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Well look at whose name I pulled!!! 😍😍😍
Awesome sauce and many congratulations darlin!🎉

Shoot me an email with your mailing address and I'll get your book out to you 👏🥳🎉

#PopJarGame #24B4MondayGiveaway #24B4Monday
@Andrew65 @jb72

jb72 Oh wow! You are awesome! Thank you so very much! 🥳 4mo
Andrew65 @jb72 Congratulations. 🍾🥂 4mo
Clwojick Yay! Congratulations! ♥️ 4mo
Crazeedi @jb72 congrats!!!🎉🎉 4mo
Rissreads Well done! 4mo
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The magic TBR jar picked The Raven Boys and Lillian Boxfish Takes a Walk as my next books.
#PopJarGame #24B4Monday #readathon #24B4MondayGiveaway
@TheReadingMermaid @Andrew65

ErickaS_Flyleafunfurled Good picks, jar! Lillian is wonderful! 4mo
Andrew65 Loved Lillian and want to read The Raven Boys. 4mo
Naj The Raven Boys is amazing! 4mo
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Shley9225 What an interesting concept for managing the TBR! 4mo
marleed I love your TBR concept! 4mo
TheReadingMermaid @Shley9225 @marleed it is a game that we are playing for a read-a-thon this weekend. Everyone who posts a picture of their TBR jar gets entered to win a free book! You are more than welcome to join us if you like ❤️🤗❤️ 4mo
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Lily and the Octopus | Steven Rowley
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#PopJarGame @TheReadingMermaid
#24B4Monday #24B4MondayGiveaway @Andrew65
This is my #TBR pile with my favorite mug as the TBR jar 😆 So, besides bookmarks and Funko, I‘m also obsessed with mugs too, especially bookish ones 🤣& I know this pile looks a bit overwhelming but hopefully I can at least finish 2 of them?🤨 already started the tagged book and it‘s a fun read so far. Wish me luck! 😁
#readinglife #booknerd #bibliophile #booksandfunko

TheReadingMermaid Good luck sweetness! I know you'll get through a big chunk of that! 🦸🦸🦸 4mo
BooknerdsLife @TheReadingMermaid awww Thank you so much!! I‘ll try my best! & thank you so much for hosting so many fun games here 😘🙌🏼💖📚📚 4mo
Andrew65 Good luck with the Readathon. Great book choices! And I love the mug. 😊👍 4mo
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BooknerdsLife @Andrew65 Thank you so much! I‘m obsessed with bookish mugs 🤣 And thank you again for this readathon🙌🏼📚📚💖 4mo
Traci1 Those are some good choices. Love the mug. ❤ 4mo
Butterflyamore I loved Lily and the Octopus! 4mo
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Readathon: Occasional List : Geleentheidslys | Gauteng (South Africa). Education Media Service
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Today‘s #libraryhaul 🤓📚

#24B4Monday #readathon
#24B4MondayGiveaway #PopJarGame
I‘m using these library books in my #tbrjar along with the three #botm books.

TheReadingMermaid Fabulous fabulous fabulous 😍😍😍 4mo
Andrew65 Some great choices. Good luck with the Readathon. 👍😊 4mo
tammysue @TheReadingMermaid I started at midnight so I‘m making some headway on my goals 🙌🏻♥️ 4mo
tammysue @Andrew65 Ty Andrew! 😀 4mo
TheReadingMermaid Yahz!!! 💪🤓📖 4mo
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Rebecca (Special) | Daphne Du Maurier
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#24B4Monday readathon #PopJarGame
@TheReadingMermaid @Andrew65
These are the books going in my mug! Tagged book I am going to finish to send on for #LMPBC

TheReadingMermaid Woohoo! That's a mighty big stack darlin! Much luck to you on getting through it. I know you can! 💪🤓📖 4mo
Crazeedi @TheReadingMermaid well let's just say I'll pull a ticket and read, no way I'll get through all but I wanted to have a selection, and these have been sitting beside my chair for a while!!! 4mo
TheReadingMermaid Well either way I know you're going to have tons of fun. You've got a great selection there! 😍 4mo
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Andrew65 Some great choices. Good luck with the Readathon. 😊👍 (edited) 4mo
5280reader Rebecca is on my list too! 4mo
Kayla.Adriena That is a beautiful mug! 😍 4mo
Kayla.Adriena And the book stack's alright too!😆😉 4mo
Crazeedi @Kayla.Adriena thanks, I should take a pic of the inside, its beautiful 4mo
Crazeedi @kspenmoll my daughters both said they loved it! 4mo
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#24B4Mondaygiveaway #24B4Monday #readathon #PopJarGame I picked 12 books on my TBR that I've been dying to read and haven't gotten around to. Some are print books, most are books backing up in my Kindle that were on sale at one point. May the best books win! I can't wait! 📚

Texreader Love it!! 4mo
Bookartbookmarks Great idea! 4mo
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Readathon storybook: Oshindonga & English | Dorian Haarhoff, Linekela Shipindo Moshindonga, Sarie Maritz
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Here‘s my tentative stack for #24B4Monday #Readathon I‘m going to be at a conference all weekend, so no idea how much I will actually get read. Also added in my #PopJarGame #24B4MondayGiveaway jar with the TBRs I currently have. 😬

TheReadingMermaid Yahz!!! Looks fantastic 👍😃👍 4mo
Andrew65 A great stack. Loved No Exit. Good luck with the Readathon. 😊😂 4mo
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Moby Dick: bl velryba | Melville Herman
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#24B4Monday #Readathon #PopJarChallenge #24B4MondayGiveaway
I‘m looking forward to the readathon at the end of the month.

