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Giveaway | Tod Goldberg
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I recently won an awesome giveaway on TikTok! I am so grateful for all the goodies and super excited to read the book!!

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Unknown | Wendy Higgins
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Ill Shadows | WJ Cintron, Jean Nasser
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SO EXCITED!! Doing a happy dance!
Ebook for ill Shadows is out and FREE on Kindle Unlimited! Get your copy! @jeannasser
Paperback coming soon!

#illshadows #tiktok #readerscommunity #booktok #sapphic #LGBT #romance #scifibooks #thrillerbooks #free #ebook #kindleunlimited #littens

Pageturner1 congratulations 🎉 4mo
WJCintron @Pageturner1 🥰🙏😃 Thank you!! 4mo
bthegood congratulations to you and @jeannasser - 4mo
WJCintron ❤ 🙏 @bthegood 😃 Thank you!!! We are over the moon and back!!! 4mo
jeannasser @bthegood thank you so much!! 🥰 your support is amazing! 4mo
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Twilight | Stephanie Meyer
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If you saw this on TIKTOK today, LOL 😂 Yeap!! That's my son, @jeannasser when he was 8. True story!!! 😂 We are both TwiHards!!!! 🍎

More pics https://bit.ly/3eaurQK

TIKTOK: @jeansbooks
#twihards #twilight #jeannasser #tiktok #funny #unashamed

reading_rainbow That is fantastic 😭 loving the glitter ✨ 6mo
WJCintron @reading_rainbow 👍 😁 It was so much fun! They are asking him to recreate it, but we don't have glitter no more, LOL! And his hair is different now.
That was a cool spray, delicate to the skin. I think we got it from Claires, the store. 👍 If he does recreates the look, I'll share the pic with you! 😃
Gissy I bet you enjoyed all those photos with sweet memories about your son❤️ 6mo
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Pigpen_Reads Hey, I follow him on Tiktok! Lol. I did a double take on the picture. 😊 6mo
WJCintron @Pigpen_Reads LOL! 😂 Thank you for the follow! I'll let him know so he can follow you back. Do you go by the same username? 6mo
WJCintron @Gissy YES!!! They grow SO FAST!!! 😭 6mo
WJCintron @reading_rainbow He said he's already following you!! lol the world is so small!!! 😃 👍 6mo
Pigpen_Reads @WJCintron Yes, same username! I just changed it from Bookwild. 😊 6mo
Pigpen_Reads I'm using the same profile picture too. 6mo
WJCintron @Pigpen_Reads 😃 👍 6mo
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XOXO | Axie Oh
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Told about on a #tiktok and I do enjoy Asian drama's so it seemed interesting enough I had to buy 😊

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I started a #booktok series of books paired with Animal Crossing characters! https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMetNFfCA/

It‘s really fun. You can follow me to check it out if you‘re on there. Plus I‘m new and need TikTok folks to follow... #tiktok #acnh

Kenyazero This sounds like an adorable post series! 13mo
rachelm @Kenyazero thank you! 13mo
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Untitled | Unknown
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Hey guys!!! I know it‘s been a while and I‘m very sorry for being so inactive over here! Been very busy with many things. I will try to be more active from now on, but I just wanted to share with you all that I‘ve been very active in the BookTok community! If anyone here is on TikTok and you wanna see my insane sketches and book challenges you can jump over and give me a follow! 😊😊I will follow back!
Thank you! 😊😊 Love you!
#booktok #tiktok

Worthy Brown's Daughter | Phillip Margolin
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I‘m just starting Worthy Brown‘s Daughter and so far it‘s got tight pacing and a no-frills, very direct description style, like I imagine most Westerns have. Happy that I get to learn about #Oregon‘s history!

And this is a screen cap from a #tiktok I did for #Jolabokaflod PDX, the litfest I run: you guys want to hear from authors on Dec 19-20?? Check out our schedule! Www.jolabokaflodpdx.com 🎉🥰🤩

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