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1.224. I'm sitting next to several small bookcases.
2. I can reach 7 physical books, although if you add my Kindle books in, that's 2,416
3. I can see 9 green books
4. 0
5. 0
6. 6
7. 0
8. 8
9. 9
10. Comforting = 10
= 298 or 2,707

@ljuliel #KeepLitsyActive

ljuliel Good for you ! It sounds like you have a huge selection on your Kindle. Mine is dwindling, so I‘ve been watching the sales to restock it. Thanks for playing 😊 1mo
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Gunnerkrigg Court | Thomas Siddell
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Favorite authors... hard to say. Some of them are graphic novel/comic book authors... Neil Gaiman, Raina Telgemeier, Lucy Knisley, Tom Siddell (tagged, THE BEST web comic). I've read almost all Rick Riordan's Olympian books (need to read Trials of Apollo series) and I want to read his other modern mythology series #KeepLitsyActive @ljuliel

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Everyday is a new beginning, we just can't be afraid to live it. 🧡

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I think there was a survey or something going around here but I didn‘t have time to comment. If users have any say in development, I‘d love it if Litsy would re-orient to a landscape layout when you turn your device. Then I could use it when my iPad is propped. Otherwise, I have to set aside time to use it portrait style on my phone or iPad. #keeplitsyactive

thegirlwiththelibrarybag I‘d like to see a gallery style feature for our own photos - I think we‘ve all gotten to the point where we have posted a lot - and it would be nice to see them, at a glance rather than endlessly scrolling. 1mo
Megabooks @thegirlwiththelibrarybag I agree with both of you!! 1mo
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Rebecca | Daphne Du Maurier, Dame
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Today‘s Question

Which book when you finally read it, after it sitting on your TBR for years, did you say to yourself I wish I‘d read this sooner!

