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Setting Goals | John Renesch
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I didn't get to post this because of my vacation.
What are some of your 2019 reading goals and resolutions?

Bookjunkie57 90 books total. #BookBingo2019 #40in2019tbr and some personal things like 2 classics, 5 books on my nook app 8mo
Judybskt 50 books 8mo
TheReadingMermaid I'm setting my goal for 320 books to read for the year. I'm also doing the #2019FGReadingChallenge and I have a goal to finish 3 series this year (The Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice, the Harry Potter series by JK Rowling & the Lord of the rings series by Tolkien). 8mo
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Shay1097 I‘m going to try for 70 books this year fell short last year at 65!! 8mo
TheSpineView Read 75 books for the GR challenge. Complete or at least read further into series I have started. I am hosting a challenge for that goal. So anytime someone reads a book in a series tag me and use #SeriesRead. I will do a quarterly #giveaway to help motivate everyone. Happy reading!❤📖 8mo
Sweetkokoro My goal is 150 books, 50 more than last years goal. Only thing I want to do different is have a higher count of books to graphic novels. I love graphic novels but I want to expand more and read more novels (and trilogy‘s and so forth) 8mo
Susanita I‘m trying a new thing! Reading one book to the end before starting another one. We‘ll see how that goes. 🤔 8mo
inthegreensandblues My goal is 65 books including at least one non fiction a month. Plus I'm doing Mount TBR. 8mo
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Family Guy | Seth Mcfarlane
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As some of you know, I am out in WI helping my sick grandma for a few days. I will not be back in OH until the 6th of Jan. Are you guys going to be okay starting this challenge after that? #2019FGReadingChallenge
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Andrea4 Of course!!! Taking care of the people you love is way more important!! 8mo
Geeklet Absolutely! Take care of your family. 🤗 8mo
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Chili Absolutely!! 8mo
kristincatastrophic I hope your grandma is doing ok. Yes, whenever you're ready is great with me. I'm going to be away for the next few days myself anyway. 8mo
AnansiGirl I‘m absolutely ok with that! Your grandma comes first. 8mo
AmyG Hope she is better soon. 8mo
BethM I hope your grandma is ok! 8mo
GingerAntics I‘m cool with doing this whenever. I‘ve got a few books in progress anyway. Hope your Grandma is okay. It‘s tough when they start getting older. 8mo
LibrarianRyan Sure 8mo
Mimi28 Yep!! Hope your Grandmother feels better!! 8mo
mydearwatson Hope your grandma feels better soon! 8mo
Crazeedi Get well soon dear Grandmama! Take care of yourself too! 8mo
Amiable I'm good with that. Sending good wishes to Grandma! 8mo
SleepyDragon I don't know what's involved with this challenge. I don't think I signed up for it. Hope your grandma feels better soon. 8mo
TheReadingMermaid @NeesyBeth oh okay I thought you showed interest in it which is why I tagged you. what it's basically going to involve is me putting up a list of books for us to read throughout the year. It's going to be like a book checklist. 8mo
SleepyDragon Oh, okay. I don't think I'm up for that, though I am curious as to what that list would include. I know a few books that were mentioned on the show I have no interest in reading. If I did participate, I doubt I would complete it. 8mo
TheReadingMermaid @NeesyBeth I'm only including up to Season 9 and we're only doing 36 books for the entire year. I thought that was more than sufficient for this challenge cause there's WAY more I could add. 8mo
CindyMyLifeIsLit That‘s fine. Best wishes for your grandmother‘s quick recovery! 8mo
SleepyDragon A bit too ambitious for me. I'll cheer you all on, though! 8mo
TheReadingMermaid @NeesyBeth sure sweetie no problem at all 🤗 8mo
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Family Guy | Seth Mcfarlane
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Repost for @TheReadingMermaid :
This is happening folks! Please let me know if you're interested so I can tag you when I get the list up.

TheReadingMermaid Thank you for the repost sweetie 😘 8mo
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Family Guy | Seth Mcfarlane
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This is happening folks! Please let me know if you're interested so I can tag you when I get the list up.

Geeklet Tag me please! 8mo
tammysue I‘ll give it a try! 8mo
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Chili I‘m very intrigued. Tag me please. 8mo
Laughterhp I‘m intrigued. Tag me please 😊 8mo
tdrosebud I'm also intrigued, tag me please. 8mo
LibrarianRyan Tag please. I would like more info. 8mo
LapReader Me please 8mo
Mindyrecycles What in the world?! Yes gotta be tagged. 😂 8mo
Hestapleton I‘m intrigued! Tag me please! 8mo
AnansiGirl Tag me please! 🙋🏻‍♀️ 8mo
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Reading Challenge | Casey Malarcher, Andre Janzen
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Okay okay I know what you guys are thinking... (SHE'S CRAZY!) But no seriously I'm not. If you actually sit down and watch the show they make reference to a lot of really great books. I'm compiling a list and will have it ready by 2019. So if interested come read books like The Art of War, Romeo and Juliet, The Lovely Bones, Moby Dick, The Joy of Sex, A Brief History of Time, Huckleberry Finn, Faust and many many more!

Geeklet I am more interested in this than I should be. 😂 8mo
CindyMyLifeIsLit Sounds great! 8mo
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Susanita The LOTR episode is hilarious! 8mo
EH2018 Nice choice! I'm interested 😊 8mo
faelinwolf I'm intrigued! 8mo
kristincatastrophic Fun! Love Family Guy! Also I get it because I completely agree with Quagmire's opinion of The Catcher In The Rye. 8mo
AnansiGirl Oh my gawd count me in! 8mo
SleepyDragon Curious as to what the list will have, but I have no desire to read "The Art of War." Lol 8mo
Amiable What a fun and creative idea for a challenge! 8mo
Andrea4 Very interesting! 8mo
Mimi28 Hhhhmmm very interesting and tempting, I‘ll try it! 8mo
GingerAntics I agree it seems outrageous, but it‘s a valid way to get a reading list. They reference so many great works on this show. 8mo
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