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Thanks for the tag @Erofan

These are my #Top6Reads of the year so far. Hard to choose only six. I read a lot of really good books this year.

JackOBotts Oooh! Special Topics... was such a fun read! 🙌🏼 3y
Erofan Wow! Great list! 👍 3y
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A bit belated, but finally getting to my mid-year wrap up and #Top6Reads (tagged by @KVanRead ). A Gentleman in Moscow is by far my favorite read of the year (and only 5 star read so far). I‘ve had a lot of 4 star reads but the ones pictured have been my favorites. As of the end of June, I had read 64/100 for my Goodreads challenge. Looking forward to the rest of my reading year, and hopefully surpassing my goal!

KVanRead Great list! 3y
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A Game of Thrones | George R. R. Martin
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I‘m considering myself tagged by @ozma.of.oz to share my #Top6Reads so far this year.
In the order I read them:
🌹The Winter Rose by Jennifer Donnelly
🔥Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng
👑 A Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin
🐈 Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman
🗺 Overground Railroad by Candacy Taylor
🦾 Scarlet by Marissa Meyer
What are your top 6? If you haven‘t shared yet, consider yourself tagged by me!

sudi Great list 👍 3y
ozma.of.oz Oh some of those look interesting! Thanks for the additions to my TBR stack! 😁 3y
PaperbackPirate Thanks @sudi ! I see Daisy Jones on your top 6 list. I‘ve been going back and forth about it for awhile, but I guess now I should read it! 3y
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PaperbackPirate @ozma.of.oz The enabling we do here!! 🙌 3y
ozma.of.oz One of my favorite aspects of this place! 🥰🥰 3y
Scochrane26 I love Eleanor so much! 3y
PaperbackPirate @Scochrane26 It‘s so good! I just met my 1st person who didn‘t like it on LibraryThing - we certainly bring our own life experiences with us every time we read. 💙 3y
sudi @PaperbackPirate i picked it after seeing so many reviews on Litsy and it was really good. The interview format was a little disorienting at the beginning but you get used to it as the story progresses. Hope you like it too😊 3y
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@Freespirit @julesG @Erofan Thank you so much for the #Top6Reads-tag.

It took me a while to make my choices and I was surprised how difficult it was to me to find 6 picks. Few would‘ve been easier. 😊

My life is quite busy at the moment so I absolutely have no overview who already participated – which is why I take the easy exit: Consider yourself tagged. 😉

Freespirit Thanks @Buechersuechtling always great to see people's best reads!! 3y
Erofan Great list! 👍 Metro 2033 is super! I also read the sequels (2034 and 2035), but I liked these books much less ( 3y
Buechersuechtling @Erofan Thank you. 🙇🏽‍♀️ I did not yet manage to start “Metro 2035” – because … Well, I loved “Metro 2033” for the first and for the second time but was, in comparison, so disappointed by “Metro 2034” that now I don‘t dare to touch “Metro 2035” … 😟 3y
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Kingsbane | Claire Legrand
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A little late, but here are my #Top6reads of the year so far 🙃
1) Kingsbane- Claire Legrand
2) Rebecca- Daphne Du Maurier
3) The Dutch House- Ann Patchett
4) Furyborn- Claire Legrand
5) Normal People- Sally Rooney
6) My Dark Vanessa- Kate Elizabeth Russell

ShyBookOwl I love Rebecca! Great Hitchcock film too 3y
HOTPock3tt I can‘t believe it too me soo long to read it! The story literally blew me away!! ♥️I still haven‘t watched the movie but I‘m going to put it on my to do list for my next off day from work! 😃 @ShyBookOwl (edited) 3y
JamieArc The Dutch House and My Dark Vanessa would make my top 6 cut for this year so far too. 3y
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HOTPock3tt The Dutch House was number one for me for most of this time. It was my first book by Ann Patchett, but I‘m sure it won‘t be my last! ♥️ and My Dark Vanessa: So well written and intricate storyline. @JamieArc 3y
ErikasMindfulShelf Loved Normal People and The Dutch House. 3y
HOTPock3tt @irre I loved how real normal people was. And I listened to the audiobook of the Dutch House read by Tom Hanks! It was amazing!! 3y
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@JaclynW tagged me to share my #top6reads and it took me quite a few days to narrow it down!