TheReadingMermaid #PopJarGame OMG that is just so cute!!! 💕😍💕 4mo
Andrew65 Love love love the cup ❤️❤️❤️ Good luck with the Readathon. 4mo
jb72 @TheReadingMermaid @Andrew65 Thanks! Eeyore is my favorite Pooh character. My kids gave me that mug years ago. 4mo
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Andrew65 @jb72 Tigger says hello to Eyeore, and I also have a Winnie the Pooh keyring! 4mo
jb72 @Andrew65 Great minds! 4mo
Andrew65 @jb72 😊 4mo
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Idea Jar | Adam Lehrhaupt
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Here is my #PopJarGame TBR jar!!! I'm excited to start!
Remember to post yours!!! 💙😍💙

#24B4Monday #24B4MondayGiveaway @Andrew65

tammysue I‘m a bit behind what‘s this new game? 4mo
TheReadingMermaid @whatshesreadingnow no problem sweetie, it's simple! Just put your tentative books inside a jar or mug (or whatever) and when it comes time for you to read a new book during the read-a-thon just pick one out of the TBR jar. Post a picture of your jar to be entered to win a free book! Easy peasy 1 2 3zey! 😉😘 4mo
tammysue That‘s super! I‘ll post it tonight. Today‘s our 34th Anniversary, plus I received several terrific bits of news today from attorney and accountant. Things are looking UP so I‘m ready to have some fun this weekend. I may even drink a few margaritas too! 😜😘 4mo
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TheReadingMermaid @whatshesreadingnow woohoo!!! It's about time you guys got some good news. I'm so happy for you!!! And margaritas, I may have to join you 🍹😋🍹 4mo
TheReadingMermaid @booksavvysissy here you go sweetie 4mo
Crazeedi @TheReadingMermaid Tamara, I'm going to jump in this time too! Whoohoo! Did you get my note I sent recently yet??❣😍 4mo
TheReadingMermaid @Crazeedi I did! I just received it today. I read it and it was lovely. It's so wonderful getting to know you a bit better. I'll be sending out my response to you soon 😘 4mo
BooknerdsLife @TheReadingMermaid awww Thank you for always hosting these awesome bookish games!! 😘😘🙌🏼💖📚📚📚 4mo
TheReadingMermaid @BooknerdsLife you are so very welcome sweetheart! And a big thank you to @biblecoffeebooks for coming up with this idea! she was actually the mastermind behind this whole game! 😘😘😘 4mo
BooknerdsLife @TheReadingMermaid and your mug is sooo pretty!!! 😍🧜🏼‍♀️ 4mo
TheReadingMermaid @BooknerdsLife thank you so much! #HusbandsOfLitsy 💘💘💘 4mo
thereadingunicorn @TheReadingMermaid aww thank you . I just post my tbr list . I let my daughter draw one out 😊❤️ 4mo
BooknerdsLife @TheReadingMermaid is there a deadline for this? 😱 4mo
TheReadingMermaid @BooknerdsLife no real deadline but make sure to post a picture before Sunday at midnight so you can be entered to win. I will be announcing the winner of the drawing Monday morning probably. 😁 4mo
wanderinglynn I love your jar! 👍🏻 🧜🏻‍♀️ 💜 4mo
TheReadingMermaid @Grimscythe here you go sweetie 😉 4mo
TheReadingMermaid @Areader2 are you go hun 💖 4mo
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Readathon: Occasional List : Geleentheidslys | Gauteng (South Africa). Education Media Service
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Oh my goodness, this starts tomorrow night at midnight!!!
Time to show us your stacks!!! What will you be reading this weekend?
Also don't forget about our game that we are playing this time around! #PopJarGame show us a picture of your TBR jar and be entered to win a free book!!! #24B4MondayGiveaway

#Readathon #LitsyHappenings

xxjenadanxx Another one? I‘m in the tiniest bit of a slump, maybe this will break me free! 4mo
TheReadingMermaid @xxjenadanxx Andrew and I host this read-a-thon every last weekend of the month. 😉 4mo
BooknerdsLife Can‘t wait!!! 🙌🏼💓📚 4mo
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TheReadingMermaid @Clwojick hey sweetie I just spoke to Andrew and I need you to give me a reply back on the email I just sent you please. Let's figure this out okay? 🤗 4mo
TheReadingMermaid @Clwojick just shot you an email back sweetheart 4mo
CoverToCoverGirl When does this start? Hoping to join in. 4mo
TheReadingMermaid @CoverToCoverGirl it started last night at midnight. You're free to jump in at any time hun. 4mo
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