#WhyDidIWait #KeepLitsyActive

Andrew65 For me it would be Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier which I Read last weekend and struggled to put it down (edited) 1mo
Kimberlone My sister gave me this book for Christmas a few years ago and it took me awhile to get to it, but I was so angry with myself that I waited so long to read it because now it‘s one of my favorites 1mo
Andrew65 @Kimberlone I‘ve not read this so stacked it. Thanks for posting. 1mo
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MrsMalaprop Someone in my book club chose Rebecca a few years ago. I loved it 😍. 1mo
Andrew65 @MrsMalaprop I was blown away by it. 1mo
Ms_T Mine was Roots by Alex Haley. I had the book years ago but never read it. I recently downloaded the audiobook and it blew me away. I don‘t think another book will surpass it. (I‘m glad you enjoyed Rebecca, I loved it!) 1mo
Andrew65 @Ms_T I remember seeing the tv series but never read it. I obviously need to remedy that! 1mo
Ms_T @Andrew65 You won‘t be disappointed! 1mo
Andrew65 @Ms_T Will use my audible credits. 1mo
Scochrane26 Rebecca is one of those for me, too. I‘m sure there‘s more, but one series I was late to is Harry Potter. Fortunately, I got into it after the 5th book, so I was able to experience some of the crazy midnight showings & excitement about book releases. My friends had read the series much earlier. 1mo
Andrew65 @Scochrane26 This could be the case for a few people, I‘ve on,y read them this year! all 7 of them. 1mo
Lcsmcat I was pleasantly surprised by 1mo
Andrew65 @Lcsmcat That‘s an interesting one. (edited) 1mo
CoverToCoverGirl Just checked my TBR shelves.. sadly I don‘t have a physical copy of this book so I‘ll have to remedy that! 1mo
EadieB War and Peace and Far From The Madding Crowd are books I should have read sooner. (edited) 1mo
CoverToCoverGirl This one was on my shelf for years and I just recently read it 1mo
Andrew65 @CoverToCoverGirl Another book I need to read! 1mo
Andrew65 @EadieB Another couple of classics! 1mo
EadieB @Andrew65 After reading 240 of the 1001 books on the list, I can honestly say that most of them are very good books. Rebecca is on the list too! 1mo
OriginalCyn620 Frankenstein and Water For Elephants! 1mo
CaroPi I really wish I read it before... 1mo
Andrew65 @OriginalCyn620 Loved Water for Elephants. 1mo
Andrew65 @CaroPi Not Read It. 1mo
Andrew65 @Kaila-ann This is one I keep meaning to read. 1mo
Andrew65 @EadieB That‘s a lot. 1mo
Kaila-ann @Andrew65 you definitely should, it was so good. 1mo
Blaire I wish o had read this one as a kid. I loved it as a grown-up. 1mo
Blaire @Andrew65 station eleven is a favorite of the last several years. 1mo
Blaire @Ms_T I‘ve had my dad‘s copy of this for years and really need to read it. A 2020 goal. 1mo
CrowCAH The Lunar Chronicle books; soo glad I read all four! 1mo
Cinfhen The book I just finished today!!!! Sooooooo good 1mo
Ms_T @Blaire I urge you to read it, it‘s so good 😊 1mo
Kimberlone @Andrew65 it‘s sooo good. Hope you like it! 1mo
CarolynM Thanks for the tag 🙂 My most recent read that qualifies is 1mo
Crazeedi I don't have an answer for this🙄 I guess I'll let you know when I read one that has been waiting a while! Sorry! 1mo
Andrew65 @CarolynM I‘ve added this to my list. I really do need to read some Graham Greene. (edited) 1mo
Andrew65 @Kimberlone I‘m sure I will. 1mo
Andrew65 @Ms_T I‘ve downloaded the book and hope to get to it soon. 1mo
Andrew65 @Cinfhen Not heard of this one but on your recommendation have added it to my list. 1mo
Ms_T @Andrew65 Oh, I‘m excited for you! If you remember, please tag me in when you post about it 👍🏻 1mo
Andrew65 @Ms_T I will definitely remember and will do so. Thanks for the recommendation. 1mo
Rissreads I loved this book!!! ❤ 1mo
Rissreads @Kimberlone Station 11 is one of my all time favourites 🧡 1mo
Rissreads @CoverToCoverGirl I re read Wuthering heights this year and adored it! 1mo
cmastfalk Rebecca is a favorite! 1mo
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Needful Things | Stephen King
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Today's discussion prompt posted by @ljuliel

Can you name an author that's an immediate purchase when they release a new book, plus you've read every other book they've written already?

Stephen King! I always pre-order order King and I own most of his books, which is impressive since he's written so many. He currently takes up almost his own shelf.


Addison_Reads Yes! Same here. Most books I just get from the library, unless it's King. 💚 1mo
ljuliel Wow, good for you ! That‘d take some reading to read all his books. He‘s written quite a few thick ones. I know he‘s really popular ! 1mo
kezzlou85 Yep me too. Will always get his new books when they come out. 1mo
TrishB Read them all ❤️ love him too. 1mo
JulAnna Basically an automatic ‘purchase‘ for me too! 🎈😂 1mo
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For today‘s #KeepLitsyActive prompt, the wonderful @ljuliel asked this question:

Can you name an author that‘s an immediate purchase when they release a new book, plus you‘ve read every other book they‘ve written already?

For me, an immediate purchase author is Brandon Sanderson! I love his world-building and complex characters! And I love how his plot twists often shock me even though when I look back, all the foreshadowing was actually there!

