Extra thanks to @Avanders for always being such a wonderful swap host 😍✨👏🏻 #sss (edited) 2y
Avanders Wow!! 😍😍🔮🧬🦠 2y
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The Iron King | Julie Kagawa
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Opened my #SpeculativeSpringSwap package!!
I'm so happy with my goodies. I love the pig post-it notes! 😁 thank you @alexus_sb I will be sending you a friend request on Goodreads!!


alexus_sb @Pigpen_Reads Yay! I‘m so glad you like everything! When I saw this pig stickies, I HAD to get them! Enjoy! 2y
Pigpen_Reads @alexus_sb Thank you so much! I just sent you a friend request on goodreads! 😊 2y
Avanders 😍😍🔮🧬🦠 2y
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Piranesi | Susanna Clarke
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@jenniferw88 thank you for the #SpeculativeSpringSwap #SSS package. I love bookmarks and notebook. Chocolate is my favourite and books are from my wishlist. So you really surprise me. It was the best gift I opened today. It is my BDay and I opened a few packages😆
Thank you again Jennifer💕💕


#BDay #surprise #gifts #bookexchange #litsyfun

jenniferw88 Glad you liked it & Happy Birthday! 2y
jenniferw88 Oh, and everything from the battered envelope is there! 2y
maich @jenniferw88 Thanks sweetie💕 I'm glad that everything arrived. Never before received damaged package so I'm not sure how this happened. 2y
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Chrissyreadit Happy Birthday! 2y
squirrelbrain How nice that you get to open a swap package on your birthday! It all looks lovely 💕 2y
maich @squirrelbrain Thank you. It was lovely💕❤ 2y
maich @Chrissyreadit Thank you❤ 2y
Avanders 😍😍🔮🧬🦠 2y
Avanders And happy birthday!! 🎂🎊🎈 2y
maich @Avanders Thank you. Happy birthday to you too🎂🎉🥂 2y
Avanders Thank you! 💝 2y
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