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I‘ve been listening to the tagged book & thinking. I came up with an idea that I think could be BIG if organized & promoted properly:

Treat March 1st (the first day of Women‘s History Month) as if it‘s New Year‘s — but instead of making New Year‘s Resolutions, make #feministresolutions. Hashtag it, convince the other women in your life to do it, & the men, too. Make it go viral! Feminism is for everyone. 👇🏻

monalyisha 1/1:I‘m thinking about posting it in the Library groups I‘m a part of on Facebook because I‘ll need help with promotion & compiling resource guides. For instance, lists of books to educate yourself. Community resources. A list of media for men to consume to upset the gender stereotype & get in touch with their emotions: books/movies etc to make men cry. Anyway, if you want in or you have ideas & you‘re a PLANNER/ORGANIZER/RESEARCHER, let me know! 6h
DaveGreen7777 This is an amazing idea! I‘ll definitely be making some #FeministResolutions! (edited) 6h
monalyisha I‘m thinking of finding a person or a small team of people to be responsible for creating a guide of Actionable Items by State. I could potentially make a website & get everything up & running, but I‘d also need a handful of webmasters to check on it seasonally & make sure it‘s up-to-date. (I‘m already stretched pretty thin with going back to school.) Just thinking out loud here! VERY beginning stages. (edited) 6h
LapReader My suggestions for making men cry are Handmaid‘s Tale and Big Little Lies. My partner did anyway. He has 2 daughters so that may have helped. Both of the shows just make me angry. My dad cries at funerals and at songs not shows. My ex husband never cried perhaps that is one of the many reasons he is my ex. Ha! 2h
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When I started reading this book I wasn‘t sure I was going to like it. It wasn‘t my typical read, however just a few chapters into it I was hooked! I found myself drawn into the lives of all the characters. I wanted to keep reading because I wanted to know what celebrations or heartaches each character was having. I really enjoyed the book! #bnbookclub

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“Most women I knew did not want the “opportunity” to patrol the borders of patriarchal overreach; we felt torn about both the vague prospect & the observed reality of these men losing their jobs. We thought of their feelings & their families, fretted that the disclosure of their misdeeds might cost them future employment, or even provoke them to harm themselves. But this was something else we were being compelled to notice: 👇🏻

monalyisha 1/1: “THE WAYS IN WHICH WE WERE STILL CONDITIONED TO WORRY FOR THE MEN, but somehow not to afford the same compassion for women — their families, their feelings, their future prospects — even in a reckoning that was supposed to be about us, not them.” [emphasis my own] (edited) 15h
Hooked_on_books I. Loved. This. Book. 12h
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Moxie | Jennifer Mathieu
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Yes please!

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Just picked this up from the library

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The Power | Naomi Alderman
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Incredible! Don't have more words currently

Riveted_Reader_Melissa So good, I agree! 23h
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This is an amazing book and I‘d probably have to say it‘s one of my favourite! It shows how hard to it could be living in the war and not having the right to vote. I would definitely recommend this to anyone. I hope you enjoy it if you read it!

Handmaid's Tale | Margaret Atwood
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Relaxing night, haven't read the handmaid's tale since highschool so needed a refresher. 📖🖍

Back Talk: Stories | Danielle Lazarin
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Clwojick @TheReadingMermaid ♥️☠️💀🖤 2d
Lizpixie “And I said ‘June, do you really think that wig is fooling anybody?‘” 2d
See All 31 Comments
StayCurious “Geez Frank, I feel like we‘ve been waiting forever for the food to come out!” 2d
Lizpixie “Bob, did you forget to pay the electricity bill again?” 2d
madamereadsalot1 "Too bad I'm on a diet." 2d
Lizpixie “I bring this seance to order. Can everybody hold phalanges” 2d
Lizpixie “Oh my god. You really went with pumpkins again Karen?” 2d
StayCurious “And I was like - hold up Yorick, I don‘t know you well enough for that!” 2d
Stacypatrice “How many calories is this? I really don‘t want to gain any more weight.” 2d
Liatrek “I can‘t believe you forgot I‘m vegan!” 2d
Liatrek “This is my favorite Bone, Thugs and Harmony song!” 2d
QuietlyLaura Yeah, I‘m not on any team but I‘m still posting this quote from Pride And Prejudice: “Yes, and her petticoat; I‘m sure you saw her petticoat, six inches deep in mud, I‘m absolutely certain.” 😂 2d
Kappadeemom I hope the main course is something that will stick to my ribs! 2d
marleed Not on a team but can‘t resist, ‘Hmm, my Dinner List, the 5 people dead or alive, I‘d invite ...‘ 2d
madamereadsalot1 "Can you believe she's wearing the same thing as me!?" 2d
MidnightBookGirl "Where's dessert? I'm wasting away here!" 2d
Stacypatrice “So I met this guy and he was such a wimp. I mean, he was literally gutless.” 2d
i-am-papercrane And do you remember the *last* dinner party? I have such a bone to pick with her! 2d
Linsy Are those spare ribs? (edited) 2d
Linsy Bone appetit! (edited) 2d
Linsy Not sure I have the stomach for this. (edited) 2d
Linsy Is this bone china? 2d
Linsy Hope this wine has some body to it. 2d
MartinaLove "This kid is bad to the bone" 1d
MartinaLove "Oh my god George, the dog took a bone again. Is it grandpa's or grandma's this time?" 1d
MartinaLove "You are so boneless" 1d
Sarahreadstoomuch “And, well, to make a long story short...” 1d
SomedayAlmost And why have they made us the face of poison? It‘s not like we invented it... 1d
MoonWitch94 Im starving, wasting away. 16h
Clwojick 😂 😂 😂 😂 and the extra 15 points go to @MartinaLove for her comment “Oh my god George, the dog took a bone again. Is it grandpa's or grandma's this time?“ 22m
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Milk and Honey | Rupi Kaur
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I am a #booknerd and embrace solitude and quiet. i love the artwork but am only giving this popular poetry ⭐️⭐️ I was moved by #thehurt but the remaining sections were obvious or maybe I‘m too old to appreciate her writing 🙏