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#BookReport #DaiseysReadingWeek
No books completed this week

📖 The Letters of J.R.R. Tolkien #FellowshipOfTolkien
📖 & 🎧 #BibleBuddyRead
🎧 One Hundred Years of Solitude

📚 Continue current reads
📚 Pick up shorter and/or MG reads
📚 Listen to something nonfiction

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Having an unexpected week off from work due to cold I was able to read to my heart‘s content. True Biz gets 4 🌟 because I learned a lot about deaf culture more than liking the story itself. Both Love After Love and The Midcoast were great on audio.

Cinfhen Sorry you were home with a cold but hurray for EXTRA reading time 😎 12h
Megabooks I hope you‘re feeling better! 💜 9h
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The Idiot | Elif Batuman
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Finished The Storm of Echoes.
Currently reading The Idiot and How High We Go in the Dark

Cinfhen I didn‘t get on with The Idiot 🙄curious to see how you like it. 12h
AnneCecilie @Cinfhen I‘m loving it so far and I‘ve made it to spring. I‘ve loved it since the first page. 11h
Cinfhen Ahhh, I couldn‘t connect from page one 😉😂😂glad you‘re enjoying it 11h
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This wasn‘t a great week for reading. 🤔

I finished Renovated to Death. Imagine HGTV meets Murder She Wrote, if Jessica Fletcher were a gay couple. It was a fun read, but I don‘t know that I‘ll continue with the series if there is one.

I‘ve read a few chapters of some of the others, and I may set some aside for later…


Cinfhen I love your book description 😂😂 14h
tokorowilliamwallace Dodging and Burning, and A Ballad of Love and Death both sound like appropriate Cancer season reads, though. 12h
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The Swimmers | Julie Otsuka
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#BookReport 25/22

On audio I finished a #ReadingAfruca2022 book. In print, I read those three. All were good, but this week‘s favorite is Greengates!

Cinfhen I recently picked up this book on #KindleDailyDeal 15h
BarbaraBB @Cinfhen Looking forward to what you‘ll think. I am not sure if it‘s a book you‘d enjoy. 10h
Cinfhen Hmmmm, I‘m very curious now!!!! 10h
Megabooks Agree re: the swimmers @Cinfhen , but I hope you end up enjoying it! 9h
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Untitled | Unknown
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📚 Regrets Only- finished
📚 The Hostess with the Ghostess- finished
📚 The Secret, Book & Scone Society- finished
📚 The Coincidence of Coconut Cake- just started

Cinfhen Woohoo 🙌🏻 looks like you‘re entering July with a clean slate 😻 15h
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I finished some okay books this week, and one really good one (The Change) mostly on Sunday/Monday. Thanks to *waves hands*, I doubt I‘ll be able to focus much to read today. Too much rage and sadness. I‘m also probably going to bail on The Blessing Way. I‘m finding it tedious and the narrator doesn‘t help. #bookreport

Cinfhen The change was definitely a fun book and now it‘s feeling more like a rallying cry 😤 14h
DGRachel @Cinfhen Yes! I‘m so angry I feel like if I had Jo‘s super power I would burn the world down. 14h
Cinfhen I hear you!!! 14h
Eggbeater I am full of rage and sadness and fear, too. It is good to know I'm not alone. 9h
DGRachel @Eggbeater {{hugs}} You are definitely not alone. 9h
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Stardust | Neil Gaiman
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#BookReport - Solid week. I finished the checked books, plus the tagged book which I think may be hidden behind Wanderers in this photo haha Wanderers and Break-Up Book Club ended up DNFs for me this week, although I haven't decided if they are forever DNFs or temporary ones 😂 Currently reading The League of Gentlewomen Witches, which I'm hoping to finish today. Sacred Clowns was probably my favorite read of the week.

sherrisilvera I enjoyed Sacred Clowns also. You reminded me to look back at Hillerman. 17h
TheAromaofBooks @sherrisilvera - I'm working my way through the series quite slowly, but really enjoying these books a lot. I really like the contrast between Leaphorn and Chee and their life-perspectives and detective methods, how they are so different from each other yet both still bring a valuable perspective to the situation. 17h
sherrisilvera I had read only a few and so long ago. Have you tried the Longmire series? Those components are there as well. 16h
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Cinfhen Woohoo!!! Progress!!!! And how is it even possible that it‘s almost time to add your JULY books?????? 14h
Gissy I thought Wanderers was good, is in my old tbr😳 14h
TheAromaofBooks @sherrisilvera - No!! I haven't even heard of it - I'll definitely look them up!! 13h
TheAromaofBooks @Cinfhen - To clear the windowsill I only need to read 22 books by Friday, so that's totally doable, right?? 😂 13h
TheAromaofBooks @Gissy - I just don't think I was in the right headspace for it!! The concept does sound really interesting, so I might come back to it. 13h
Gissy @TheAromaofBooks Then, there is hope!☺️ 9h
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First my #BookReport June 19-25:
Finished 3 (2 chunksters)
🎧Oathbringer 4.5⭐️
📔Captured 3.5⭐️
📔The Poison Song 5⭐️ -amazing
In Progress: enjoying all so far
🎧Dune 16%
📖The Shadow of the Gods 20%
📖My Killer Vacation 19%
Lots on my radar for this week thanks to many library holds:
📚The Atlas Six, Dawnshard, The Perfect Crimes of Marian Hayes, Kaikeyi, Dead Silence
🎧A Magic Steeped in Poison, Island Queen

Cinfhen Great graphics 😻love them!!! Looks like you might start July with a clean slate🙌🏻 19h
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Ice Blue | Emma Jameson
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#bookreport #mystery #policeprocedural #historicalfiction

Finished all but Ice Blue this week.
The Redbreast & Lost Roses ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
A Death in Silversmith Bay, just a So-So, despite its quirky characters. The first in this series was better.
Last Stop Paris, between a pick & A waring about Violence. Again, I liked first in series better.
Just started listening to Ice Blue.

Cinfhen I can tell you‘re in #SummerReadingMode 😻 19h
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