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Pax | Sara Pennypacker
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Day 3 - one word title 🦊 #bookstagram #riotgram #riotgrams #readharder2016

Brenley I had similar feelings about Pax! What were your thoughts? 6y
forrestlaur @Brenley I felt the ending was too rushed. All the sudden everything was happening and nothing got resolved really. I wanted to see more in depth into the life of the boy and his relationship with his dad and the grief of losing his mother. What about you? 6y
Brenley @forrestlaur yes! I completely agree. I thought there could have been more of an ending. Like there really needed to be some sort of epilogue or final chapter. 6y
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Hooked_on_books What a pretty face! 🐶💚 6y
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Finished this AMAZING book just in time to close out #ReadHarder2016 - Skloot does an expert job of interweaving scientific history with the Lacks family's personal story, and takes something incredibly academic and turns it into something deeply human. I could not have loved this more. What a fantastic way to close out 2016.

Daisey Congratulations! 6y
balletbookworm 🍾🍾 6y
megt Congrats! 6y
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So since the Shatter Me Collection is actually 5 books, the tagged book is the actual longest this year. It was the only book over 500 pages and one for #readharder2016. I finished that challenge, my reading challenge of 150 and the Reasing WOC challenge of which my goal was 20. I know it's low but I wasn't confident when I set it. I ended up with 36 of 150 books by WOC and almost all by women. Some men did squeeze in.

House of Leaves | Mark Z. Danielewski, Zampan
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I finally finished this monster of a book. While I loved the aesthetic and the creepy nature of the book, I found myself struggling through the story-especially Johnny's portions. Only reason I pushed through was because today is the last day of #readharder2016 and this was my final book for the challenge.

Common Sense | Thomas Paine
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My 100th book of year 2016!

Paine is a product of his time. I think his writings regarding the independence of the US are fascinating, but you do have to put up with some prejudices. I'd still recommend it, however, for those interested in philosophy or US history, or those who are American citizens. 😜 #ReadHarder2016 #bookinpolitics

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Red | John Logan
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"There's tragedy in every brushstroke." What is art's purpose? What should art do for the viewer? What should the viewer do for the art? What is good art???

This Tony award winning play explores these questions through two perspectives: an aging and famed artist (Rothko), and his assistant, an aspiring painter. Further, it's a significant commentary on the lives we lead. Great play! #ReadHarder2016

akfreeborn Loved seeing this play last year! 6y
DragonSadhana @akfreeborn I would love to see it enacted! 6y
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Seveneves: A Novel | Neal Stephenson
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I completed my #ReadHarder2016 challenge today. These are only 24 of the 140 books I have read this year (so far) but I gave five of these books a 5⭐ rating on Goodreads, so I'm calling this one a win. 😃

asiriusreader 🎉🎉🎉 go you!! 6y
ThatNeilGuy I really really loved Seveneves...until the 3000 years later part. I just couldn't get into that. 6y
Sjo_m Wow! I can only dream of reading that many books!! Well done you!! 🙌 6y
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Jenshootsweddings I was so half-assed with my Read Harder challenge this year! I'm going to put more effort into it for next year. 6y
carys14 @ThatNeilGuy And it didn't help that it felt rushed from that point on. 6y
sprainedbrain @Sjo_m audiobooks have doubled the number of books I read this year compared to last. 👍 6y
OrangeMooseReads Woohoo! 👏🎉📚 6y
sprainedbrain @Jenshootsweddings I was half-assed with Popsugar. I finally gave up on that one. 😳 6y
sprainedbrain @ThatNeilGuy I wasn't ready for that jump, and it was like reading a different book, but I still enjoyed it. 6y
Cinfhen Awesome 🙌🏻💗📚🎉 6y
vivastory Great list! 6y
kspenmoll Beyond Impressive! 📚👏🎉 6y
Sjo_m @sprainedbrain ah-ha that's good thinking! I've just got myself an audible account - will be looking to utilise it in 2017 methinks!! 6y
DebinHawaii Congratulations!! Great job! 🎉📚🎉👍 6y
saresmoore Yeah! Amazing! 6y
HardcoverHearts Great work!!! That challenge is no joke! 6y
Suzze Great! I always think this is the most difficult challenge. I've tried it before but never got very far. So you rock! 6y
rockpools 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🎉 Congratulations- and 140 books - just Wow! 6y
melbeautyandbooks Wow! Way to go! 6y
ErikasMindfulShelf I still have 4 books left for this one. Don't think I'll finish it this year but will still try to complete the tasks since obviously I need to read more books for those categories. 6y
Karen_V Yay! I'm going to try the 2017 version. 6y
KarenUK 🙌🙌🙌💕 6y
Faibka Congratulations!! 😊💕 6y
KnjiskiZmaj The ammount of books! I mean... WOW!! 😍 6y
Peddler410 I'm doing the 2017 challenge! 6y
cathysaid Wow! Congrats! 6y
shanebeth outstanding! 6y
Merethebookgal 🎉🎉🎉 6y
bookdrunkard78 I'm working on my last book for the challenge! Will you be doing next year's? 6y
sprainedbrain @bookdrunkard78 Yes, I already have my books planned. 😃 (edited) 6y
sprainedbrain @irre I still have 3 to finish for my other 2016 challenge. 😜 6y
rachellayown Yay! Congrats! 👏 👏 👏 6y
LauraBeth Nice!! 😀👏⭐🎉 6y
Lmstraubie Congratulations 👏👏👏 6y
bitterbear WHOOP WHOOP!!! ♡♡♡ 6y
Graciouswarriorprincess Congratulations!! 6y
theinfophile You rock! 6y
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Finally finished this behemoth of a book for the #bookriot #readharder2016 challenge: read a book about politics. The political maneuverings were surprisingly interesting to read about. Primarily about Lincoln, it also showcased other politicians to form an expansive multi-biography of sorts.

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Finished this today... a look at the medical uses, past and present, of human cadavers, with Mary Roach's conversational writing style and humor helping to make it less disturbing. I enjoyed the book, and it was my last one for #ReadHarder2016. ⭐⭐⭐⭐

That said, death is not such a fun topic right now - our whole household is sad today. Rest In Peace, Carrie Fisher. 😥

TheBookStacker Mary Roach is the best 6y
WhatDeeReads I have Gulp. I've yet to read it. 6y
BillBlume Found out less than an hour ago about Carrie Fisher. Even with the recent news of her health, just wasn't prepared. 6y
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Megabooks Congratulations!! 🎉📚🎉 6y
Peddler410 Read this a LONG time ago! In 2017 I plan to read Grunt by Roach. 6y
sprainedbrain @Peddler410 I read Bonk a loooong time ago. I'm going to read Packing for Mars for ReadHarder next year. 👍 (edited) 6y
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