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Good Company | Cynthia D'Aprix Sweeney
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Super excited that I found this brand-new 2021 read at a Flea Market today for just $5! I've been wanting to read it and it immediately jumped out to me on a table filled with mass markets and other older paperbacks.

Kaylamburson It truly is a gorgeous cover!! @Jennick2004 1y
Megabooks Awesome!! 1y
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Orchard of Lost Souls | Nadifa Mohamed
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This is incredible so far...

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The Secret Garden | Frances Hodgson Burnett
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Starting this gorgeous copy!! #CoverEnvy

The Eyes of the Dragon | Stephen King
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It took me some time to get into this one because there was not enough dragon and it was not a typical Stephen King. But it is written like a fairy tale and I appreciated the subtleties of its special brand of wisdom and humor. I liked the ending the best and would like a follow-up adventure with some of the redeemed characters. #Eyesofthedragon #LosersClub #StephenKing @DGRachel


BookBelle84 This was the first King book I ever read and still must favourite! 3y
DGRachel I agree that there is a serious dearth of dragon in a book that features the word in its title. 😉 3y
DGRachel And that‘s a really cool cover, btw. I haven‘t seen that one before. Makes me want to replace my copy. 😆 #coverenvy (edited) 3y
LeslieO This was the one he wrote so his kids could read it. 3y
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Dust | Yvonne Adhiambo Owuor
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I have a feeling this is either going to be amazing or I‘ll end up DNFing because of the writing style. Let‘s find out! #nowreading

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Ten Girls to Watch: A Novel | Charity Shumway
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First read of 2019

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Macbeth | William Shakespeare
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Starting in on Macbeth for #ShakespeareReadalong! We found a great coffee shop where Bryan can work and I can read. My dad is with the kiddos for the morning. 😊

TheAnitaAlvarez Macbeth is my favorite Shakesperean tragedy! 4y
batsy Ooh, you have that pretty edition! Now I want it too, although I have the perfectly useful Signet one 🙈 4y
saresmoore @batsy #coverenvy It‘s such a fantastic design—minimalist, but says a lot about the play. 4y
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LauraBeth Oohh - I just re-read Macbeth last week and really enjoyed it! Thinking of re-visiting Hamlet next but now I also want to read the Jonathan Bate bio 4y
saresmoore @LauraBeth Well, that sounds awesome. Stacked! I‘m loving the insights from Marjorie Garber. She notes a number of similarities between Macbeth and Hamlet. 4y
LauraBeth 📚📚! 4y
AlaMich I listened to Alan Cummings read a novelized version on Audible (I think it was an Audible original.) I‘m not all that familiar with the play, but listening to him read, in his Scottish accent, was pretty fun. 😊 4y
LeahBergen I love Macbeth and this looks like a very nice morning, indeed. 😘 4y
saresmoore @AlaMich Well, that sounds delightful! 4y
saresmoore @LeahBergen I‘m feeling a particular affinity for the Weird Sisters this time around. 😅 4y
kspenmoll How is your home? Thinking of you- love MacBeth! I confess I have only read a few of his plays. Thanks for referral for 4y
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No spoilers because my pal @Jess_Read_This is about to start this - just to say I lost time and happily ignored the world reading this wonderful follow-up to Bear & the Nightingale. Immerse yourself in medieval Russia, dark fairy tale references, and dig deeper into Vasya‘s eventful lifestory. She‘s a tough cookie in a male-centric world and her spirit shines. Looking forward to book 3 this August!
And I am very happy with my gorgeous UK cover😁

Linsy That cover!! 💋💋💋 5y
LeahBergen Beautiful cover! 5y
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erzascarletbookgasm I love this edition! 5y
Kalalalatja I need this book! 5y
Jess_Read_This This is going to be the book that pulls me out of my book slump!!! 5y
KassKho You need to tell me where you get your UK covers because the need is real! 5y
underground_bks This UK cover got me so damn jealous 😭😍❤️ Loved this sequel and can‘t wait for the third! 5y
elkeOriginal @KassKho I thought you often have UK covers in Canada? I get mine from book depository because of free international shipping. 5y
elkeOriginal @Jess_Read_This I swear it will solve your slumpiness! 5y
emmaturi Love the cover! Still to read the first one! 5y
KassKho We do! But sometimes they chose the US cover instead. Often time I don‘t notice but then every now and then a cover comes along and steals my heart. I‘m also looking to get the Australian cover for 5y
Arbol Ugh #coverenvy I read this last month and it was wonderful. I may have to cave and order this version from Book Depository. 5y
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The Seafarer's Kiss | Julia Ember
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Got crafty the other day with some paperclips and tassels that I made into bookmarks. I have a huge collection of random bookmarks and I usually just use those or whatever scrap paper is handy, but it's nice to have something a little more fun 😊

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Started this fun, easy one. My other #currentread is dragging badly.. needed something! 🍉

Cinfhen Love the title and cover!!! 5y
avablue14 The cover is #coverenvy 💝💝 5y
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