ljuliel Quote a creative post, as always ! Thanks for responding. 1mo
DaveGreen7777 @ljuliel Thank you for the kind words, and thank you for doing so much to keep Litsy active! 😊😊😊 1mo
ljuliel You‘re welcome. I‘m trying. 👍🏼 1mo
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Sweetkokoro Mark Lawrence is one. All it took was for me to buy and read two of his books to rush out and buy every thing else, which I still don‘t have them all haha. Nicholas Eames will be another I currently have both of his. But if we were talking book cover artists yes I have one of those for sure haha. 1mo
RainyDayReading Brandon Sanderson is definitely an auto buy author for me even though I‘ve only read two of his books 🙈 I just haven‘t had the time and energy to devote to his books like I want to. So I‘m hoarding them for the right time 😅 1mo
TrishB @Sweetkokoro Mark Lawrence is one of mine too 👍🏻 1mo
Branwen AHAHAHAHA! That picture is SO FREAKING ACCURATE! 😂🤣 Sanderson is also one of my auto buy authors! Along with: R.A. Salvatore, Dean Koontz, Stephen King, Laini Taylor, and Leigh Bardugo! 💕📚 1mo
sharread Maggie Stiefvater 1mo
Deifio Yes! Brandon Sanderson is a genius! And such a nice person, too! I met him at a book signing 2 years ago. He was so happy we had the kids with us, finally he had an opportunity to hand out his stickers of Syl 🤩😍🤩😍 1mo
DaveGreen7777 @sharread I still haven‘t read anything of hers yet, I have to check her books out soon! 1mo
DaveGreen7777 @Deifio That is so awesome! 🤩 1mo
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This is actually yesterday's prompt. I missed it, but I liked it enough I wanted to respond anyway.

In order of importance:
1. Reviews
2. Author
3. A tie between Title, Cover, and Length
4. Price (price is no object when you get books from the library 😉)

Most important, though, is whether it's on my TBR. I mood-read more than I'd like, but I try to prioritize my TBR.

@ljuliel #KeepLitsyActive

ljuliel I like your number 4 answer, as I‘m going to try harder to use my library rather than buy. My new goal. 1mo
ImperfectCJ @ljuliel I got in the habit of using the library instead of buying books when we lived in a tiny apartment in the Bay Area on my spouse's postdoc salary, and I've just continued the practice (although I buy a lot more books now with homeschooling). 1mo
vumblereads Author 😄 and maybe if it was turned into a movie as well? That‘s another factor for me. 1mo
ImperfectCJ @vumblereads Would the book being turned into a movie make you more or less likely to want to read it? 1mo
vumblereads It would make me want to read it more especially before the movie comes out. So I can always say, “I read it before it came out!” 😝 1mo
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Today's discussion question from @ljuliel
Feel free to contribute and repost!

Do you have favorite authors whose books you immiately purchase when they have a new release, and you've already read every other book they've written?

#KeepLitsyActive @ljuliel

Aimeesue Mine are: Margaret Atwood, Bill Bryson, David Sedaris, Rebecca Solnit, Roxane Gay, Malcolm Gladwell, Elizabeth Strout, Stephen Fry, Jane Harper, Neil Gaiman, Kate Atkinson, Kazuo Ishiguro, and prior to his death, Terry Pratchett. 1mo
ljuliel Very good answers ! I‘ve been pondering this question, and can‘t think of very many authors that I‘ve read every book of....there are some I‘ve read a lot of their books but probably not all. I flip around too much from one thing to another I guess. 1mo
Aimeesue @ljuliel I'm just old, know what I like, and read a LOT (to the extent that I hardly ever watch TV or movies.) 😂 1mo
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ljuliel Same .. I‘m old too. 😂 I also know what I like in books, but bounce from one to another. I‘ve read several of certain authors but probably not all from one author. I also don‘t watch tv or movies. Never turn it on anymore . I don‘t think I‘m missing much. 1mo
Amiable John Irving, Dennis Lehane, Louise Penny, Wally Lamb 1mo
LeahBergen 🤔 Sarah Waters, I guess. 1mo
Jess861 I can't say that I've read all the books of any author out there. However, favourite authors that I plan to read all the books of are Kate Morton, Lori Lansens and like @LeahBergen said Sarah Waters. 1mo
Aimeesue @Amiable Nice! I really must read Louise Penny one of these days. 1mo
Aimeesue @LeahBergen @Jess861 Yes, Waters is very good! (edited) 1mo
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