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Heart Full of Lies
Heart Full of Lies: A True Story of Desire and Death | Ann Rule
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Discusses the investigation and trial of Liysa Northon, who was convicted for killing her husband in 2000 after setting up a crime scene made to look like she herself escaped, a case that eventually linked her to a series of violent crimes against a series of men. Reprint.
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It‘s getting into spOooooOky season! Fans of Gone Girl and true crime will get on well with Ann Rule‘s “Heart Full Of Lies” #amreading #truecrime #annrule

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Liysa admits to killing her husband, but was it accidental, in self-defence or was she a calculating murderer?

This book follows the true story of Liysa‘s life and her trial and was the first Ann Rule book I read - highly recommended.

As for Liysa, I can only say #dontmarryher.....


Cathythoughts I‘d like to read this one ! Stacking ! She writes so well . I loved 6mo
Crazeedi Shes a good author 6mo
Cinfhen This one sounds good! 6mo
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What a great book - thanks for the initial Ann Rule recommendation @Kaye !

This wasn‘t a whodunit as much as a whydunit and a psychological profile of an individual. Liysa shot her husband but was it in self defence or was she a calculated killer?

I still can‘t stop thinking about this book...

I‘ve included it as #oregon but would equally work well for #hawaii so I may move it, depending on what else I read.


Kaye I‘m glad you liked it. You can use it for whichever state you want, but I might recommend using it for Hawaii, as there aren‘t truckloads of books available for that state , plus if you like Ann Rule, the majority of hers are set in the Washington / Oregon area as that‘s where she lived. It‘d be easy to find a bunch for those states. Just an idea. 💕 9mo
squirrelbrain I think I may do just that @Kaye as it does seem as though Hawaii might be a struggle.... 9mo
Kaye Just in case, and if you don‘t use this for Hawaii : If you want true crime set in Hawaii , hunt up this one. It‘s partially in Hawaii. It‘s really good. 9mo
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Hooked_on_books Oh, excellent! I have one of hers and am glad to know she writes well. I won‘t be using it for this challenge, but now I look forward to reading it even more! 9mo
squirrelbrain That one sounds great @kaye, but it‘s not at our library (even to order) or on Libby... Even on Amazon the cheapest used copy is £. Silly me, trying to read US states in the UK ? 9mo
Kaye Yes, it‘s probably as hard as it is for me to get books from over there. Some of them are available way before we ever see them, or not at all. This one is an older one , written by Vincent Bugliosi, the same lawyer as in Helier Skelter. It may be hard to find. I‘m not sure if it‘s available on our library ebook page or not. 9mo
Librarybelle Sounds great! 9mo
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So @Kaye has been posting lists of books for our #ReadingUSA2019 challenge. There was a fab-sounding one by Ann Rule for #delaware but of course my (UK)library didn‘t have it.

However they did have this one so off I went. The blurb on the library website definitely said something about #texas but now I‘ve got the book it seems to be split between #oregon and #hawaii. I need all 3 states so we‘ll see when I‘ve read it!

Also 2 other great books!

BarbaraBB You‘ve already covered Delaware! Sunburn was set there, which you shared so generously afterwards ❤️ 9mo
squirrelbrain I wish I had @BarbaraBB but I read it last year so it doesn‘t count! 🤨 9mo
Kaye I looked up the Rule book you got. It mentioned Hawaii, Oregon and California. Is it one that only has the one story in it ? She wrote several that have one longer story then a few shorter ones . 9mo
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squirrelbrain @Kaye , yes it is just one story. I‘ve read a couple of chapters already (good so far!); the murder took place in Oregon and the suspect appears to have spent a lot of time in Hawaii.... 9mo
Kaye That‘s great, then you can use it for either state you want. 👍🏼 9mo
BarbaraBB Oh, That‘s too bad, I didn‘t realize! 9mo
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I‘ve read most of Ann Rule‘s books but I think I missed this one so of course I had to bring it home-and these others too of course

CoverToCoverGirl Sooooo... how many books are actually in your TBR pile? 🤔🤣 11mo
CocoReads Hundreds-maybe more? I stopped counting long ago. Plus there the kindle tbr....I‘m a #bookaddict 11mo
C.Perone The others would have been lonely. You did a good deed!! 😂 11mo
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I had just started this yesterday. While I was out today my dog destroyed my book. I don‘t know what is wrong with him. At least I wasn‘t too invested in the book yet.

Samplergal Apparently he doesn‘t want you to read tonight. All dog night. 🙄 14mo
Lovesbooks87 Oh no!!! 14mo
Cedricsmom He hates that book! 14mo
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DivineDiana And luckily it wasn‘t a Library Book! 👍🏻 14mo
tracey38 Oh no! 14mo
Louise Getting rid of the competition for your attention! 😆 14mo
DGRachel Oh no! Bailey hasn‘t shown any interest in my books, but Samia destroyed a few books in her younger years. 😱 14mo
Jas16 😱 14mo
nu-bibliophile Oh no😭 14mo
Dogearedcopy We used to have that problem with my older books: The horse glue and leather were irresistible to my dogs! 14mo
Booksndogs The title was just too traumatic for him. Maybe you should read Ruth Ozeki‘s My Year of Meats. That should keep him happy. 14mo
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It's been a year since I've been on this app which I love so much. It's been a hectic sort of time for me, but I'm back in full swing. I've made a little area in the corner of my bedroom a reading nook so I won't disturb the hubby while I read late into the night. It feels good to have a small quiet corner of the world

RaimeyGallant Welcome back! #LitsyWelcomeWagon Some of us put together Litsy tips to help new Littens navigate the site. It's the link in my bio on my page in case you need it. Or if you prefer how-to videos, @chelleo put some together at the link in her bio. @LitsyWelcomeWagon 2y
Chelleo 🤗 2y
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Ann Rule knows how to write true crime.

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