If you haven‘t done this yet, feel free to jump on board!

wicdiv Ooh I have the Great Library series on my tbr and hopefully I'll get to it sometime soon. 3y
LibrarianRyan Loved Ink and Bone. 3y
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Thanks for the tag @runswithscissors007
Here‘s my #top6reads so far this year. Tagged is my favorite so far. It was not easy to narrow down to 6!

runswithscissors007 I really liked educated as well... it was a re read so I left it out of my top 6 this year. Thanks for posting. I love seeing these. 3y
erzascarletbookgasm I picked Nella Larson‘s Quicksand. I haven‘t read Passing. 3y
LeafingThroughLife The Scent Keeper is on my TBR for this month. Glad to hear it‘s a winner! 😀 3y
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Soubhiville @erzascarletbookgasm I would love to read more by her. Passing will stay with me. It‘s very short but powerful. 3y
Soubhiville @LeafingThroughLife I hope you enjoy it! I love her writing. 3y
AryaWolf Two book club books on there is a good sign! I loved both Educated and Good Talk too. 3y
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Pachinko | Min Jin Lee
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#top6reads of 2020 so far! Thanks for the tag @Kelly_the_Bookish_Sidekick It was a hard choice. So many 5star reads this year.

Freespirit Panchinko I loved💕 3y
crazyspine I loved Pachinko and Long Bright Rivee 3y
Kelly_the_Bookish_Sidekick Awesome! A few of these aren't even on my radar. Off to check them out! 3y
juliegumdrop @crazyspine consider yourself tagged if you‘d like to post your top 6 reads this year. @Freespirit I enjoyed seeing your top 6 too 3y
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Normal People | Sally Rooney
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My mid-year reading report (with all my nerdy stats) is up on my blog:


Here are my #Top6Reads from January through June. Thanks for the tag @Lesanne ❤️

Lillie Loved Becoming (last year) and The Seven Husbands (this year)! So lovely that you‘ve had 6 top reads already and it‘s only July. Enjoy the rest of the year :) 3y
Laughterhp I just borrowed Normal People from a friend so I‘m really curious to read it! 3y
JamieArc Glad to see Jubilee there. I read it in 2018 and it was one of my favorites that year. 3y
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sprainedbrain @JamieArc I read it in February and still think about it! That book is amazing. 3y
sprainedbrain @Laughterhp I hope you like it! It seems to be one of those polarizing books that people either love or despise. 😳 3y
sprainedbrain @Lillie I‘m glad I‘m not the only one who was late to the Evelyn Hugo party! 😂 3y
Lesanne Wow, interesting! 3y
Cuilin Loved the House of Special Purpose. 3y
VeganCleopatra What nerdy stats indeed. 😏 Does your library tell you your savings or did you calculate that as well? I know some do but mine don't. Also, you keep track of your book spending? That seems dangerous haha Oh and no worries about the owned and unread, my own it's horrifying. Btw I think the reading challenges paragraph has an error...a stray 11 and whatnot. I like all your stats! used to do it but I decided it took too much time. 3y
sprainedbrain @VeganCleopatra no, my library doesn‘t keep track, I have a column for it on my spreadsheet. And it is dangerous to keep track of my spending! It has gone down since I started keeping track a few years ago, so that‘s something I guess. 🙈 3y
VeganCleopatra The library savings column makes you feel better about the spending column too haha 3y
sprainedbrain @VeganCleopatra it definitely helps me justify my behavior. 😂 I fixed the stray words... thanks! 😉 3y
VeganCleopatra Right? 😆 Our brains love to find reasoning like that. No problem! I hope it didn't bother you for me to point it out. 3y
erzascarletbookgasm I have not read that Boyne. Will remedy it. 3y
maich I love Evelyn Hugo❤ 3y
Kelly_the_Bookish_Sidekick Evelyn Hugo was so good 💚 3y
HOTPock3tt Yay Evelyn Hugo is on there!! 💚😃 @sprainedbrain 3y
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Reproduction | Ian Williams
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Thanks for the tag @runswithscissors007 Here are my #Top6Reads This was a tough choice as it‘s been a great reading year so far (one plus of pandemic life 😂)!

@Kimberlone @vivastory tagging you in case you‘d like to share your picks if you haven‘t already.

vivastory Thanks for the tag! These are great choices, I really need to get around to the Cromwell trilogy! Do you think she'll win the Booker again for this one? I did the #top6reads a few days ago 👍 3y
KVanRead @vivastory It really is perfect end to the trilogy. I think she could be a contender. 3y
Kimberlone Nice! I just got back from camping over the holiday weekend and will post mine today. Thanks for the tag! Also, The Things They Carried is one of my favorite books of all time, glad you had a chance to discover it this year! 3y
KVanRead @Kimberlone My daughter was reading it for Junior English so it seemed like a good time to finally take it off my TBR. So glad I did. Such a profoundly moving book and so well written. Look forward to seeing your picks! (edited) 3y
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